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Choose the correct word or phrase

1. He left for Mumbai by the ______ train.

i) half past eight
ii) eight-thirty
iii) eighty - thrity o' clock
iv) thirty minutes past eight

2. Everyone wonders why you took such a risk. I wish that they would ______

i) stop to guess
ii) stop in their guessing
iii) stop guessing
iv) stop from guessing

3. Can he swim? I don't think he knows ______

i) swimming
ii) to swim
iii) how to swim
iv) how can he swim

4. We must leave right away, Oh don't be in _______

i) so hurry
ii) such hurry
iii) a such hurry
iv) such a hurry

5. I ran quickly _______ late.

i) not in order to be late
ii) in order to be not
iii) in order not to be
iv) in order to not be

6. I'll come to meet you at the station in my car _____ you do not have to walk to my house.

i) so that
ii) in order
iii) that
iv) because

7. I cannot remember where _____ my coat

i) I would have left
ii) did I leave
iii) left
iv) was I made to leave

8. All the French _____ houses were sold.

i) old fine white
ii) white fine old
iii) fine old white
iv) fine white old

9. Is he sorry for what he did? Not at all. He dosen't know that ____ be sorry for.

i) should be
ii) may be
iii) he should
iv) he could

10. How did he kill the tiger? He killed it _____ a rifle.

i) with
ii) through
iii) by
iv) from

11. My father ____ me that I should have informed him.

i) said
ii) told
iii) asked
iv) insisted

12. He was ____ of all his valuable possessions.

i) stolen
ii) robbed
iii) pinched
iv) taken

13. I asked him to pick up the newspaper which ___ on the table.

i) lay
iii) laid
iv) lied

14. He talked so softly that noboy could ____ what he said.

i) listen to
ii) hear to
iii) hear
iv) listen

15. He was ____ my hand so tightly that I could not pull it away.

i) catching
ii) holding
iii) seizing
iv) none of these

16. This tea is cold. Please ___ it.

i) heat
ii) fire
iii) warm
iv) reheat

17. As he ____ the tap, water gushed out.

i) opened
ii) turned around
iii) turned on
iv) switched on

18. The doctor prescribed him an ointment to ____ on the affected spot.

i) scrub
ii) drop
iii) rub
iv) apply

19. The crime was ___ during the night.

i) done
ii) performed
iii) committed
iv) carried on

20. You are a ____ Why didn't you hit him back?

i) afraid man
ii) modest
iii) coward
iv) brave person

21. When I met Claire yesterday, it was the first time I _____ her since Christmas.

i) saw
ii) have seen
iii) had seen
iv) have been seeing

22. The flow of blood was so _____ that the patient died.

i) intense
ii) adequate
iii) profuse
iv) extensive

23. He ____ to listen to my arguments and walked away.

i) denied
ii) disliked
iii) objected
iv) refused

24. I wish I ____ a King.

i) was
ii) am
iii) should be
iv) were

25. Would you mind ____ to the principal how the trouble started?

i) remarking
ii) telling
iii) talking
iv) explaining

26. The world is so constructed that if you wish to enjoy its pleasures you must also ___ its pains.

i) deny
ii) neglect
iii) ignore
iv) endure

27. You haven’t had your lunch yet ___ you?

i) are
ii) aren’t
iii) have
iv) haven’t

28. Life is to death as pleasure is to ____

i) poverty
ii) suffering
iii) anguish
iv) pain

29. The French ___ reputed to have a very good sense of humor.

i) is
ii) was
iii) are
iv) will be

30. He is greatly admired for his ____ behavior.

i) decorous
ii) decadent
iii) decorative
iv) decrepit