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Current Affairs December 2010 - 5


'Jal Hans', India's first seaplane service launched at Juhu aerodrome


South Indian Bank bags India's Best bank-2010 award of the 'Businessworld-PricewaterhouseCoopers Best Banks Survey'


Japanese government approves nation's largest ever budget draft at 92.4 trillion yen ($1.11 trillion) for next fiscal year aimed to boost economic growth and increase jobs

Bridgestone invests Rs.170 crore to make truck, bus tyres in India

IGate, Apax set to buy 63% stake Patni Computer

Fujitsu Ltd. to release smartphones in India and China in 2011 and 2012 respectively

Direct-To-Home (DTH) service provider Dish TV to increase SD channel capacity to 320 and HD channel capacity to over 30 and also to increase total transmission banwidth capacity to 684 megahertz from the exisiting 432 megahertz

Sun Pharma's subsidiary, Surya Pharmaceutical(Singapore) has acquired US-based ActivOn for $22 million

BHEL bags 2 orders from Indian Railways for the development, …

2010 Mobile Excellence Awards

Best Mobile Innovator
Ubidyne for Antenna Embedded Radio
Best Mobile International
July Systems for Indian Premiere League
Best Mobile Technology
Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.
for Transcede
Best Mobile 
Social Network
Tap11, Inc. for Tap11 Mobile App
Best Mobile Games
Rovio Mobile Ltd. for Angry Birds
Best Mobile Music
Mercedes-Benz R&D North America, Inc.
for Smart Drive App for iPhone
Best Mobile 
Campaign for
Consumer Brand
Best Buy for Best Buy Holiday
Best Mobile 
Marketing Campaign
NBC Universal for Sprint & NBC Heroes
"Slow Burn"
Best Community
Fan Content
Bravo for Bravo Mobile Communities
Best Content Extension
made for Mobile
Initiative for Lionsgate,
Expandables Foursquare
Best Original Content
made for Mobile
AEG Network LIVE for
"We are the World 25 for Haiti"
Best Mobile Product
Kempler & Strauss for W PhoneWatch
Best Mobile Service
Opera for Opera Mini
Best Mobile Application
for Utility or Business
USA Today for USA Today iPad App
Best Mobile Application
for Entertain…

Constitutional Terms

Bill (Law):
Bill means proposed law introduced in the legislature for discussion. When passed it becomes law.
A statement of annual income and expenditure submitted to the legislature for its approval
First rank members of the council or Ministers 
appointed by the President on the recommendations of the Prime Minister
A body of fundamental laws and principles 
according to which a country is governed. 
It is a frame work within which a government works
A body of voters that elect its representative 
to a legislative body
i.e. for Lok Sabha or the Vidhan Sabha
Civil Cases
Cases concerning property, contracts and damage to goods in transit etc.
Criminal Cases
Cases dealing with theft, robbery, physical injury or murder
A citizen is one who lives in a country and participates in the working of the government. 
An individual cannot be a citizen of more than one country

Current Affairs December 2010 - 4


Mahindra launches 4*4 of-roader the 'Thar'

BMW launches 'X1' SUV priced at around Rs.29.9 lakh


IISc to setup synchrotron and R&D centre at Chitradurga, Karnataka

Solar energy major Mosear Bear to invest $500 to 600 million over next 3-4 years to expand its manufacturing capacity of crystalline cells and crystalline silicon modules in India

Accenture bags 42-month contract from Nagaland government for implementing the state's public service portal

Gazprombank agrees to lend USD 200 million loan to Sistema Shyam Teleservices

Johnson and Johnson Ltd. launches nicotine gum brand Nicorette in India

Tata Chemicals arm, Bruner Mond, to acquire 100 per cent stake in British Salt for GBP 93 million (Rs.650 crore)

Central Bank celebrates 100 years, to open branches overseas

AT&T to acquire Qualcomm spectrum for $1.93 billion

Ebay buys Germany's largest online shopping club, brands4friends for $200 million (150 million pound)

