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55th Filmfare Awards 2010

Best Film 3 Idiots Best Director Rajkumar Hirani 3 Idiots Best Actor(Male) Amitabh Bachchan Paa Best Actor(Female) Vidya Balan Paa Best Supporting Actor(Male) Boman Irani 3 Idiots Best Supporting Actor(Female) Kalki Koechlin Dev D Best Music A.R.Rahman Delhi 6 Best Lyrics Irshad Kamil Aaj din chadya, Love Aaj Kal Best Playback(Male) Mohit Chauhan Masakali, Delhi 6 Best Playback(Female) Kavitha Seth Iktara,Wake Up Sid Rekha Bhardwaj Genda phool, Delhi 6 Critics award for Best Director Nandita Das Firaaq Critics award for Best Actor(Male) Ranbir Kapoor Wake Up Sid, Ajab Prem, Rocket Singh Critics award for Best Actor(Female) Mahiee Gill Dev D Best Story Abhijat Joshi, Raj Kumar Hirani 3 Idiots Best Screenplay Abhijat Joshi, Raj Mukar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra 3 Idiots Best Dialogue Raj Kumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi 3 Idiots Best Production&Art Direction Helen Jones, Sukanta Panigrahi Dev D Best Editing Sreekar Prasad Firaaq Best Cinematography Rajeev Ravi Dev D Best Visual Effects

Indian History - 2(Gandhian Era)

Non-violent Non-cooperation Movement 1920-22 The Khilafat Movement 1920 Chauri Chaura Incident 1922 The Swarajist Party 1923 Anti-Imperialist League 1927 Simon Commission 1928 Nehru Report 1928 Meerut Conspiracy Case 1929 Lahore Conspiracy Case 1929 Poorna Swaraj Day 1930 Civil disobedience Day 1930 First Round Table Conference 1930 Gandhi-Irwin Pact 1931 Second Round Table Conference 1931 Arrest of Mahatma Gandhi 1932

Countries/Cities Names - Old and Name(World - 3)

New Names Old Names Holland The Netherlands Sri Lanka Ceylon St.Petersburg Leningrad Taiwan Formosa Thailand Siam Arab Republic of Egypt United Arab Republic Yangon Rangoon Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire Zambia Northern Rhodesia Zimbabwe Southern Rhodesia

Countries/Cities Names - Old and New(World)

New Names Old Names Bangladesh East Pakistan Beijing Peking Belize British Honduras Benin Dahomey Botswana Bechuanaland Ethiopia Abyssinia Ghana Gold Coast Harare Salisbury Indonesia Dutch East Indies

Number of players in some Games/Sports

Sports No. of Players Badminton 1 or 2 Baseball 9 Basketball 5 Billiards(Snooker) 1 Boxing 1 Chess 2 Cricket 11 Croquest 13 or 15 Football(Soccer) 11 Hockey 11 Lacrosse 12 Netball 7 Polo 4 Rugby Football 15 Table Tennis 1 or 2 Lawn Tennis 1 or 2 Volleyball 6 Water Polo 7

Name of playing Arena/Compound of different games

Name of the Arena/Compound Related Sports Court Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Netball, Hand Ball, Volley-ball, Squash, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Diamond Baseball Ring Boxing, Skating, Wrestling, Circus and Riding display Course Golf Board Table Tennis Pool Swimming Alley Bowling Mat Judo, Karate Arena Horse Riding Vellodrum Cycling Field Polo, Football and Hockey Track Athletics Pitch Cricket and Rugby Rink Ice Hockey

Miss Universe Title Holders

Miss Universe - A brief A competition was established in 1952 under the guidance of and by 'Miss Universe Corporation'. Selection Procedure Most beautiful girl is selected in this competition on the basis of her beauty and multiple talent . Winner's Reward The winner gets 2,51,000 pounds as prize. Year Name Country 1952 Armi Kuusela Finland 1953 Christiane Martel France 1954 Miriam Stevenson USA 1955 Hillevi Rombin Sweden 1956 Carol Morris USA 1957 Gladys Zender Peru 1958 Luz Marina Zuluaga Colombia 1959 Akiko Kojima Japan 1960 Linda Bement USA 1961 Marlene Schmidt Germany 1962 Norma Nolan Argentina 1963 Ieda Maria Vargas Brazil 1964 Corinna Tsopei Greece 1965 Apasra Hongsakula Thailand 1966 Margareta Arvidsson Sweden 1967 Sylvia Hitchcock USA 1968 Martha Vasconcellos Brazil 1969 Gloria Maria Diaz Philippines 1970 Marisol Malaret Puerto Rico 1971 Georgina Rizk Lebanon 1972 Kerry Anne Wells Australia 1973 Maria Margarita Moran Philippi

