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Know your Houses

The Lok Sabha has a life of
i) 3 years ii) 5 years iii) 8 years iv) 4 years

The Rajya Sabha has a life of
10 years ii) 5 years iii) 3 years iv) Permanent

The Lok Sabha member must have completed the age of
i) 18 years ii) 21 years iii) 25 years iv) 35 years

The Rajya Sabha member must be completed the age of
i) 21 years ii) 30 years iii) 35 years iv) 18 years

The total strength of Lok Sabha is
i) 500 ii) 200 iii) 625 iv) 545

The total strength of Rajya Sabha is
i) 250 ii) 545 iii) 200 iv) 500

Does the Rajya Sabha have more financial powers than Lok Sabha?
i) Yes ii) No

Money bills must be introduced in
i) Rajya Sabha only ii) Lok Sabha only iii) Either of these two iv) Both the houses at a time

Is there provision of President's Rule at the Centre?
i) Yes ii) No

For the very first time, the President's rule was imposed in
i) Gujarat ii) Andra Pradesh iii) Karnataka iv) Kerala