Confederation of Indian I…

Mark the correct meaning - 6

i) love ii) faithfulness iii) sincerity iv) mental keenness

i) having an underlying purpose ii) combative iii) worldly iv) brief

i) love making ii) ringing sound iii) too much patriotism iv) alliteration

i) greedy eater ii) connoisseur of good food iii) teacher iv) vegetarian

i) mercy ii) peace iii) cowardice iv) entreaty

i) expensive ii) strong iii) clear iv) sheer and gauzy

i) dishonest ii) warning iii) foolish iv) mistaken

i) disinclined to conversation ii) stingy iii) gloomy iv) stingy

i) bootlicking ii) sneering iii) surprising iv) unbelieving

i) elongate ii) amplify iii) widen iv) shorten

Business Quiz - 9

Profession is much more than a:
i) Career ii) Trade iii) Occupation iv) None of these

Size of business unit is determined by:
i) Technical factors ii) Financial factors iii) Managerial factors iv) All of the above

Hindrances of risk are removed by
i) Traders ii) Banks iii) Transport iv) Insurance

Location of shop is not important for:
i) Multiple shops ii) Super bazaars iii) Mail orders business houses iv) Departmental stores

What is largely required for the longer period of manufacture?
i) Current Assets ii) Inventory iii) Current Liabilities iv) All of these

The first document sent by a supplier of goods is:
i) A Quotation ii) A debit note iii) An Invoice iv) A Statement

The written record of the business done at a meeting is called:
i) Minutes ii) Resolutions iii) Point of order iv) Motions

_____ is the method of payment (for the amount of work produced)
i) Piece rate ii) Time rate iii) Bonus payment system iv) Salary

Bicycles, Television, Watches and Automobiles are example of:
i) Processing indus…

Current Affairs December 2010 - 3


Lenin Raghuvanshi, an Indian human-rights activist to receive an award in the city of Weimar, Germany for aid to untouchables, prize money worth 2,500 euros($3,300) was awarded on International Human Rights Day

Rajveer Singh and Hukum Chand, two forest guards in Rathambore risked their own lives to save the life of their senior from a tiger an their brave act has made them award winners in the NDTV-Aircel's "Save our Tigers" Campaign

Infosys has been recognised as a winner of the Global, Asian and Indian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Awards for 2010, by Teleos in association with KNOW Network


Yamaha launches superbike FZ1

Ducati to launch Diavel model in India by April 2011

Mahindra Reva Eletric vehicles launches its Revai priced at around Rs.3.10 lakh

Nissan launches diesel-powered Micra


India to set up 19 training institutes in Africa including foreign trade institute in Uganda and a diamond centre in Botswana

Civil Aviation Security Cou…

Karnataka Olympic Association Awardees 2010

Vandana B.M
Nirupama Sunderaj
Nitya Sosale
Roshan P Thankachan
Geetanjali Joteppanavar
Shankar. S
Lokesh. N
Arjun Halappa
Kavita Yadav
Shubha Chittaranjan
John Victor.G
Mohammed Rafiq Holi
Coach: Swimming
Nihar Ameen
Media Photographer
Sridhara.K.S (Vijaya Karnataka)

Uday K.Prabhu
Prakash Padukone
Pushpa Kuttanna
Table Tennis

SiliconIndia Mentor Graphics Leadership Awards for Embedded/VLSI industry

Best VLSI/Embedded Design
MNC Company
Best VLSI/Embedded Design
Indian Company
Best VLSI/Embedded Design
Startup Company
Cosmic Circuits
Best Electronic System Design
MNC Company
Best Electronic System Design
Indian Company
Tejas Networks
Best Electronic System Design
Startup Company
Redpine Signals
Award for Youngest Entrepreneur
in Semiconductor space
Notion Ink Team
(Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi andSachin Ralhan)
Outstanding contribution to
VLSI/Embedded Design Industry(Corporate)
Outstanding contribution to
VLSI Embedded Design Industry
(Academic Institution)
IIT Kharagpur
Outstanding contribution to
VLSI/Embedded Design Industry
Dr.Bobby Mitra, President and
Managing Director of Texas Instruments India

Current Affairs December 2010 - 2


Consultancy firm KPMG bags the financial advisor award from Asia Venture Capital Journal

Krishna Poonia, India's first woman to win gold medal at Commonwealth Games was conferred the Dayawati Modi Stree Shakti Award

