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1. The region around south pole is known as
i) Capricorn ii) Equator iii) Antarctic iv) Arctic

2. Asteroids revolve round the sun between the orbits of
i) Earth and Jupiter ii) Earth and Venus iii) Venus and Jupiter iv) Mars and Jupiter

3. International Date lines passes through
i) 0 degree Greenwich ii) 180 degree Greenwich iii) 90 degree Greenwich iv) 270 degree Greenwich

4. Equinox occurs on
i) March 21st ii) March 25th iii) September 15th iv) March 15th

5. The gravitational pull of moon is
i) twice that of earth ii) 1/4th of the earth's iii) 1/6th of the earth's iv) 1/12th of the earth's

6. Which one of the following is a cold water current?
i) Canary current ii) Guinea Current iii) Kuro-Shio Current iv) Carribbean Current

7. When the Sun reaches its maximum distance from equator it is known as
i) Equinox ii) eclipse iii) solstice iv) sidereal day

8. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is
i) 12hrs ii) 36hrs iii) 6hrs iv) 24hrs

9. The North pole is always in the light
i) from March 21 to Sept 23 ii) from Sept 23 to March 21 iii) on June 21 iv) None of the above

10. The latitude of South Pole is
i) 0 degree ii) 90 degree iii) 180 degree iv) none


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