Numerical Ability - 3

1.542*2408.69 + 1134.632=?
i) 4488 ii) 4848 iii) 4858 iv) 4846

i) 1997 ii) 2076 iii) 2283 iv) 4004

Which number is 40% less than 90?
i) 60 ii) 54 iii) 50 iv) 36

56% of 75 +9% of 125=?
i)63.25 ii) 55.25 iii) 51.25 iv) 53.25

i) 1.428 ii) 14.28 iii) 14.9 iv) 142.8

What must be added to make 2203 a perfect square?
i) 3 ii) 6 iii) 4 iv) 1

The least perfect square, which is divisible by each of 21, 36 and 66 is
i) 231444 ii) 214344 iii) 214434 iv) 213444

Simplify: 31/10*3/10+7/5/20=?
i) 10 ii) 1 iii) 1/10 iv) 2

Mean proportional between 7 and 28 is
i) 17 ii) 12 iii) 14 iv) 16

i) 23/17 ii) 21 iii) 17/13 iv) 13/17

Geography - 3

Which is the important red soil zone in India?
i) Indo-Gangetic Plain ii) Jammu and Kashmir iii) Southern Peninsula iv) None of these

The twenty-eigth state in India is
i) Jharkhand ii) Nagaland iii) Uttarakhand iv) Mizoram

"Mauna Loa" is an example of
i) Dormant volcano ii) Active volcano iii) Plateau in a volcano region iv) Extinct volcano

Identify the richest mineral producing state in India.
i) Orissa ii) Bihar iii) Madhya Pradesh iv) Rajasthan

Doldrum is an area of
i) Low pressure ii) Low rainfall iii) Low temperature iv) Low humidity

Cash crop does not include
i) Jute ii) Sugarcane iii) Wheat iv) Cotton

India is self-sufficient in minerals except
i) Mica ii) Copper iii) Manganese iv) Coal

The natural seaport in Eastern Coast of India is
i) Kolkata ii) Chennai iii) Tuticorn iv) Vishakhapatnam

In which state do we have Uranium deposits
i) Tamil Nadu ii) Madhya Pradesh iii) Maharashtra iv) Jharkhand

Silent valley is in the state of
i) West Bengal ii) Karnataka ii) Andra Pradesh iv) Kerala

Reasoning - 2

Wine: Grapes :: Vodka: ?
i) orange ii) Flour iii) Rye iv) Apples

Golf : Moles :: Baseball : ?
i) Points ii) Innings iii) Serve iv) Goal

If STUDENT is coded as RUTEDOS, then which word would be coded as RDGPKBQ?

Introducing a woman, Roshan said, "Her mother is the wife of my father's brother". How the woman is related to the father of Roshan?
i) Niece ii) Daughter iii) Daughter-in-law iv) Cannot be determined

Find the odd-man out:
i) Lactometer ii) Barometer iii) Perimeter iv) Thermometer

Find the odd-man out:
i) Spade ii) Diamond iii) Club iv) Axe

Manoj ranks 17th in a class of 31 students. What is his rank from the last?
i) 16 ii) 17 iii) 15 iv) 14

Usha is twice as old as Rita. Three years ago she was three times as old as Rita. How old is Usha now?
i) 7 years ii) 12 years iii) 9 years iv) 6 years

If 8*9=2724, 4*2=612, 7*3=921 then 6*8=?
i) 1224 ii) 1824 iii) 1215 iv) 2418

On immersing a part of a rod obliquely in water it appears bent. What does it exemplify?
i) Refraction of light ii) Reflection of light iii) Dispersion of light iv) None of these

Inventions - 3

Thermos Flask
Fax Machine
Blood Circulation
Simpson and Harrison
Safety Match
Solar System
Cholera Bacillus
Robert Koch

50 emerging market business leaders list

Nine Indian business leaders who have made to the list include

Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata
Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani
ADAG chairman Anil Ambani
ICICI Bank managing director and chief executive Chanda Kochhar
Mahindra group chairman Keshub Mahindra
Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal
Videocon chairman Venugopal Dhoot
Hero Group founder Brijmohan Lall Munjal
Future Group chairman Kishore Biyani

compiled by the British financial daily the Financial Times

First Visitor, Invaders...

