Famous Indians

Carnatic Vocalist who won Magassassy Award 1974
Dr.Salim Ali
Swami Vivekananda
Established Ramakrishna Mission
Hargobind Khurana
Indian-born scientist, winner of Nobel Prize
Scientist who worked on the responses of plants
Baba Amte
Created 'Anandvan' for lepers
Bachendri Pal
First Indian woman to climb Mt.Everest
Vijayapat Singhania
Broke a world record in flying microlight aircraft
Sir Jamsetji Tata
Built the first modern steel plant
Rakesh Sharma
India's only astronaut
Great Revolutionary and a Leninist
Todar Mal
One of the 'nine gems' of Akbar's court
Painter of world repute
Social Crusader

Interesting Facts - 4

Dogs sweat through their paws

Cat gut comes from sheep

Ants and termites have been known to burrow to a depth of 80 feet in search of water

Turtles have no teeth

The African elephant always sleeps standing up

The gestation period of a rhinoceros is 560 days

There are more than 600 muscles in our muscular system

The complete skin covering of our body measures about 20 square feet

There is no soda in soda water

There are atleast 100,000 stars in the milky way

The entire contents of the first gramophone record was : Mary had a little lamb