What in India lasts for 52 seconds?
The National Anthem

What relation is R.K.Laxman(cartoonist) to R.K.Narayan(novelist)?
They are brothers

With which Indian state the (colourful) art form pipli?

Which Mughul emperor issued gold and silver coins bearing the signs of the Zodiac?

The Sansakar Kendra(Museum) in Ahmedabad is the only one of its kind in India. What is it?
A kite museum

The Nathula Pass connects Tibet with which Indian state?

What is common to Uni, Broad, Metre and Narrow?
Railway track(gauges) sizes

What fruit comes in the following varieties: Ratna, Neelam, Sindhu, Fernandin and Enugu Dutta?

During Worldwar II, which was the only part of India to be occupied by Japanese troops?
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Which late Indian Prime Minister's birthday is celebrated on December 23 as Kisan Diwas?
Charan Singh

The largest fair in the world for the sale of which animal is held in Pushkar, Rajasthan?

Events 2010

ICC Under - 19 World Cup 2009/10
January15th to 30th
Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesFebruary12th to 28th
Indian Premier League
March 12th to April 25th
Vancouver 2010 ParalympicMarch 12th to 21st
FIFA World Cup at South AfricaJune 11th to July 11th
Wimbledon 2010June 21st to July 4th
XIX Commonwealth Games 2010October 3rd to October 14th

2009 - A rewind

Slumdog Millionaire wins 8(eight) Oscars

Satyam scam surfaces amounting to Rs.7,136 crore

Tech Mahindra acquires Satyam for $578million, renames Mahindra Satyam

Barack Obama becomes US President

India born V.Ramakrishnan shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Homosexuality is legalized in India

Tendulkar completes 20 years of international cricket

World leaders pledge $1.1 trillion help for emerging economies at the G20 London summit

CBI raids the Department of Telecom, alleging a Rs.20,000 crore fraud in spectrum allocation

Suzlon Energy acquires Hansen Group for $565 million

Bharti Wal-Mart opens its first Indian cash and carry outlet in Amritsar

Bandra-Worli sea link, a 5.6km road across the Arabian Sea opens in Mumbai

Telecom subscriber base crosses 500 million mark

Facebook becomes the biggest social networking site with more than 300 million users

H1N1 flu makes its ground in March in Mexico, (WHO)World Health Organisation declares it as a pandemic

Parliament gets largest collection of young MP's totaling to 82 (aged between 25 and 40)

Reality TV shows Bigg Boss, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, Khatron Ke Khiladi and Sach Ka Saamna gains momentum

Pakistan wins 2nd ICC World T20 in London

Schumacher signs one-year deal with Mercedes

Federer and Serena named ITF World Champions

Lionel Messi becomes first Argentine to win the FIFA World Player of the Year award

One-word Subsitute - 2

One who looks up the world as his - Cognomen

Not bearing upon the matter in hand - Irrelevant

Murder of one man by another - Homicide

Incapable of being heard - Illegible

Incapable of being read - Inaudible

A decision upon which one cannot go back - Irrevocable

A speech delivered on the spur of the moment - Somnambulist

A round-about way of expressing oneself - Circumlocution

Words having the opposite meaning - Antonyms

A general pardon granted to criminals - Amnesty

Famous Name

Chinese scholar who studied in Nalanda University - Hiuen Tsang

First President of the Indian National Congress - W.C.Banerjee

Author of Gitanjali - Rabindranath Tagore

First Indian woman to cross the English Channel - Arati (Saha) Gupta

First person to be awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously - Lal Bahadur Shastri

First recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalike Award - Devika Rani Roerich

India's first cosmonaut - Rakesh Sharma

Sarvodaya leader popularly known as Loknayak - Jayaprakash Narayan

First lady of the Indian screen - Nargis Dutt

Nghtingale of India - Sarojini Naidu

Famous Books - Famous Authors

A Passage to India
A Week with Gandhi
Louis Fischer
Abdul Fazal
Anand Math
Bankin Chandra
Bhagvad Gita
Ved Vyas
Broken Wing
Sarojini Naidu
Mulk Raj Anand
Discovery of India
Jawaharlal Nehru
Tara Shanker Bandopodhyaya

Famous Indians

Carnatic Vocalist who won Magassassy Award 1974
Dr.Salim Ali
Swami Vivekananda
Established Ramakrishna Mission
Hargobind Khurana
Indian-born scientist, winner of Nobel Prize
Scientist who worked on the responses of plants
Baba Amte
Created 'Anandvan' for lepers
Bachendri Pal
First Indian woman to climb Mt.Everest
Vijayapat Singhania
Broke a world record in flying microlight aircraft
Sir Jamsetji Tata
Built the first modern steel plant
Rakesh Sharma
India's only astronaut
Great Revolutionary and a Leninist
Todar Mal
One of the 'nine gems' of Akbar's court
Painter of world repute
Social Crusader