First European invader on Indian soil
Alexander, the Great
First European to visit China
Marco Polo
First Chinese piligrim who came to India
First British Prime Minister to visit India
Harold Macmillan
First U.S President to visit India
First Soviet Prime Minister to visit India

Computer - 1

Which amongst the following is one of the books by Bill Gates?
i) Business @ The Speed of Thought ii) The Google Story iii) The World is Flat iv) None of these

Which of the following package is best suited for preparing “Presentations”?
i) Excel ii) Windows iii) Word iv) Power-Point

_____means the altering of computer system software to achieve a task for which it was not originally designed.
i) Pegging ii) Hacking iii)Trekking iv) All of these

Authentication can be provided by adding_____to a message.
i) Sign ii) Manual Signature iii) Digital Signature iv) Initials

What is the name for a webpage address?
i) Domain ii) Extension iii) Protocol iv) URL

The ability of an Operating System to run more than one application at a time is called
i) multitasking ii) object-oriented programming iii) multi-user computing iv) None of these

A leased line can transmit
i) Only Data ii) Only Voice iii) Only Video iv) All of these

The word ‘FTP’ stands for
i) File Translate Protocol ii) File Transit Protocol iii) File Transfer Protocol iv) All of these

A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the
i) Compiler ii) Loader iii) Operating System iv) None of these

What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful?
i) ROM information can be easily updated
ii) Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains there even without electrical power
iii) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage
iv) None of these

National Emblems

Lioned Capitol
Ivory Coast
Hong Kong
Bauhinia(Orchid tree)
Lion with Crown
The soyombo
New Zealand
Southern Cross, Kiwi, Fern
Sri Lanka
Crescent and star
Golden Rod
Zimbabwe Bird

Flower Emblems
Water Lily
Corn Flower
White Lily
United KingdomRose
Olive Branch

Minerals and its Source

The state where monazite sand is found is
i) Kerala ii) Uttar Pradesh iii) Andra Pradesh iv) Madhya Pradesh

Bauxite is an ore of
i) Lead ii) Aluminium iii) Iron iv) Magnesium

Aluminium is abundantly found in
i) West Bengal ii) Madhya Pradesh iii) Uttar Pradesh iv) Kerala

Diamonds are found in
i) Kolar ii) Kochi iii) Panna iv) Bellary

Mica is available abundantly in
i) Jharkhand ii) Haryana iii) Uttar Pradesh iv) Rajasthan

Lignite is found in
i) Kilar ii) Neyveli iii) Muzaffarpur iv) Kolar

Silver is found in
i) Karnataka ii) Bihar iii) Jharkhand iv) Madhya Pradesh

The country which produces coffee in abundance is
i) China ii) Brazil iii) India iv) Sri Lanka

The country which stands first in production of wheat is
i) USA ii) Russia iii) China iv) India

The concentration of jute industry is in
i) Jammu & Kashmir ii) Mizoram iii) Andra Pradesh iv) West Bengal

Indian History

Pali dynasty was in
i) Maharastra ii) Delhi iii) Madhya Pradesh iv) Bihar

The Gupta dyansty flourished in
i) 5th Century A.D ii) 4th Century A.D iii) 6th Century iv) 3rd Century A.D

The Vardhana dynasty flourished in
i) 4th Century A.D ii) 6th Century A.D iii) 7th Century A.D iv) 8th Century A.D

The famous king of Chalukya dynasty was
i) Harsha ii) Nedunchezhiyan iii) Raja Raja I iv) Pulekesi II

The famous king of Chola dynasty was
i) Harsha ii) Pulekesi II iii) Raja Raja I iv) Nedunchezhiyan

The well-known king of the Slave dynasty was
i) Muhamad-Bin-Tuglaq ii) Alaudhin iii) Mahmud Lodi iv) Balban

The well-known king of Tughlaq dynasty was
i) Balban ii) Muhamad-Bin-Tughlaq iii) Alaudhin iv) Mahmud Lodi

The famous king of Kushana dynasty was
i) Physya ii) Kamarupa iii) Kanishka iv) Kuvishka

Sher Shah belonged to
i) Muslim dynasty ii) Mughal dynasty iii) Suri dynasty iv) Gurb dynasty

The dynasty formed by Pushyamitra after destorying the Mauryan dynasty was
i) Vardhana ii) Kushana iii) Sunga iv) Gupta

Numerical Ability - 2

How many number between 200 and 600 are divisible by 4,5 and 6?
i) 4 ii) 6 iii) 5 iv) 7

Supply the missing figure:
i) 4 ii) 6 iii) 2 iv) 16

The area of a square is 225 square metres. Then the perimeter of the square is
i) 90 ii) 15 iii) 55 iv) 60

