Mental Ability

1. What is 40% of 1800

i) 720 ii) 810 iii) 900 iv) 780

2. 2/3 of 270 is

i) 50 ii) 70 iii) 120 iv) 180

3. How is 1/3 expressed in percentage

i) 33.33% ii) 53.33% iii) 33.35% iv) 35.66%

4. Square root of 729 is

i) 25 ii) 27 iii) 28 iv) 29

5. 16% of 6000 is

i) 880 ii) 930 iii) 960 iv) 941

6. 5/8 of 720 is

i) 440 ii) 400 iii) 500 iv) 450

7. 7.5% of Rs.40.00 is

i) 2.35 ii) 2.75 iii) 3.00 iv) 2.85

8. 3/18 of 900 is

i) 100 ii) 75 iii) 145 iv) 150

9. If 3*2=94; 5*3=259 then wht will 5*5 be equal to

i) 2520 ii) 2526 iii) 2525 iv) none of these

10. If a+b=12; a-b=6 what is a*b?

i) 25 ii) 27 iii) value unknown iv) 21

Human Biology

Fruit and Vegetable provide

i) mineral salts and vitamins
ii) protiens and carbohydrates
iii) protien, minerals salts and vitamins
iv) carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins

Which of the following has the highest percentage of carbohydrates?

i) sugar
ii) rice
iii) wheat flour
iv) green gram

Which one of the following dals is the most nutritious?

i) mash
ii) moong
iii) massur
iv) chana

Tetanus is caused by

i) a parasite
ii) a virus
iii) bacillus
iv) microbes

Leukaemia is

i) whitening of skin
ii) a form of leprosy
iii) turnour in intestines
iv) blood cancer

What generally is the duration of smallpox?

i) 21 days
ii) 17 days
iii) 11 days
iv) 6 days

How does bread become spongy?

i) escape of water vapour
ii) escape of carbon dioxide
iii) decomposition of flour
iv) fermentation of yeast

Pasteurization of milk is done to

i) increase the fat content
ii) decrease the fat content
iii) detect adulteration
iv) destroy micro-organism

To correct myopic vision, one should use

i) concave lens
ii) convex lens
iii) plane glass
iv) none of these

Starvation causes death because of

i) rapid depletion of carbohydrates in liver
ii) rapid depletion of fats in the muscle
iii) ketosis
iv) a sharp rise in nitrogen excretion