Interesting Facts - 4

Dogs sweat through their paws

Cat gut comes from sheep

Ants and termites have been known to burrow to a depth of 80 feet in search of water

Turtles have no teeth

The African elephant always sleeps standing up

The gestation period of a rhinoceros is 560 days

There are more than 600 muscles in our muscular system

The complete skin covering of our body measures about 20 square feet

There is no soda in soda water

There are atleast 100,000 stars in the milky way

The entire contents of the first gramophone record was : Mary had a little lamb

Top 12 CEO exisits of the year 2009

Subramaniam RamadoraiTCS
Deepak ParekhHDFC (will be stepping down Jan 2010)
Ramani AyerHartford Financial Services
Rick WagonerGeneral Motors
Alvaro de MolinaGMAC
Edward LiddyAIG
David MoffetFreddie Mac
Herbert Allison FreddieMac's partnering company Fannie Mae
Bernard PoussotWyeth
Fred HassanMerck and Co
John ThainMerril Lynch
Harry StyliSequenom

Numerical Ability

If 12 girls can earn Rs.2,400 in 5 days, then how many girls can earn Rs.4,200 in 21 days?

i) 105 girls
ii) 101 girls
iii) 12 girls
iv) 5 girls

The least perfect square number which is divisible by 3,4,5,6 and 8 is

i) 700
ii) 1100
iii) 3600
iv) 1500

A woman has Rs.480 in the denomination of one-rupee notes, five-rupee notes and ten-rupee notes. The number of notes are equal. What is the total number of notes?

i) 50
ii) 70
iii) 90
iv) 60

In an organisation, 40% of the employees are matriculates, 50% of the remaining are graduates and remaining 180 are post-graduates. How many employees are graduates?

i) 360
ii) 120
iii) 180
iv) 240

By selling an article for Rs.240, a woman incurs a loss of 10%. At what price should she sell it so as to make a profit of 20%

i) 320
ii) 288
iii) 262
iv) 310

The cost price of two dozen bananas is Rs.32. After selling 18 bananas at the rate of Rs.12 per dozen, the shopkeeper reduced the rate as Rs.4 per dozen. The percentage loss is

i) 21.2%
ii) 33.4%
iii) 37.5%
iv) 35.5%

If the cost price of 12 articles is equal to the selling price of 10 articles, then the profit percent is

i) 18 2/3%
ii) 20%
iii) 24%
iv) 25%

The length of the longest rod that can be placed in a room 12m x 9m x 8m is

i) 26 m
ii) 15 m
iii) 17 m
iv) 13 m

The number, whose square is equal to the difference of the squares of 75.15 and 60.12 is

i) 43.09
ii) 45.09
iii) 46.09
iv) 47.09

The average of 20 numbers is 12. The average of the first 12 is 11 and that of next 7 is 10. The last number is

i) 39
ii) 46
iii) 50
iv) 38

Unknown Facts

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out

A snail can sleep for three years

All polar bears are left handed

Butterflies taste with their feet

Elephants are the only animals that can't jump

In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated

On average, people fear spiders more than they do death

The ant always falls over on its right side when intoxicated

Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky

Horse Statue in a Park

If a statue of a person in the park on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle
If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle
If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes

Interesting Facts - 3

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history

Spades - King David
Clubs - Alexander the Great
Diamonds - Julius Caesar

Shakespeare invented the word 'assassination' and 'bump'

The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with

The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language

The most common name in the world is Mohammed

Interesting Facts - 2

Q: What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common?
A: All invented by women

The electric chair was invented by a dentist
Coca-Cola was originally green

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue

Women blink
nearly twice as much as men!!

