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Science - 1

Which is the only common household pest capable of surviving nuclear attack?

What is the temperature at which Fahrenheit and Celsius scales show the same numerical values?
-40 degrees

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is chemically odourless. Yet, whenever cooking gas in the kitchen leaks, one can smell it. Why?
Smell is desperately added to detect leaks

By what name is Acetylsalicyclic acid better known?

Other than head, where is the crown found in human body?
Teeth (part of the tooth projecting from gum)

The filament of bulbs heat up to almost 7500 degrees Celsius. Why doesn't it burn?
There is no air within the filament

Which annoying bodily function is caused by the vibration of the palate at the roof of the mouth?

What everyday kitchen item can be used to remove ball point stains?

If larynx is to be removed, what handicap would human suffer from?
One would be mute(unable to speak)

Which strong, light metal, often used in making aircraft is named after mythical gaints?
Titanium (Titans)