Scientist Carusita Chakravarty was presented with the Stree Shakti Science Award

Sudha Rani Pandey, the first woman vice-chancellor of the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University was honoured with the Vidushi Vidyottama Stree Shakti Samman

Indian origin, Akash Krishnan and Matthew Fernandez of Portland, Oregon have developed a computer algorithm that can detect a speaker's emotions better than current technology which has won them a $100,000 grand prize


Sterlite Industries buys zinc mine in Namibia

The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has signed as agreement with London School of Economics (LSE) to help policy makers conduct research in formulating strategies to ensure long-term sustainable growth

Blackberry maker RIM is buying Sweden's The Astonishing Tr…

Top 20 rankings of Fortune 500 Indian companies

Indian Oil Corporation
Reliance Industries
State Bank of India
Bharat Petroleum
Hindustan Petroleum
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
Tata Steel
Tata Motors
Hindalco Industries
Coal India
Larsen and Toubro
Bharti Airtel
Essar Oil
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
Mangalore Refinery
Mahindra and Mahindra
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Numerical Ability - 13

Which of the following is the same as 40/15?
i) 5/15 * 8 ii) 40/5 * 3 iii) 5(10/3) iv) (30/15)3

The number of prime factors of the composite number 100 is
i) 4 ii) 3 iii) 5 iv) 6

1/2 / 1/2 * 1/2 + 1/2 = ?
i) 1/4 ii) 1/8 iii) 1 iv) 1/2

x : 6 :: 32 : 24. What is the value of x?
i) 7 ii) 8 iii) 5 iv) 6

Square root of 12321 = ?
i) 221 ii) 121 iii) 111 iv) 211

24/x = 4/5 implies that x equals
i) 30 ii) 96 iii) 20 iv) 48

10% of 60 + 60% of 100 = ?
i) 46 ii) 70 iii) 90 iv) 66

63 / square root of 0.0049
i) 12.85 ii) 90 iii) 1.285 iv) 900

By which number should 1497375 be multiplied to make it a perfect cube?
i) 5 ii) 3 iii) 9 iv) None of these

Sum of squares of 2 numbers is 145. If the square root of one number is 3, then find the square of the other number.
i) 8 ii) 64 iii) 9 iv) 136

Choose the appropriate word - 9

The more your action and thought are allied and _____ the happier you grow
i) integrated ii) invincible iii) divergent iv) unravelled

It is not what you say that ____ but what you do
i) moves ii) implies iii) matters iv) matches

Most of today's workaholics are real cases of _____
i) wreck ii) experts iii) burnouts iv) frustration

At present, all over the world, moral standards _____ to have fallen
i) appear ii) started iii) intend iv) look

A fool's tongue is ____ enough to cut over his own throat
i) loud ii) sharp iii) long iv) quick

The insects are a great nuisance ____ us
i) upon ii) to iii) for iv) with

The dress was guaranteed not to _______
i) shrink ii) diminish iii) shorten iv) shrink

Who is the man ____ asked the questions?
i) why ii) which iii) whom iv) who

I hate sitting ____ him as he always smells of garlic
i) at ii) along iii) beside iv) besides

His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not ____ suspicion
i) in ii) beyond iii) under iv) above

Current Affairs December 2010


Bopanna-Qureshi, with their message 'Stop War Start Tennis'. fetches the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award during the ATP World Tour Finals at London

Lata Mangeshkar has been presented lifetime achievement award at the Global Indian Music Awards(GIMA) 2010

Kumar Raman from Syntel has won QAI's software testing award at the 10th Annual Software Testing Conference 2010 for his paper titled 'Healthcare Testing for the Compliance Era'


At 96, Khushwant Singh pens a book 'The Sunset Club', that will be released on November 30th 2010 by Gurcharan Kaur


Motorola to split into 2 companies on January 4th 2011. The split will result in Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions and businesses to focus on cellphones and Internet and other equipments

Tata Motors has launched its mini-truck 'Ace Super City' in Thailand, to enter the Thai car market soon

Qualcomm India to launch Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services in 2nd half of 2011

HCL sig…

Indian History - 7

Who invented paper by using tree, bamboo and rags?
i) The Babylonians ii) The Aryans iii) The ancient Chinese iv) None of these

Which of the following played a very important role in the evolution of Civilization?
i) Bronze ii) Gold iii) Silver iv) Iron