You can't kill yourself by holding your breath

It is impossible to lick your elbow

The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in one's ear by 700 times

Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different

Most lipstick contains fish scales

People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond

Sneezing too hard could result a rib fracture. If one tries to suppress a sneeze it can rupture a blood vessel in the head or neck and die

Interesting Facts

MOPED is the short term for 'Motorized Pedaling'

POP MUSIC is 'Popular Music' shortened

BUS is the short term for 'Omnibus' that means everybody

FORTNIGHT comes from 'Fourteen Nights' (Two Weeks)

DRAWING ROOM was actually a 'withdrawing room' where people withdrew after Dinner. Later the prefix 'with' was dropped

NEWS refers to information from Four directions N, E, W and S

AG-MARK, which some products bear, stems from 'Agricultural Marketing'

JOURNAL is a diary that tells about 'Journey for a day' during each Day's business

QUEUE comes from 'Queen's Quest'. Long back a long row of people as waiting to see the Queen. Someone made the comment Queen's Quest

TIPS come from 'To Insure Prompt Service'. In olden days to get Prompt service from servants in an inn, travelers used to drop coins in a Box on which was written 'To Insure Prompt Service'. This gave rise to the custom of Tips

JEEP is a vehicle with unique Gear system. It was invented during World War II (1939-1945). It was named 'General Purpose Vehicle (GP)'.GP was changed into JEEP later

TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row ! of the keyboard

STEWARDESSES is the longest word typed with only the left hand

One-word Substitutes

AliasA name taken by a person, which is not his/her real name
VersatileEasily able to tackle new tasks or occupations
RecipeDirections for preparing certain dishes, sweetmeats, etc.
MemoriseTo commit to memory
SinecureA job for which one is paid, but which has no duties attached to it
PlaywrightOne who writes plays or dramas
DialogueA conversation between two persons or a piece of written work in conversational form
InimitableThat which cannot be imitated
InaudibleThat which cannot be heard
PatriotismLove of one's own country
InvigilatorOne who watches over students taking an examination
Post-mortem The examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
Panacea A cure for all diseases
PlutocracyA government by the wealthy
PoliticsThe science and art of government
TeetotallerOne who abstains from alcoholic drinks
AmbidexterousOne who can use both hands equally well
SomnambulistOne who walks in sleep
NoviceOne new to anything
PhilanthropistOne who devotes one's services or wealth for the mankind

Abbreviations -3

AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
APPLE - Ariane Paasenger Payload Experiment
B.Com - Bachelor of Commerce
BDO - Block Development Officer
B.Pharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy
C-in-C - Commander-in-Chief
EEC - European Economic Community
etc. - et cetera (and the rest)
SPCA - Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
SAI - Sports Authority of India
NSS - National Service Scheme
OIGS - On India Government Service
SSC - Staff Selection Commission
VCR - Video Cassette Recorder

Chemical Symbols


Old Names and New Names (India)

Bombay Province
Gulf of Cambay
Gulf of Khambat
Gulf of Manar
Gulf of Mannar
Kistna River
Krishna River
Laccadive Islands
Pygmalion Point
Indria Point
River Jumna
River Jamuna
Travancore (State)
The Rann of Cutch
The Rann of Kachchh
United Provinces
Uttar Pradesh

Abbreviations -2

ASEAN - Association of Souteast Asian Nations
ECGC - Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
DFSA - Dubai Financial Services Authority
FTA - Free Trade Agreement
IMD - India Meteorological Department
IPL - Indian Premier League
RINL - Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited
AMFI - Association of Mutual Funds in India
ITIR - Information Technology Investment Region
SIMA - Southern India Mills Association
KIADB - Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board
DGCA - Directorate-General of Civil Aviation
BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing
LPO - Legal Process outsourcing
RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing
CCEA - Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
KSITI - Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure
STPI - Software Technology Park of India
FIEO - Federation of Indian Export Organisations
CII - Confederation of Indian Industry
APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
IICT - Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
FCI - Food Corporation of India

CII - Confederation of Indian Industry
FICCI - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
ASSOCHAM - Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
ICAI - Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICSI - Institute of Company and Secretaries of India
ICWAI - Institute of Cost and Work Accounting of India
SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
SOE - Special Operations Executive
SIDBI - Small Industries development Bank of India
Balco - Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd.
SPECO - Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation
GDCL - Gannon Dunkerley and Company Ltd.
IWF - Indian Weightlifting Federation
GPF - General Provident Fund
TAFI - Travel Agents Federation of India
MERI - Marine Engineering and Research Institute

Abbreviations -1

AAPSO - Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization
ACC - Associated Cement Companies
AHQ - Air Headquarters or Army Headquarters
ARC - Administrative Reforms Commission
ARDC - Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation
ASCI - Administrative Staff College of India
BCG - Bacillus Calmette Guerine
BIFR - Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
CARE - Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere
CDP - Community Development Programme
CORE - Congress of Racial Equality
ESIS - Employees State Insurance Scheme
FRCP - Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
FRCS - Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
FRS - Fellow of the Royal Society
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
HMI - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
IARI - Indian Agricultural Research Institute
IAMC - Indian Army Medical Corps
IATA - International Air Transport Association
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas
NRSA - National Remote Sensing Agency
NIRD - National Institute of Rural Development
OIGS - On Indian Government Service
OCS - Overseas Communication Services
RAF - Rapid Action Force
RAW - Research and Analysis Wing
SAF - South Asian Federation
STC - State Trading Corporation
TELCO - Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company
TIFR - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
TTE - Traveling Ticket Examiner
UGC - University Grant Commission

