Geography 2

Area drained by a river is called
i) Flood plain ii) Valley iii) Basin iv) Plateau

Yellow river is
i) Nile ii) Hwang-Ho iii) Damodar iv) Amazon

Kalahari desert is in
i) South Africa ii) India iii) Australia iv) Chile

Indian Ocean is
i) third biggest ii) second biggest iii) the biggest iv) none of these

Atacama desert is in
i) Russia ii) Australia iii) Chile iv) South Africa

Roof of the world is
i) Nepal ii) China iii) The Pamirs iv) India

Sugar bowl of the world is
i) Brazil ii) China iii) Argentina iv) Cuba

The longest non-stop train is
i) Tamil Nadu Express ii) Flying Scotsman iii) Grand Trunk Express iv) All of these

The longest platform in India is at
i) Mumbai ii) Kolkata iii) Chennai iv) Kharagpur

The highest mountain peak is in
i) China ii) Nepal iii) Pakistan iv) India

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