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Choose the Appropriate Word - 2

Illiteracy is said to be a great ____ to progress
i) impediment ii) distraction iii) obstruction iv) objection

Marriages are talked about openly, but not the ____
i) engagements ii) courtships iii) affairs iv) divorces

Be your own body guard when you are offered ____ help.
i) solicited ii) grudging iii) unsolicited iv) friendly

Although you are honest, you lack ____
i) craftiness ii) fear iii) intrigue iv) caution

The atmosphere was ____ when I walked into the court room.
i) heavy ii) burdensome iii) weighty iv) big

Vineetha was not ____ of his suitability for the job.
i) convinced ii) convincing iii) convincingly iv) convince

Will you play with me ___ a while?
i) over ii) within iii) in iv) for

He disposed of his bicycle practically ____ a song.
i) for ii) to iii) with iv) on

A wise man lives within his income, but a fool lives ____ his means.
i) without ii) beyond iii) besides iv) above

The invention of steam engine by James Watt was an ____ idea
i) original ii) obscure iii) off-hand iv) actual