The great tank now called "the Great Bath" was found in
i) Lothal ii) Harappa iii) Mohenjodaro iv) Egypt

The main occupation in the paleolithic age was:
i) farming ii) hunting and gathering food iii) agriculture iv) none of these

Harappan seals were made of
i) Terracota ii) Iron iii) Lead iv) Copper

Where did Lord Buddha preach his first sermon?
i) Vaishali ii) Kushinagar iii) Sarnath iv) None of these

Buddhist literature was written in the language
i) Pali ii) Tamil iii) Sanskrit iv) Prakrit

The Chinese Pilgrim Hieun Tsang visited
i) Pandyas ii) Pallavas iii) Chalukyas iv) Harsha

Asian Games 2010

India finished 6th in the Asian Games 2010 held at Guangzhou in China, with total medal tally of 64 including 14 Gold,17 Silver and 33 Bronze

ASIAN GAMES 2010:Medal Tally

Current Affairs November 2010 - 4


Post Zain's acquisition, Bharti launches brand 'airtel' across Africa in 16 countries

GM India to invest USD 30 million in 2 years

Taj Gateway rated best 5 star hotel in Kerala

Financial Stability Development Council(FSDC) to be setup to sort out inter-regulatory issues

Apalya has tied up with Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (DNAP) to broadcast the bouquet of Discovery channels on Apalaya's mobile TV platform

Canadian telecom giant Bell Canada, a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises(BCE) to outsource voice-based projects for its internet, Solo Mobility, Bell Mobility and satellite TV divisions to India

BMW to increase investment in India to $1.8 billion($4 million) by the end of 2012 and to start rolling out the X1-model from its plant in Chennai

India signs $416 million deal for railway track in Sri Lanka


Video game legend Mario turns 25


Raghavan Thirumulpad, eminent Ayurvedic and Naturopathy exponent aged 90 dies in Kerala


Wipro tops…

Essay: Accident do not happen, but are made

In this modern world of Internet and newspaper, the front pages are covered with news of accidents and death. A car is squashed in half there and a motorcyclist killed here. There are accidents everywhere these days. In land, air and even underwater accidents are very frequent. Accidents are caused by people's negligence towards rules and regulations. If everything is done in a proper sequence and order, most of the accidents can be avoided. Accidents caused due to natural calamities are negligible when compared to accidents caused by humans. Sometimes accidents are caused by emotions too. People drive too fast with bursts of anger, sadness and happiness overflowing in their minds and blocking the train of thoughts between their brain and eyes and hence they loose their sense of road and meet with accidents.

Main cause of road accidents is the conditions of road themselves. A lot of holes destroy the beauty of an otherwise beautiful road. Lots of pits and humps and sudden animals…

Current Affairs November 2010 - 3


Paradip Port Trust Chairman Biplav Kumar received the trophy, as the Trust has been adjudged 'Major Port of the Year' for 2009-10 at the Annual Indian Maritime Gateway Awards 2010

Ela Bhatt has been honoured with Global Fairness Initiative Award for helping over a million women in India gain access to opportunities for themselves and their families via., Self-Employed Women's Association

M.G.Venkatesh Mannar, who fabricated the idea to fortify salt with iron, won a $50,000 cash prize at the 10th annual Tech Awards in California

Oberoi Group chairman P.R.S.Oberoi has been awarded the '2010 Corporate Hotelier of the World' award by HOTELS magazine in New York

Asia Society New York has presented its Global Vision Award to Mukesh Ambani at an event honouring global leaders who help promote understanding between Asians and Americans


SBI to acquire the 2nd Indonesian Bank

Deloitte to invest $100 million in Indian market

Jindal Power likely to launch Rs.7,000 …

World Current Affairs - November 2010

French bill to raise retirement age to 62, becomes law

Saudi implements smoking ban, smokers nabbed

Cost of Nasa JWST to replace Hubble telescope balloon

Cadbury shuts its Chocolate Division in Kenya, moves production to South Africa

Indian President Pratibha Patil to inaugurate new venue of Indian Islamic Centre on November 23rd 2010 in Abu Dhabi

GM's IPO to create history

Morocco imports 1.72 million metric tonnes of cereals

Delta Air Lines to expand its international schedule with new and expanded service in Asia and Europe for spring and summer 2011

