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World Facts

Which country shares its borders with most of the neighbouring countries of 15?
i) Russia ii) Germany iii) China iv) None of these

Which is the only continent that does not suffer volcanoes?
i) Australia ii) Asia iii) Europe iv) Americas

Which country attracts most number of tourists than others?
i) France ii) Italy iii) USA iv) China

Which country does not have its own National Anthem, Stamps or Radio Station?
i) Vatican ii) Malta iii) Nauru iv) Albania

On which day Nobel Prizes are presented?
i) 1st January ii) 25th December iii) 1st April iv) 10th December

Which is the only Arab country that does not have a desert?
i) UAE ii) Saudi Arabia iii) Oman iv) Lebanon

Which city is most expensive to hire an office or commercial place to rent?
i) Tokyo ii) London iii) Mumbai iv) Hong Kong

Which city in the world is the first to celebrate 'New Year' eve than any other?
i) Wellington ii) Sydney iii) Tokyo iv) Jakarta

Which is the only country in the world having 3 capital cities?
i) Switzerland ii) South Africa iii) Germany iv) Netherlands

Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?
i) English ii) Spanish iii) Hindi iv) Mandarin Chinese