Minerals and its Source

The state where monazite sand is found is
i) Kerala ii) Uttar Pradesh iii) Andra Pradesh iv) Madhya Pradesh

Bauxite is an ore of
i) Lead ii) Aluminium iii) Iron iv) Magnesium

Aluminium is abundantly found in
i) West Bengal ii) Madhya Pradesh iii) Uttar Pradesh iv) Kerala

Diamonds are found in
i) Kolar ii) Kochi iii) Panna iv) Bellary

Mica is available abundantly in
i) Jharkhand ii) Haryana iii) Uttar Pradesh iv) Rajasthan

Lignite is found in
i) Kilar ii) Neyveli iii) Muzaffarpur iv) Kolar

Silver is found in
i) Karnataka ii) Bihar iii) Jharkhand iv) Madhya Pradesh

The country which produces coffee in abundance is
i) China ii) Brazil iii) India iv) Sri Lanka

The country which stands first in production of wheat is
i) USA ii) Russia iii) China iv) India

The concentration of jute industry is in
i) Jammu & Kashmir ii) Mizoram iii) Andra Pradesh iv) West Bengal

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