Australia approves Shell's giant floating LNG plant

China to provide poorer households with subsidies in response to double-digit food price inflation

Computer - 7

Intranet: A private computer network that uses Internet protocols and network connectivity to securely share a part of an organisation's information or operations with its employees

Extranet: A network or internetwork that is limited in scope to a single organisation or entity but which also has limited connections to the networks of one or more trusted organisations

Personal Area Network(PAN): A computer network used for communication among computer devices close to one person

Local Area Network(LAN): A network covering small geographic area, like a office or a building

Wide Area Network(WAN): A network covering relatively broad geographic area(i.e one city to another, one country to another)

Network Topology: Signifies the way in which intelligent devices in the network see their logical relations to one another

Ethics: Core values essential to acceptable online behaviour

Copyright: Exclusive right to produce or reproduce, to perform in public, or to publish an original literary or art…

Economic Terms and their Meaning

According to Prof.Benham "Demand for anything, at a given price is the amount of it which will bought per unit of time at that price"
Kinds of Demand
Price Demand, Income Demand and Cross Demand
Demand Schedule
A tabular statement of price-quantity relationship
Demand Curves
Graphical representation of demand schedules
Law of Demand
According to Dr.Marshall, "the amount demanded increaseswith a fall in price and decreases with a rise in price"
The quantity which a seller is prepared to sell at a given price and at a given time
Supply Curve
The relationship between market prices and the amount which producers are prepared to bring to the market
Law of Supply
The relationship between the price of a commodity and its supply
The process of creating various goods and services, which are consumed by the people of the country
Main Factors of production
Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneur

Geography - 6

Mixed farming is mainly practiced in
i) North America ii) Africa iii) Europe iv) Asia

The Prime Meridian passes through:
i) 180 degree longitude ii) 0 degree longitude iii) 90 degree longitude iv) none of these

Which of the following is the warmest month in the northern hemisphere
i) September ii) April iii) July iv) May

The most important crop of Europe is
i) Cotton ii) Wheat iii) Rice iv) Barley

Which continent is known as the Industrialised continent?
i) South America ii) Europe iii) Africa iv) Asia

A narrow strip of land which connects two land masses is called:
i) Isthumus ii) plateau iii) strait iv) pass

What kind of soil is ideal for rice cultivation?
i) Sandy ii) Loamy iii) Alluvial iv) Clayey

The Himalayas in Asia is what kind of Mountain?
i) The Fold ii) The Block iii) The Residual iv) The Volcanic

Books and Authors - 3

Gandhiji lived on a farm named after a famous Russian novelist, What is his name.
Leo Tolstoy (Tolstoy Farm)

Which series of Enid Blyton's stories features Kirrin Island?
The Famous Five

Who translated Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali into English?
He himself

'All for one and one for all', was the motto of which famous fictional trio?
The three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas.
Their names were Porthos, Athos and Aramis

Which great work was written by the dacoit Ratnakar?
Ramayan (Ratnakar was the original name of the sage Valmiki)

Which American writer was the first author to use a typewriter?
Mark Twain

Name 3 books written by Akbar.
He was illiterate (He wrote nothing)

How did Captain Hook get his name in the story Peter Pan?
His left arm was bitten off by a crocodile, so he attached a hook instead

The classic Satyajit Ray film Ghare Baire was based on a novel by which great Indian?
Rabindranath Tagore

Which story begins with the words: "Call me Ishmael"?
Moby Dick by Herman Melv…

India Power Awards 2010

CategoryAwardeesLife Time Achievement AwardsDr.D.V.Kapur,NTPCJury AwardA.K.Bajaj(CWC),Gurdial Singh(CEA),
Jean Kowal(CIGRE),
Alison Bartle(Hydro Power & Dams),
Alessandro.Palmeiri(Lead Dam Specialist),
F Lempeiere(Hydro Corporation),
S.Padmanaban,Senior Energy Advisor(USAID),
Larry Stephens,Executive Director USCOLD(USSD)Overall Utility PerformanceM/s Mercados,EMI & Dr.H.R.Sharma(Thermal & Hydro),
Power Grid Corporation of India (Transmission),
BSES(Urban Area Distribution),
MGVCL(Non-Urban Area Distribution)Research & TechnologyCrompton Greaves Ltd,
North Delhi Power LimitedEnergy Efficiency,
Conservation & DSMEnergy Management Center Kerala,
Uttar Gujarat Vij Company LtdSocial & Community ImpactNational Hydro Power Corporation,
Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. LtdMaking a Difference
at the grassrootsDasari Koteswara Rao(APTRANsCO)Innovative FinancingSorabji Godrej Green Business Centre(CII)Innovative IT
& Metering ApplicationInfosys, Reliance InfrastructureInnovative initia…

