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General Knowledge

Q: Which industry has become 3rd largest in the world in terms of volume, valued at over US $20 billion (Rs.1 lakh crore)?
A: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Q: Who has plans to build a museum in the memory of 26/11/2008 attack victims?
A: Indian Railways

When was Karnataka, Kerala and Andra Pradesh, three (3) states formed?
1st November

Postage denomination of Rs.5 was released by Karnataka Government, to pay tribute to which veteran kannada actor?

Which Euporean naiton celebrated the fall of Berlin Wall(20th Anniversary of its destruction)?

Which bank ties up with IIT Madras for sale of IIT JEE 2010 applications?
Indian Bank

Which world's fastest animal did World's fastest man Usain Bolt adopt?
Cheetah and named it to be 'Lighting Bolt'

Which Indian Tourism state has been declared as 'Poultry State'?

Which world's highest mountain has Chennai boy, Sandhosh Kumar is about to bid to climb in March 2010?

Who are in race to bid 'new' IPL teams?
Devgan, Dutt and Ambani

How many years did World Economic Forum celebrate in India?
25 years

What could be termed as word of the year?
Facebook coins 'Unfriend' (to remove someone as a friend) as word of the year

Which state in India got another feather in its cap to emerge as a steelmaking hub?

Who is the business magnet to top Forbes India's rich list at $32 billion?
Mukesh Ambani

Which country is the first in Asia to host Embraer's small jet, The Phenom 100?

Which bank celebrated its 89th Founder's Day?
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank

Which Indian University would carry photos in mark sheets?
Punjab University

Which company leads TOP BPO Employers 2009 list?

Which IT major is all set to help create 'Little Africa' in Gujarat on the borders of Gir forest?
International Business Machines(IBM)


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