0.7*0.7*0.7 - 0.2*0.2*0.2/0.7*0.7+0.2*0.2+0.2*0.7
i) 0.5 ii) 0.3 iii) 0.2 iv)0.7

How much is 1/2 of x/2?
i) 1/x ii) x iii) x/4 iv) 1/4

What is the radius of circle of area 616cm2?
i) 10cm ii) 14cm iii) 16cm iv) none of these

The square root of 0.0676*0.04 is
i) 52 ii) 0.52 iii) o.052 iv) 5.2

25m/sec is equivalent to a speed of
i) 75 km/hr ii) 100 km/hr iii) 85 km/hr iv) 90 km/hr

What is the average of the first five odd natural numbers?
i) 10 ii) 15 iii) 5 iv) 13

Average of 6 numbers is 8; what number should be added to it to make sure the average is 9?
i) 14 ii) 15 iii) 19 iv) 18

Know your Houses

The Lok Sabha has a life of
i) 3 years ii) 5 years iii) 8 years iv) 4 years

The Rajya Sabha has a life of
10 years ii) 5 years iii) 3 years iv) Permanent

The Lok Sabha member must have completed the age of
i) 18 years ii) 21 years iii) 25 years iv) 35 years

The Rajya Sabha member must be completed the age of
i) 21 years ii) 30 years iii) 35 years iv) 18 years

The total strength of Lok Sabha is
i) 500 ii) 200 iii) 625 iv) 545

The total strength of Rajya Sabha is
i) 250 ii) 545 iii) 200 iv) 500

Does the Rajya Sabha have more financial powers than Lok Sabha?
i) Yes ii) No

Money bills must be introduced in
i) Rajya Sabha only ii) Lok Sabha only iii) Either of these two iv) Both the houses at a time

Is there provision of President's Rule at the Centre?
i) Yes ii) No

For the very first time, the President's rule was imposed in
i) Gujarat ii) Andra Pradesh iii) Karnataka iv) Kerala

Science - 2

The largest gland in human body is
i) Adrenal ii) Liver iii) Pituitary iv) Thymus

The unit of measuring food energy is
i) Calories ii) Volts iii) Ergs iv) None of these

Which fruit diabetic patients can eat freely?
i) Banana ii) Orange iii) Mango iv) All of these

The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India
i) Dr.R.Kesavan Nair ii) Dr.Venugopal iii) Dr.Ram iv) Dr.Vijay

The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by
i) Robert Edwin ii) John Gibbson iii) William Jones iv) Jonas E. Salk

What was the theme for the World AIDS Day which is observed on December 1?
i) Build better tomorrow ii) AIDS and the Family iii) Safe sex prevents AIDS iv) None of these

Which of the following enters human body through skin?
i) Ring worm ii) Tape worm iii) Hook worm iv) None of these

Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of
i) Salts ii) Vitamins iii) Protein iv) Water

Small pox can be prevented through
i) Vaccination ii) Injection iii) Ayurvedic drugs iv) Acupuncture

People's fear of today's technology is known as
i) Xenophobia ii) Anglophobia iii) Agoraphobia iv) None of these

Choose the appropriate word

She has come up in life ...... hardwork
i) by means of ii) by virtue of iii) by dint of iv) by way of

Once there lived a woman, ....... name Mary
i) whose ii) by iii) with iv) whose

Some people want to become rich by ........
i) no means ii) all means iii) hard work iv) hook or crook

Finally the fellow had to spend 10years .......
i) behind the bars ii) at the bars iii) with in the bars iv) inside the bars

Why do you still hesitate. Please ........
i) decide at once ii) give in to your mind iii) make up your mind at once iv) none of these

The good is often ....... with their bones
i) fleshed ii) covered iii) interred iv) exhumed

Nalini yelled ...... Mahesh and he hastily retreated
i) against ii) for iii) at iv) to

Then and then ...... have we a right to pass a verdict
i) on ii) again iii) only iv) alone

The cold did not make him ill but made him merely ......
i) vomit ii) hungry iii) sick iv) indisposed

We hold this truth to be ...... that all men are created equal
i) evident ii) self-evident iii) obviously iv) naturally

New Governors for 7 Indian States(2010)

M.K.NarayananWest Bengal
Shivraj Patil
Shekar Dutt
Mohsina Kidwai
Prabha Rau
Urmilaben patel
Himachal Pradesh