Current Affairs November 2010 - 2


Nissan launches its 1st gasoline-electric(hybrid) with Fuga/Infiniti M in Japan, predicted mileage at 19kms/ltr


Manu Joesph has bagged 'The Hindu Best Fiction Award 2010' for his debut novel Serious men

Ashok Vyas, Indian American Journalist and program director with ITV has been honoured with the community award for his long community services and cultural and religious guidance. Vyas was honourned during the 20th Conference and 11th Annual meeting of National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens at the Indian American Kerala Center in Newyork


Tata unveils first Sirkosky-92 helicopter cabin manufactured at its facility at the aerospace and precision engineering Special Economic Zone(SEZ) at Hyderabad

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has been ranked the world's top oil and gas exploration and production(E&P) firm by global energy research agency Platts

Yahoo has partnered with Samsung for Internet connected TVs

Audi's sales vault 208 perce…

Mark the correct meaning - 5

i) assured ii) unintelligible iii) immediate iv) terse and meaningful

i) negligent ii) incomplete iii) high-handed iv) courteous

i) to confirm ii) to scatter iii) to treat with contempt iv) to disbelieve

i) base ii) push iii) exalt iv) debase

i) vicious ii) untrustworthy iii) calm iv) company-loving

i) shaking ii) senile iii) feverish iv) weak

i) musician ii) dabble iii) serious student iv) beginner

i) secret ii) prearranged iii) important iv) hurried

i) to disclaim ii) apologise iii) to swear to iv) to denouce

i) slander ii) disbelief iii) help financially iv)accuse

World Current Affairs

Cholera spreads to Haitian capital

After India, Barack Obama heads to Indonesia on Asia tour

Liberian President Sirleaf dismisses cabinet

Dilma Rousseff becomes Brazil's first president and has promised to fight for women's rights with the battle cry: "Yes, women can"

Barclays sets aside 1.6 billion pound for bonuses

Indonesia volcano death toll jumps to 191

Obama arrives in Seoul ahead of a Group of 20(G20) summit

Krishnan Parthasarathy, an Indian national based in Chennai, has become the lucky winner of a USD 2 million lottery held at the Dubai International Airport

Google to give 10% salary hike to employees worldwide

Reasoning - 11

A is B's wife and C is A's sister. D is the father of C, while E is D's son.
What is the relation of E to B?
i) Cousin ii) Brother iii) Father-in-law iv) Brother-in-law

I am 10th in the queue from either end. How many people are there in the queue?
i) 13 ii) 10 iii) 12 iv) 19

Find the odd man out:
i) East ii) West iii) North iv) Best

A shepherd had 17 sheep. All but nine died. How any did he have left?
i) 7 ii) 8 iii) 9 iv) 12

Find out the number, which when divided by 4 and added by 9 gives the answer 15?
i) 22 ii) 24 iii) 26 iv) 21

Find two numbers whose sum is 26 and difference 4. Mark the lower of them.
i) 11 ii) 10 iii) 24 iv) 4

Insert the missing letter A, D, G, J .....
i) M ii) L iii) L iv) K

If 2 = 5, 4 = 18, 6 = 39, 8 = 68, then 10 = ?
i) 81 ii) 54 iii) 105 iv) 95

MTV EMA 2010 Awards

Best New Act
Best Pop
Lady Gaga
Best Alternative
Best Rocks
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Best Male
Justin Bieber
Best Video
Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg 'California Gurls'
Best Hip Hop
Best Live Act
Linkin Park
Best Female
Lady Gaga
Best Song
Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance'
Best European
Marco Mengoni
Best Push Act
Justin Bieber
Best World Stage Performance
Tokio Hotel