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Current Affairs Technology 2009

Q: Which company has been shortlisted by MTNL for 3G franchise?
A: Virgin Mobile

Q: Which is the newest model mobile phone launched by Nokia in India, priced at Rs.13,000?
A: 6600i

Q: Which is the newest model mobile phone launched by LG India, priced at Rs.22,000?
A: Vx10000

Q: Which telecom major is offering per-sec-billing for roaming?
A: Docomo

Q: In which city did BSNL commercially launch its 3G mobile services?
A: Chennai

Which technology giant unveiled search by voice for Nokia users?

Which telecom giant has planned to set 30,000 broadband kiosks in next 2 years on franchisee basis?

Which 3 companies have joined hands to roll out WiMax Infrastructure using Intel's atom processor for HCL's nettops?
BSNL,Intel and HCL

Which battery manufacturer company was awarded "Best Telecom Equipment Manufacturer" for 2008-09 by BSNL under the category (VRLA) valve-regulated lead-acid batteries?
Amara raja Batteries

What model of Digital Music Player did transcend launch?

What is the name of Sony's ultra-slim notebook?
Vaio X notebook, priced at Rs.65,000 and weighs around 600 grams

Which mobile manufacturing giant launched first Linux phone, N900 which has ARM's Cortex-A8 processor?

Which technology did software giant Microsoft launch in India?
On-Demand e-mail solutions

Which IT giant is planning to participate in bids invited by ITI Ltd. to setup joint ventures?

Who and Which company's has been named CEO of the decade?
Steve Jobs, Apple

Which technology giant bought AdMob for $750 Million?

Which company is all set to launch free video conferencing?

Which Indian Software Company is all set to bring TV shows 'live' on mobile phones using GPRS Technology?

Which children's CD magazine has launched website for 'Goodness Day'?

What is the name of online education tool developed by Great Software laboratory Pvt. Ltd(GS Lab)?

Which companies have joined hands to launch desktops priced at Rs.3,000?
Nivio and Bharti Airtel

Which Enterprise Learning Solutions Company is all set to offer SAP training programme?
Natonal Institute of Information Technologies(NIIT)

Which moblie manufacturer is all set to launch mobile money transfer, 'Nokia Money' in India?

Which technology duo has joined hands to develop NVIDIA CUDA technology-enabled software solutions at Infosys, Bangalore campus?
Infosys-NVIDIA Technology

Which Telecom major is all set to launch enterprise conferencing solutions on moblie smartphones?
British Telecom

Which telecom major has launched prepaid broadband service in Mumbai?

What is the latest Exchange client launched by Microsoft?
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

What is the name of new model mobile phone launched by Sony Ericssion?
Satio with 12.1 megapixel cameraphone

Which technology gaint is all set to launch smart phones, first in China?

Which is the newest mobile phone of telecom giant Nokia?
N97mini featuring 3.2inch screen

What is the name given by Rcom for technology which allows users to watch, share, search and videos online?

Which company has launched MB BT809A, Bluetooth headset?
Moser Bear

Which Xbox businesses banned 1 million of its users?

What is the name given by IBM to its cloud computing service?
Smart Analytics Cloud

Which company would launch cloud computing system next year?

What is the new tool that Google launched for easy image search?

What is the price of world's cheapest laptop MenQ's?

What is the name of Acer's first Dual Operating System Netbook?
Aspire One D250, boots in both Android and Windows XP

What is the latest mobile phone model from LG India?
GD900 Crystal phone

Which computer manufacturer would develop 'thinking computers'?
Inernational Business Machines (IBM)

What is the newest of the protocol invented by Google, slowly to replace 'http' over a period of time?
SPDY Protocol - Short for Speedy