Currency - Bank

When was the rupee first minted in India?
i) After Independence ii) During the reign of Ashoka iii) During the reign of Sher Shah iv) During the Governorship of Lord Bentick

Decimal currency system was adopted in India in the year
i) 1950 ii) 1958 iii) 1956 iv) 1957

The high denomination notes were demonetised in India in
i) 1984 ii) 1977 iii) 2000 iv) None of these

The first one paisa coin under the decimal system was issued in
i) August 1947 ii) January 1950 iii) March 1962 iv) January 1948

What is the main purpose of currency?
i) Currency Chest ii) To spend iii) To save iv) Medium of Exchange

Currency notes of RBI are backed by certain assets. These assets must not be less than a prescribed amount of
i) Gold ii) Government Securities iii) Gold, Foreign and Government Securities iv) Gold and foreign securities

Devaluation of currency refers to
i) Government withdrawal of a currency note of a denomination
ii) Decrease in the external value of money
iii) Decrease in the internal value of money
iv) Decrease in both internal and external value of money

Inflation implies
i) rise in budget deficit ii) rise in money supply iii) rise in prices of consumer goods iv) rise in general price index

The former name of State Bank of India was
i) Central Bank of India ii) People's Bank of India iii) Imperial Bank of India iv) None of these

The former name of 'Reserve Bank of India' was
i) National Bank of India ii) Imperial Bank of India iii) India's Bank iv) Central Bank of India

Inventions - 2

Sewing Machine
Elias Hower
Telegraphic Code
Samuel Morse
Dr.Paul Muller
Atomic Theory

Geography 2

Area drained by a river is called
i) Flood plain ii) Valley iii) Basin iv) Plateau

Yellow river is
i) Nile ii) Hwang-Ho iii) Damodar iv) Amazon

Kalahari desert is in
i) South Africa ii) India iii) Australia iv) Chile

Indian Ocean is
i) third biggest ii) second biggest iii) the biggest iv) none of these

Atacama desert is in
i) Russia ii) Australia iii) Chile iv) South Africa

Roof of the world is
i) Nepal ii) China iii) The Pamirs iv) India

Sugar bowl of the world is
i) Brazil ii) China iii) Argentina iv) Cuba

The longest non-stop train is
i) Tamil Nadu Express ii) Flying Scotsman iii) Grand Trunk Express iv) All of these

The longest platform in India is at
i) Mumbai ii) Kolkata iii) Chennai iv) Kharagpur

The highest mountain peak is in
i) China ii) Nepal iii) Pakistan iv) India

World Facts

Which country shares its borders with most of the neighbouring countries of 15?
i) Russia ii) Germany iii) China iv) None of these

Which is the only continent that does not suffer volcanoes?
i) Australia ii) Asia iii) Europe iv) Americas

Which country attracts most number of tourists than others?
i) France ii) Italy iii) USA iv) China

Which country does not have its own National Anthem, Stamps or Radio Station?
i) Vatican ii) Malta iii) Nauru iv) Albania

On which day Nobel Prizes are presented?
i) 1st January ii) 25th December iii) 1st April iv) 10th December

Which is the only Arab country that does not have a desert?
i) UAE ii) Saudi Arabia iii) Oman iv) Lebanon

Which city is most expensive to hire an office or commercial place to rent?
i) Tokyo ii) London iii) Mumbai iv) Hong Kong

Which city in the world is the first to celebrate 'New Year' eve than any other?
i) Wellington ii) Sydney iii) Tokyo iv) Jakarta

Which is the only country in the world having 3 capital cities?
i) Switzerland ii) South Africa iii) Germany iv) Netherlands

Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?
i) English ii) Spanish iii) Hindi iv) Mandarin Chinese

Sporting Event 2010 - 5

Table Tennis
Qatar Open
DohaFeb 17-21
Kuwait OpenKuwait CityFeb 23-27
German OpenBerlinMar 18-21
Indian OpenNew DelhiApr 1-5
World Team Championship
MoscowMay 23-30
China Open(venue undecided)June 23-27

Australian Open
AustraliaJan 18-31
French OpenFranceMay 23-June 6
UKJune 21-July 7
Aug 30-Sep 12
ATP World Tour FinalsLondonNov 21-29
WTA ChampionshipDohaOct 25-30
Tournament of ChampionsBaliNov 1-5

