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One-word Substitutes

AliasA name taken by a person, which is not his/her real name
VersatileEasily able to tackle new tasks or occupations
RecipeDirections for preparing certain dishes, sweetmeats, etc.
MemoriseTo commit to memory
SinecureA job for which one is paid, but which has no duties attached to it
PlaywrightOne who writes plays or dramas
DialogueA conversation between two persons or a piece of written work in conversational form
InimitableThat which cannot be imitated
InaudibleThat which cannot be heard
PatriotismLove of one's own country
InvigilatorOne who watches over students taking an examination
Post-mortem The examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
Panacea A cure for all diseases
PlutocracyA government by the wealthy
PoliticsThe science and art of government
TeetotallerOne who abstains from alcoholic drinks
AmbidexterousOne who can use both hands equally well
SomnambulistOne who walks in sleep
NoviceOne new to anything
PhilanthropistOne who devotes one's services or wealth for the mankind