Dieases and the parts of the body they affect

Disease Part of the body affected AIDS Immune system of body Asthma Lungs Cataract Eyes Conjunctivitis Eyes Diabetes Pancreas Diphtheria Throat Glaucoma Eyes Eczema Skin Goitre Front of the neck(due to enlargement of thyroid gland) Gout Joints of bone Meningitis Brain or spinal cord Polio Molor neurons Pneumonia Lungs Typhoid Intestine Malaria Spleen Leukaemia Blood Rickets Bones

Geographical Explorations/Discoveries

Place Explorer/Discoverers Nationality Year America Christopher Columbus Italy 1492 Hawaii Islands Captain James Cook England 1778 Newfoundland John Cabot England 1497 New Zealand Abel Janszoon Tasman Holland 1642 Sea Route to India (via Cape of Good Hope) Vasco da Gama Portugal 1498 North Pole Robert Peary USA 1909 South Pole Roald Amundsen Norway 1911

Interesting Facts - 6

The planets Mercury and Venus have no moons Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon The Earth is slightly flattened at the poles. It bulges near the equator, the greatest bulge being just south of the equator Shooting stars are not stars. They are meteors. Petrol is such a powerful fuel that a small cup of it contains enough energy to raise a person to the top of Mt.Everest Arabic numbers were not invented by Arabs. these originated in India. Arab traders learned the numbers from India and introduced them to Europe A blood donor can give about half a litre of blood, once in about two months The tomato is called the 'most popular vegetable fruit' The world's largest grown vegetable crop is the potato The most dangerous creature in the world is the common housefly. It transmits germs of maximum number of diseases to the food it sits on, thus, causing death of many people

Chief Crops producing States in India - 2

Turmeric Kerala, Tamil Nadu Tea Assam, West Bengal Sugarcane Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Karnataka Rice West Bengal, Tamil Nadu Ragi Karnataka Opium Uttar Pradesh Mustard Uttar Pradesh Mango Uttar Pradesh Jute West Bengal, Bihar

Australian Open 2010 Results

Men's Singles Roger Federer Women's Singles Serena Williams Men's Double Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan Women's Double Serena Williams and Venus Williams Mixed Doubles Cara Black and Leander Peas

Chief Crops producing States in India

Wheat Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Tobacco Maharastra, Tamil Nadu Tapioca Kerala, Tamil Nadu Silk Karnataka, Tamil Nadu Rubber Kerala, Tamil Nadu Rapeseed Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh Pepper Kerala Onion Gujarat, Maharastra Maize Karnataka, Andra Pradesh Linseed Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

Numerical Ability - 4

Convert 0.05 into percentage i) 1/2% ii) 0.05% iii) 5% iv) 50% What percent of 5/8 is 8/5? i) 8 ii) 128 iii) 5 iv) 256 3/4th of a certain number is 60. Half of that number is i) 40 ii) 30 iii) 80 iv) 20 A number when divided by 3, is reduced by 20. The number is i) 30 ii) 60 iii) 33 iv) 21 If a:b = 2:3 and b:c = 3:4. Find a:b:c and a:c i) 2:1 ii) 1:3 iii) 1:2 iv) 3:1 The difference of two numbers is 11 and 1/3 of their sum is 7. Then one number 1s i) 7 ii) 10 iii) 11 iv) 16 Find the square root of: 0.000943 i) 0.03037 ii) 0.30 iii) 0.308 iv) 0.3030708 Three numbers are in the ratio 3:4:5 and their average is 24. The largest number is i) 45 ii) 15 iii) 30 iv) 10 Find the area of a triangle whose sides measures 15cm, 16cm, 17cm. i) 99.98 ii) 109.98 iii) 110 iv) 111 Find the value of: 12*12+2*12*15+15*15 i) 745 ii) 987 iii) 729 iv) 725