Common Wealth Games
New DelhiOct 3-14

Mumbai Marathon Jan 17 2010

Sporting Event 2010 - 4

Asian Tour International
BangkokFeb 4-7
Avantha ChampionshipDelhiFeb 11-14
Pro-Am ChampionshipNew DelhiFeb 18-21
Augusta Masters

Apr 8-11
US OpenCaliforniaJune 17-20
British OpenScotlandJuly 15-18
PGA ChampionshipWisconsinAug 12-15
European MastersSwitzerlandSept 2-5
World Golf ChampionshipShanghaiNov 4-7

FHI Hockey World CupNew DelhiFeb 28-March 13
Women's Champions TrophyNottingham(England)July 10-18
Men's Champions TrophyMonchengladbach(Germany)July 31-August 8
Women's World CupRosario(Argentina)Aug 30-Sep 12

Sporting Event 2010 - 3

Formula One
Bahrain GP
SakhirMarch 12-14
Australian GP
MelbourneMarch 26-28
Malaysian GP
Kuala LumpurApril 2-4
Chinese GP
ShangaiApril 16-18
Spanish GP
CatlunyaMay 7-9
Monaco GP
Monte CarloMay 13-16
Turkish GP
IstanbulMay 28-30
Canadian GP
MontrealJune 11-13
European GP
ValenciaJune 25-27
British GP
SilverstoneJuly 9-11
German GP
HockenheimJuly 23-25
Hungarian GP
BudapestJuly 30-Aug 1
Belgian GP
Spa-FrancorchampsAug 27-29
Italian GP
MonzaSep 10-12
Singapore GPSingaporeSep 24-26
Korean GP
YeongamOctober 22-24
Brazialian GP
Sao PauloNov 5-7
Abu Dhabi GP
MarinaNov 12-14

World Cup
South AfricaJune 11- July 11
Europa CupHamburgMay 12
Champions LeagueMadridMay 22

Sporting Event 2010 - 2

ICC Under-19 World CupNew ZealandJan 15-31
Indian Premier League - IPL3IndiaMarch-April
ICC World T20
West IndiesApril-May

Tour de FranceFranceJuly 3-25

Sporting Event 2010 - 1

World Indoor Championship
DohaMarch 12-14
Youth Olympic GamesSingaporeAugust 14-26

All England Super Series
BirminghamMarch 9-14
Swiss OpenBaselMarch 16-21
Asian Badminton
New DelhiApril 12-18
India Open
(venue undecided)
June 8-13
Indonesia OpenJakartaJune 22-27
China Masters
ChangzhouSept 14-19
Denmark OpenOdenseOctober 26-31
French OpenParisNov 2-7

NBA All-StarFeb 12-14
NBA FinalsJune3-17

Technology launch of 2009

IPhone 3G S
Google Chrome OS
Predicted launch second half of 2010
Windows 7
Kindle 2, an e-book reader
Bing, a decision engine
Updated iMac launched
Net Book, N140 powered by Windows 7
Net book - Booklet 3G
Indian Space Research Organisation
Bhuvan, India's mapping application website
LED TV with a resolution of 1920x1080
Reliance India Mobile
Blackberry Storm 9530
Vaio X, an ultra-slim laptop
Zen X-FI 2, 3-inch touch screen media player
PF810 touch-sensitive digital photo frame
Studio One 19, desktop PC with multi-touch LCD display

Inventions - 1

Who invented the first process of mass production of steel inexpensively in 1850?
i) William Jelly ii) Robert William iii) Sir Henry Bessemer iv) Henry David

Who invented safety razor?
i) King Camp Gillette ii) King Camp Gillette II iii) King Camp Razor iv) None of these

Who was the inventor of modern computer?
i) Ada Lovelace ii) Bill Gates iii) Steve Jobs iv) Charles Babbage

Who invented computer mouse?
i) Paul Allen ii) Naryan Murthy iii) Bill Gates iv) Douglas Engelbart

Who invented modern electronic pocket calculator?
i) Mike Calc ii) James Puckle iii) Jack Kilby iv) None of these

Which scientist is the greatest of all time having over 1000 patents to his credit?
i) Albert Einstein ii) Vishveshwaraiah iii) Thomas Alva Edison iv) Issac Newton

Who invented the pencil sharpener in 1847?
i) Micheal Sharpener ii) Judson iii) Therry Des Estwaux iv) None of these

Who made the first Atom bomb in the world?
i) James Atom ii) Neils Bhor iii) Max Planck iv) Otto Hahn

