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1. If hair on the human head is not kept clean and dry, one of the following can occur:

i) Pimples
ii) Boils
iii) Ring Worm
iv) Eczema

2. Which vitamin is found in green chillies?

i) Vitamin A
ii) Vitamin B
iii) Vitamin C
iv) Vitamin D

3. Common Cold is caused by

i) bacteria
ii) a virus
iii) rhino viruses and those which cause influenza and infect glands
iv) 30 different viruses called rhino viruses

4. Which vitamin is useful for healthy gums?

i) Vitamin K
ii) Vitamin C
iii) Vitamin B1
iv) Vitamin B2

5. Deficiency of iron in the human diet causes

i) goitre
ii) rickets
iii) scurvy
iv) anaemia

6. Which vitamin is known as 'Sunshine' Vitamin?

i) Vitamin A
ii) Vitamin B
iii) Vitamin C
iv) Vitamin D

7. Which is most harmful to human life?

i) Worms
ii) Parasites
iii) Virus
iv) Fungi

8. The most important item in our diet is

i) Proteins
ii) Vitamins
iii) Carbohydrates
iv) Water

9. The food for building tissues in the body is

i) Carbohydrates
ii) Proteins
iii) Fat
iv) Vitamins

10. Which one is not water-borne disease?

i) Cholera
ii) Dysentery
iii) Typhoid
iv) Malaria