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How many millions make one billion?
i) 100 ii) 1000 iii) 10000 iv) 100000

Which digit is a factor of any of these numbers?
i) 1 ii) 2 iii) 4 iv) 9

Which among these is the only even prime number?
i) 2 ii) 4 iii) 6 iv) 8

Which English alphabet is not used in Roman numerals?
i) C ii) B iii) D iv) L

What is a pictorial representation of statistics known as?
i) Cramp ii) Trap iii) Morp iv) Graph

If a number is squared, it is multiplied by what?
i) 2 ii) 3 iii) 4 iv) itself

A cipher is another name for what?
i) Mode ii) Median iii) Code iv) Password

What was the original name of 'zero'?
i) Sunya ii) Cipher iii) Kosam iv) Sifr

How many times the digit '5' represents from 1 to 100?
i) 16 ii) 15 iii) 20 iv) 10

Which among these is equivalent to zero?
i) 8 - 0 = ii) 8 + 0 = iii) 0/8 = iv) All of these