Who invented the logarithmic table?
i) John Naples ii) John Napier iii) John Log iv) None of these

Who is known as father of Periodic Table of elements?
i) Neils Bohr ii) Mendeleev iii) Seaborg iv) John Priestly


How many millions make one billion?
i) 100 ii) 1000 iii) 10000 iv) 100000

Which digit is a factor of any of these numbers?
i) 1 ii) 2 iii) 4 iv) 9

Which among these is the only even prime number?
i) 2 ii) 4 iii) 6 iv) 8

Which English alphabet is not used in Roman numerals?
i) C ii) B iii) D iv) L

What is a pictorial representation of statistics known as?
i) Cramp ii) Trap iii) Morp iv) Graph

If a number is squared, it is multiplied by what?
i) 2 ii) 3 iii) 4 iv) itself

A cipher is another name for what?
i) Mode ii) Median iii) Code iv) Password

What was the original name of 'zero'?
i) Sunya ii) Cipher iii) Kosam iv) Sifr

How many times the digit '5' represents from 1 to 100?
i) 16 ii) 15 iii) 20 iv) 10

Which among these is equivalent to zero?
i) 8 - 0 = ii) 8 + 0 = iii) 0/8 = iv) All of these

Latin and Greek Words

Latin Words

indices, indexes
formulae or formulas
termini or terminuses

Greek Words



1. The region around south pole is known as
i) Capricorn ii) Equator iii) Antarctic iv) Arctic

2. Asteroids revolve round the sun between the orbits of
i) Earth and Jupiter ii) Earth and Venus iii) Venus and Jupiter iv) Mars and Jupiter

3. International Date lines passes through
i) 0 degree Greenwich ii) 180 degree Greenwich iii) 90 degree Greenwich iv) 270 degree Greenwich

4. Equinox occurs on
i) March 21st ii) March 25th iii) September 15th iv) March 15th

5. The gravitational pull of moon is
i) twice that of earth ii) 1/4th of the earth's iii) 1/6th of the earth's iv) 1/12th of the earth's

6. Which one of the following is a cold water current?
i) Canary current ii) Guinea Current iii) Kuro-Shio Current iv) Carribbean Current

7. When the Sun reaches its maximum distance from equator it is known as
i) Equinox ii) eclipse iii) solstice iv) sidereal day

8. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is
i) 12hrs ii) 36hrs iii) 6hrs iv) 24hrs

9. The North pole is always in the light
i) from March 21 to Sept 23 ii) from Sept 23 to March 21 iii) on June 21 iv) None of the above

10. The latitude of South Pole is
i) 0 degree ii) 90 degree iii) 180 degree iv) none


Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?
i) Fish ii) Horse iii) Dog iv) Lamb
All the others are regular creatures, Lamb is the young one

Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?
i) Leaf ii) Fruit iii) Sand iv) Brass
Others occur in natural form, brass is an alloy of zinc and copper hence man-made

Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?
i) 91 ii) 84 iii) 114 iv) 98 v) 105
All the others are divisible by 7

In a certain code PRACTISE is written as DRHSQSBD. How is COMPLETE written in that code?
i) DSDKBNLO ii) DSDKDPNQ iii) FUFMBNLO iv) DPNQSDSK v) None of these


'Horse' is related to 'Stable' in the same way as 'Dog' is related to:
i) Shed ii) Kennel iii) House iv) None of these

'Picture' is related to 'See' in the same way 'Food' is related to:
i) Cook ii) Watch iii) Eat iv) Heat

All Pens are Erasers.
Some Erasers are Raincoats.
All Raincoats are T-Shirts.
I. Some T-Shirts are Pens.
II. Some T-Shirts are Erasers.
III. Some Raincoats are Pens.

i) None follows ii) only I follow iii) only II follow iv) only III follow

All trains are birds.
All papers are birds
Al desks are birds.
I. Some desks are trains.
II. Some trains are papers.
III. Some papers are desks.

i) None follows ii) Only I&II follow iii) Only I&III follow iv) Only II&III follow

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word FRIGHTEN, each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?
i) One ii) Two iii) More than three iv) None

How many such letters are there in the word CREATION, each of which is as far away from the beginning in the word as when they are arranged alphabetically?
i) More than three ii) Three iii) Two iv) One