AEC - Atomic Energy Commission
BPCL - Bharat Pertoleum Corporation Limited
CBI - Central Bereau of Investigation
DLO - Dead Letter Office
ESCI - Engineering Staff College of India
GPO - General Post Office
HMT - Hindustan Machine Tools
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology
ITBP - Indo-Tibetian Border Police
ICRISAT - International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Agri Tropics
ISRO - Indian Satellite Research Organisation
INSAT - Indian National Satellite
IIM - Indian Institute of Management
MVC - Maha Vir Chakra
NCC - National Credit Corps
NIO - National Institute Oceanography
PIB - Preserve Information Buereau
PTI - Press Trust of India
RBI - Reserve Bank of India
SLV - Satellite Launch Vehicle
UNICEF - United Nation International Children's Emergency Fund
UNI - United News of India
VPP - Value Payable Post
VAT - Value Added Tax


Rearest of Indian birds
Largest Indian birdSarus Crane
Fastest Flying birdAlpine Spine Tailed Swift
Smallest bird of allBee Humming bird
Fastest running birdOstrich
Heaviest flying birdKori Bustard
Bird making the largest nestBald Eagle
Living bird with largest wing-soan
Wandering Albatross
Largest domesticated birdPlumed Guineafowl
Bird with longest feathersLong Tailed Fowl
Largest bird of prey in the world
Andean Condor
Longest living birdEuropean Eagle owl

Hill Stations across India

KurseongWest Bengal
Nandi Hills
Horsley Hill
Andra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Mount Abu
Uttar Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

Lakes in India

1. Where is Lake Chilka?

i) near bhopal in madhya pradesh
ii) near pune in maharashtra
iii) near srinagar in kashmir
iv) near puri in orissa

2. Around which lake is the famous hill station Nainital built?

i) Naina
ii) Bhimtal
iii) Naini
iv) Naukuchiatal

3. Which is the famous fresh water lake formed by the river Jhelum?

i) Wular
ii) Dal
iii) Fateh Sagar
iv) Mool Sagar

4. In which state is the famous Loktak Lake?

i) Nagaland
ii) Tripura
iii) Manipur
iv) West Bengal

5. Name the lake which the Bakra Dam has created.

i) Gobind Sagar
ii) Badhkal
iii) Koilana
iv) Nakki

6. Where is the famous Pichola Lake situated?

i) Jaipur
ii) Imphal
iii) Udaipur
iv) Simla

7. Which is the largest artifical lake in India?

i) Rajamanda
ii) Anna Sagar
iii) Nagarjunasagar
iv) Chilka

8. Which lake in India is famous for its floating island?

i) Loktak Lake
ii) Siliserh
iii) Karnal Lake
iv) Sukhna Lake

9. Where is the ward Lake?

i) Kodaikanal
ii) Udagamangalam
iii) Dalhousie
iv) Shillong

10. What is the lake linked to Pichola Lake by a canal?

i) Badhkal
ii) Sukhna
iii) Mool Sagar
iv) Fateh Sagar

Branches of Science

life on other planets
putting to death
birds eggs
structure of wood

Mental Ability

1. What is 40% of 1800

i) 720 ii) 810 iii) 900 iv) 780

2. 2/3 of 270 is

i) 50 ii) 70 iii) 120 iv) 180

3. How is 1/3 expressed in percentage

i) 33.33% ii) 53.33% iii) 33.35% iv) 35.66%

4. Square root of 729 is

i) 25 ii) 27 iii) 28 iv) 29

5. 16% of 6000 is

i) 880 ii) 930 iii) 960 iv) 941

6. 5/8 of 720 is

i) 440 ii) 400 iii) 500 iv) 450

7. 7.5% of Rs.40.00 is

i) 2.35 ii) 2.75 iii) 3.00 iv) 2.85

8. 3/18 of 900 is

i) 100 ii) 75 iii) 145 iv) 150

9. If 3*2=94; 5*3=259 then wht will 5*5 be equal to

i) 2520 ii) 2526 iii) 2525 iv) none of these

10. If a+b=12; a-b=6 what is a*b?

i) 25 ii) 27 iii) value unknown iv) 21

Human Biology

Fruit and Vegetable provide

i) mineral salts and vitamins
ii) protiens and carbohydrates
iii) protien, minerals salts and vitamins
iv) carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins

