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Choose the appropriate word

She has come up in life ...... hardwork
i) by means of ii) by virtue of iii) by dint of iv) by way of

Once there lived a woman, ....... name Mary
i) whose ii) by iii) with iv) whose

Some people want to become rich by ........
i) no means ii) all means iii) hard work iv) hook or crook

Finally the fellow had to spend 10years .......
i) behind the bars ii) at the bars iii) with in the bars iv) inside the bars

Why do you still hesitate. Please ........
i) decide at once ii) give in to your mind iii) make up your mind at once iv) none of these

The good is often ....... with their bones
i) fleshed ii) covered iii) interred iv) exhumed

Nalini yelled ...... Mahesh and he hastily retreated
i) against ii) for iii) at iv) to

Then and then ...... have we a right to pass a verdict
i) on ii) again iii) only iv) alone

The cold did not make him ill but made him merely ......
i) vomit ii) hungry iii) sick iv) indisposed

We hold this truth to be ...... that all men are created equal
i) evident ii) self-evident iii) obviously iv) naturally