Choose the appropriate word - 3

"Mind your own business". He said ____ i) heavily ii) hardly iii) sharply iv) loudly "I can speak six languages fluently". He ____ i) suggested ii) boasted iii) proposed iv) exclaimed She ___ if she would be able to attend the party. i) wondered ii) thought iii) surprised iv) conveyed Salt ___ in water but wax doesn't. i) dissolves ii) melts iii) drowns iv) floats The leaves ___ as the wind blew. i) hissed ii) cracked iii) rustled iv) none of these It was difficult to see through the ___ of the headlights. i) dazzle ii) shine iii) glare iv) zoom The victorious army ___ through the conquered city. i) strayed ii) marched iii) loitered iv) walked We ___ when we are out of breath. i) blow ii) pant iii) sigh iv) wheeze The drunken man ___ out of the room. i) strolled ii) strode iii) staggered iv) stood The murderers ___ in the dark, waiting for their victim. i) roamed ii) lurked iii) loitered iv) none of these

Instrument and their use

Anemometer Velocity of wind Cardiogram Heart movements Encephalograph Brain movements Crescograph Plant growth Gravimeter Oil deposits under water Fathometer The depth of the ocean Hygrometer The humidity in air Lactometer Purity in milk Pyrometer High temperature of distant objects

Choose the Appropriate Word - 2

Illiteracy is said to be a great ____ to progress i) impediment ii) distraction iii) obstruction iv) objection Marriages are talked about openly, but not the ____ i) engagements ii) courtships iii) affairs iv) divorces Be your own body guard when you are offered ____ help. i) solicited ii) grudging iii) unsolicited iv) friendly Although you are honest, you lack ____ i) craftiness ii) fear iii) intrigue iv) caution The atmosphere was ____ when I walked into the court room. i) heavy ii) burdensome iii) weighty iv) big Vineetha was not ____ of his suitability for the job. i) convinced ii) convincing iii) convincingly iv) convince Will you play with me ___ a while? i) over ii) within iii) in iv) for He disposed of his bicycle practically ____ a song. i) for ii) to iii) with iv) on A wise man lives within his income, but a fool lives ____ his means. i) without ii) beyond iii) besides iv) above The invention of steam engine by James Watt was an ____ idea i) original ii) o

Reasoning - 3

Pointing to a man in a Photograph, a woman said, "His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather". How is the woman related to the man in the Photograph? i) Daughter ii) Aunt iii) Sister iv) Mother Which of the following is the same as Liver, Heart, Kidney? i) Urine ii) Blood iii) Nose iv) Lung Find the odd one out: i) Tomato ii) Carrot iii) Potato iv) Onion Sam was traveling in a railway compartment. There he met a man and 5 women. Each woman had a child in her arms. How many were there in the compartment? i) 10 ii) 12 iii) 9 iv) 11 If the 25th of August in a year is Thursday, then the number of Mondays in that month is i) 3 ii) 4 iii) 5 iv) 6 E is elder to F and is younger to G. H is elder to both E and G. Who is the Eldest? i) E ii) F iii) G iv) H If 1/4th of a number is 72, then what will be its 2/3rd? i) 54 ii) 64 ii) 96 iv) 192 January, June, July i) Summer ii) March iii) Month iv) Rainy Season Insert the missing letter A, E, I, _, U i) B ii)

Epithets - 2

City of Dreaming Spires Oxford(UK) City of Sky Scrapers New York City of Palaces Kolkata Eternal City Rome Empire City New York Garden City Chicago Pink City Jaipur Windy City Chicago, U.S.A


Forbidden City Lhasa, Tibet Granite City Aberdeen, Scotland City of the Golden Temple Amritsar City of Magnificent Distance Washington, D.C City of Seven Hills Rome Quaker City Philadelphia, U.S.A White City Belgrade, Yugoslavia City of Golden Gate San Francisco

Books and Authors

In Line of Fire Pervez MusharrafOrhan Pamuk My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk The Heart of India Mark tully Speed Post Shobha de Call of Hanour Jaswanth Singh Blind Faith Sagarika Ghose God's Little Soldier Kiran Nagarkar What is the 'Book of Life' related to? i) Book which received Booker Prize, 2006 ii) A book on zoology iii) The Human Genome Project iv) Peace efforts in various nations