Which of the following has the highest percentage of carbohydrates?

i) sugar
ii) rice
iii) wheat flour
iv) green gram

Which one of the following dals is the most nutritious?

i) mash
ii) moong
iii) massur
iv) chana

Tetanus is caused by

i) a parasite
ii) a virus
iii) bacillus
iv) microbes

Leukaemia is

i) whitening of skin
ii) a form of leprosy
iii) turnour in intestines
iv) blood cancer

What generally is the duration of smallpox?

i) 21 days
ii) 17 days
iii) 11 days
iv) 6 days

How does bread become spongy?

i) escape of water vapour
ii) escape of carbon dioxide
iii) decomposition of flour
iv) fermentation of yeast

Pasteurization of milk is done to

i) increase the fat content
ii) decrease the fat content
iii) detect adulteration
iv) destroy micro-organism

To correct myopic vision, one should use

i) concave lens
ii) convex lens
iii) plane glass
iv) none of these

Starvation causes death because of

i) rapid depletion of carbohydrates in liver
ii) rapid depletion of fats in the muscle
iii) ketosis
iv) a sharp rise in nitrogen excretion


1. If hair on the human head is not kept clean and dry, one of the following can occur:

i) Pimples
ii) Boils
iii) Ring Worm
iv) Eczema

2. Which vitamin is found in green chillies?

i) Vitamin A
ii) Vitamin B
iii) Vitamin C
iv) Vitamin D

3. Common Cold is caused by

i) bacteria
ii) a virus
iii) rhino viruses and those which cause influenza and infect glands
iv) 30 different viruses called rhino viruses

4. Which vitamin is useful for healthy gums?

i) Vitamin K
ii) Vitamin C
iii) Vitamin B1
iv) Vitamin B2

5. Deficiency of iron in the human diet causes

i) goitre
ii) rickets
iii) scurvy
iv) anaemia

6. Which vitamin is known as 'Sunshine' Vitamin?

i) Vitamin A
ii) Vitamin B
iii) Vitamin C
iv) Vitamin D

7. Which is most harmful to human life?

i) Worms
ii) Parasites
iii) Virus
iv) Fungi

8. The most important item in our diet is

i) Proteins
ii) Vitamins
iii) Carbohydrates
iv) Water

9. The food for building tissues in the body is

i) Carbohydrates
ii) Proteins
iii) Fat
iv) Vitamins

10. Which one is not water-borne disease?

i) Cholera
ii) Dysentery
iii) Typhoid
iv) Malaria

Top 10 Dividend Payers in India

RankCompanyDividend Paid
(Rs. Cr)
Reliance Industries
State Bank of India
Hindustan Unilever
Infosys Technologies
10Tata Steel

India's Biggest Companies - Overall Ranking(Top 10)

Rank '09Rank '08Company/CityRevenuesIndustry
11Indian Oil, Delhi/NCR290,946Oil&Gas
Reliance Industries Mumbai153,138
Tata Steel, Kolkata
BPCL, Mumbai
HPCL, Mumbai
State Bank of India, Mumbai
ONGC, Delhi/NCR109,669
12Tata Motors, Mumbai
Hindalco Industries, Mumbai
Non-ferrous metals
ICICI Bank, Mumbai

Known Your Legal Terms

Affidavit - A statement on oath for use as evidence in judicial proceedings

Power of Attorney - A document under seal authorising the person to whom it is given to act in all respects as the agent of the granter of the power in relation to matters specified in the documents

Bail - The security given to affect the release of one arrested or imprisoned, on the understanding that he/she shall appear for trail at a fixed time and place.

Certiorari - A writ to transfer a law suit from lower court to a higher court

Code - A body of classified laws of regulations

Court Martial - A military court to try persons under military laws

Copyright - The exclusive right of an author on his literary or artistic work. It is vested with the author for a specific period of time

Decree - The award or decision of court

Exhibit - A legal document or an object presented as proof

Forgery - The act of falsely making or materially altering any writing with the intention to defraud. Also the act of counterfeiting coins or currency

Indemnity - Security against damage or loss

Legacy - A gift by will of personal property

Proxy - One who acts for another, or the written authorisation for such person

Summons - A writ of court commanding the attendance of a witness at a specified time and place

Writ - An order issued by a court commanding a person to whom it is addressed to act or abstain from acting in some way

Will - Legal disposal of property on one's death according to the written instructions of the deceased

Growth rate in Indian Economy 2009

Sector-wise Contributions

Mining and quarrying9%

Overall growth rate of Indian Economy for the quarter ending July-September is 7.9%