Geography - 3

Which is the important red soil zone in India?
i) Indo-Gangetic Plain ii) Jammu and Kashmir iii) Southern Peninsula iv) None of these

The twenty-eigth state in India is
i) Jharkhand ii) Nagaland iii) Uttarakhand iv) Mizoram

"Mauna Loa" is an example of
i) Dormant volcano ii) Active volcano iii) Plateau in a volcano region iv) Extinct volcano

Identify the richest mineral producing state in India.
i) Orissa ii) Bihar iii) Madhya Pradesh iv) Rajasthan

Doldrum is an area of
i) Low pressure ii) Low rainfall iii) Low temperature iv) Low humidity

Cash crop does not include
i) Jute ii) Sugarcane iii) Wheat iv) Cotton

India is self-sufficient in minerals except
i) Mica ii) Copper iii) Manganese iv) Coal

The natural seaport in Eastern Coast of India is
i) Kolkata ii) Chennai iii) Tuticorn iv) Vishakhapatnam

In which state do we have Uranium deposits
i) Tamil Nadu ii) Madhya Pradesh iii) Maharashtra iv) Jharkhand

Silent valley is in the state of
i) West Bengal ii) Karnataka ii) Andra Pradesh iv) Kerala

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