Abbreviations - 8

ADB - Asian Development Bank BOA - Bank of America BOB - Bank of Baroda BOI - Bank of India CBI - Central Bank of India DCB - Development Credit Bank HSBC - HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation OBC - Oriental Bank of Commerce PNB - Punjab National Bank SBI - State Bank of India SBM - State Bank of Mysore WB - World Bank ESIC - Employee State Insurance Corporation HDFC - Housing Development Finance Corporation HUDCO - Housing and Urban Development Corporation ICICI - Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India IDBI - Industrial Development Bank of India IDFC - Industrial Development Finance Corporation IFCI - Industrial Finance Corporation of India IMF - International Monetary Fund LIC - Life Insurance Corporation of India NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

Abbreviations - 7

AMEX - American Stock Exchange ASX - Australian Stock Exchange BOVESPA - Sao Paulo Stock Exchange DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average KLSE - Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations NYSE - New York Stock Exchange

Abbreviations - 6

FDI - Foreign Direct Investment SIP - Systematic Investment Plan ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Policy IRDA - Insurance Regulatory Development Authority REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust LIBOR- London Interbank Offered Rate NSC - National Savings Certificate ADB - Asian Development Bank ILO - International Labour Organization ADR - American Depository Receipt GDR - Global Depository Receipt IMF - International Monetary Fund ECB - European Central Bank EU - European Union FII - Foreign Institutional Investors DII - Domestic Institutional Investors MFI - Mutual Fund Institutions AMC - Asset Management Company GDP - Gross Domestic Product GNP - Gross National Product GNI - Gross National Income WPI - Wholesale Price Index CPI - Consumer Price Index

Abbreviations - 5

SEBI - Securities Exchange Board of India AMFI - Associated Mutual Funds in India NSDL - National Securities Depository Limited CDSL - Central Depository Services Limited CBOE - Chicago Board options Exchange CFTC - Commodity Futures Trading Commission MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange NCDEX - National Commodity Exchange NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade LSE - London Stock Exchange LME - London Metal Exchange BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange NSE - National Stock Exchange JIT - Just In Time (Japanese concept) IPO - Initial Public Offering FPO - Follow on Public Offering EPS - Earning Per Share ESOP - Employee Stock Option SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission PMS - Portfolio Management Service

Abbreviations - 4

CEO - Chief Executive Officer CIO - Chief Investment Officer CFO - Chief Financial Officer COO - Chief Operating Officer SSN - Social Security Number FD - Fixed Deposit RD - Recurring Deposit OTC - Over the Counter NCD - Non-Convertible Debentures CP - Commercial Papers CD - Certificate of Deposit CRR - Cash Reserve Ratio SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio REPO - Repurchase IRR - Internal Rate of Return ROI - Return on Investment L/C - Letter of Credit ROE - Return on Equity RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement EPF - Employee Provident Fund VAT - Value Added Tax FIFO - First In First Out LIFO - Last in First Out ATM - Automated Teller Machine ROCE - Return on Capital Employed EBITDA - Earning Before Interest,Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation T Bills - Treasury Bills GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

General Secretaries of UNO

Name Country and Term in Office Trygve Lie Norway, 1946-53 Dag HammarsKjoeld Sweden, 1953-61 U Thant Myanmar, 1962-71 Kurt Waldheim Austria, 1971-81 Javier Perez de Cuellar Peru, 1982-92 Dr.Boutros Boutros Ghali Egypt, 1992-97 Kofi Annan Ghana, 1997-2002 Kofi Annan Ghana, 2002-2006 Ban-ki-Moon South Korea, 2007 - Continuing

Five Year Plans

Year Objective 1st Plan(1951-56) Development of Agriculture 2nd Plan(1956-61) Industrialisation 3rd Plan(1961-66) To achieve self-sufficiency in food grains Annual Plans(1966-69) Situation created by Indo-Pakistan conflict in 1965 resulted in framing an interim plan 4th Plan(1969-74) To promote equality and justice 5th Plan(1974-79) To achieve self-reliance 6th Plan(1980-85) Eradication of poverty 7th Plan(1985-90) To reduce unemployment and the incidence of poverty Annual Plans(1990-91, 1991-92) New Government assumed power at the Centre by June 1991 and decided 8th Plan would commence from 1st April 1992 8th Plan(1992-97) Plan aimed at an average annual growth rate of 5.6% and an average industrial growth rate of about 7.5% 9th Plan(1997-2002) Prioritised agriculture and rural development. Ensuring food and nutritional security for all. Providing minimum basic services. 10th Plan(2002-07) Attainment of State-wise growth Target for 11th Plan(2007-12) Aims to attain a growth rate of