1. Insurance is a
i) straddle ii) transaction iii) dealing iv) contract

2. Risk arises out of
i) uncertainty ii) possessiveness iii) smaller gain iv) insurance

3. A decline of value due to contingency is called
i) risk ii) financial loss iii) prime loss iv) indifference

4. A risk to which property is exposed
i) commercial ii) fire iii) flood iv) supply

5. Putting fire to a factory is a example for
i) societal hazard ii) moral hazard iii) morale hazard iv) cultural hazard

6. The risks that is generally insurable are
i) pure risks ii) speculative risks iii) dynamic risks iv) static risks

7. An example for group risk is
i) robbery ii) tension iii) earthquake iv) unemployment

8. A device in which a sum of money is paid by the insured is
i) peril ii) insurance iii) transfer iv) contract

9. Insurance is not possible, without
i) premium ii) property iii) charity iv) portfolio

10. Insurance companies are
i) risk managers ii) risk takers iii) risk makers iv) risk bearers

Fill up the Correct Words

Youth and age will never agree

A beggar can never be

A man in debt is caught in a

God helps those who help

A cheerful wife is the job of

A wiseman changes his mind sometimes but a fool

A man is as old as he

Be not wise in your own

Never look a gift horse in the

One swallow does not make a

NOTE: Answers are marked BOLD

Interesting Facts - 5

Where would one be if he/she were a pillion rider?
On the backseat of a Cycle or Two-wheeler

Which is the most common word used in the English Language?

How many winks one is said to have if taken a short sleep or a doze?
Forty winks

What on road is a 'sleeping policeman'?
A speed breaker

What does the expression, 'My stomach thinks my throat is cut', mean?
It means 'I am hungry'

What kind of person is made to wear a strait jacket?
A violent prisoner/A mental patient

Which part of a dog might one see in a book?
Dog ears(when pages are folded in the corners)

The word 'chit' is derived from a word in an Indian Language. Which word?
Chiti (a letter)

How did the saucer get its name?
It was originally used for keeping sauce

In a standard dictionary, which letter has the least number of words listed under it?

Science - 1

Which is the only common household pest capable of surviving nuclear attack?

What is the temperature at which Fahrenheit and Celsius scales show the same numerical values?
-40 degrees

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is chemically odourless. Yet, whenever cooking gas in the kitchen leaks, one can smell it. Why?
Smell is desperately added to detect leaks

By what name is Acetylsalicyclic acid better known?

Other than head, where is the crown found in human body?
Teeth (part of the tooth projecting from gum)

The filament of bulbs heat up to almost 7500 degrees Celsius. Why doesn't it burn?
There is no air within the filament

Which annoying bodily function is caused by the vibration of the palate at the roof of the mouth?

What everyday kitchen item can be used to remove ball point stains?

If larynx is to be removed, what handicap would human suffer from?
One would be mute(unable to speak)

Which strong, light metal, often used in making aircraft is named after mythical gaints?
Titanium (Titans)


Which popular rock singer is referred to as 'The Boss'?
Bruce Springsteen

Which famous composer's middle name was Amadeus?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What is the difference between a harmonica and mouth-organ?
There is no difference

Which well-known English singer shares his surname with a precious stone?
Neil Diamond

In which Hindi film did Amitabh Bachchan first sing in his own voice?
Mr.Natwarlal (Mere Paas Aao Mere Doston)

What is the first stage of Indian classical performance named?

In the world of entertainment, how do we know Louise Ciccione?

Name the series of albums which are Lata Mangeshkar's tribute to musical greats?

Three of the four sections of an orchestra are Bass, Woodwind and Percussion. Name the fourth.

Sukanya Rajan is the wife of which famous musician?
Pandit Ravi Shankar


Who taught Bhima and Duryodhana the use of the mace?

The head of the Egyptian deity ANUBIS resembled which animal?
The Jackal

Which god designed Rama's mighty bow?

What connects the gods Neptune and Shiva?
Both are depicted holding trident

Which god rides an elephant called AIRAVAT?

Zeus was the father of Greek Muses. Who was their mother?

If Lord Shiva's adobe is Kailash, who stays at Vaikuntha?
Lord Vishnu

Which god was the father of Hanuman?

One of the most sacred Hindu prayers is the Gayatri Mantra. To which god is it addressed?

In Greek mythology, who was the strongest mortal ever?

Shiva sang the five basic ragas. Who sang the sixth?

In Hindu mythology, who is supposed to have invented the Sanskrit language and Devanagari script?
Saraswati, the goddess of learning