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2020 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for improvements to auction theory

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences has been awarded to Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson “for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats." Paul R. Milgrom is from Detroit, USA. Ph.D. 1979 from Stanford University, Stanford, USA. Shirley and Leonard Ely Jr. Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University, USA. Robert B. Wilson is from Geneva, USA. D.B.A. 1963 from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus, Stanford University, USA.

2020 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for the discovery of hepatitis c virus

Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice for the "discovery of Hepatitis C virus" has been awarded jointly the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Harvey J. Alter , chief  is an American medical researcher, virologist, and physician who is best known for his work that led to the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. He is the chief of infectious disease section in the department of transfusion medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Michael Houghton is a British scientist. The co-discoverer of hepatitis C virus in 1989. He also co-discovered the Hepatitis D genome in 1986. Houghton is currently Canada Excellence Research Chair in Virology and Li Ka Shing Professor of Virology at the University of Alberta where he is also Director of the Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute. Charles M. Rice is an American virologist whose main area of research is hepatitis C virus. He is a professor of virology at the Rockefeller University.

Records are meant to be broken at Middle East IPL 2020

What is the highest totals in IPL 2020? 228/4 by Delhi Capitals vs KKR on 3rd October Who scored largest winning runs versus RCB? Kings XI 97 runs margin on 24th September 2020 Which team does KL Rahul belong to in IPL 2020? Kings XI Punjab SV Samson hit most sixes, a total of 16. Who stands 2nd with 13 sixes? KA Pollard TA Boult one of the top player in Most Wickets belongs to which team? Mumbai Indians Name the player who holds the best economy rate in IPL 2020. AR Patel , Delhi Capitals Who shares most dismissals with RR pant in IPL 2020? Q de Kock Who holds the record for most catches in IPL 2020? F du Plessis Name the players who holds the record for highest partnership by wicket. 1st wicket 183 runs by KL Rahul, MA Agarwal from Kings XI Punjab How many matches did Mumbai Indians loose in the IPL 2020 so far? 2 matches

Aero India February 2021

13th edition of Aero India 2021 , an Aerospace, Defence and Civil Aviation Exhibition will be held form 3 - 7 February at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru. A total of 58 exhibitors is expected to participate 44 from India and 14 from foreign. A total of 7 countries. The exhibition timings is as follows:- Business Days 3rd Feb 2021 (13:00 hrs onwards) 4th Feb 2021 (09:00 - 18:00 hrs) 5th Feb 2021 (09:00 - 18:00 hrs) Public Days 6th Feb 2021 (09:00 - 18:00 hrs) 7th Feb 2021 (09:00 - 18:00 hrs)