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Choose the appropriate word - 3

"Mind your own business". He said ____
i) heavily ii) hardly iii) sharply iv) loudly

"I can speak six languages fluently". He ____
i) suggested ii) boasted iii) proposed iv) exclaimed

She ___ if she would be able to attend the party.
i) wondered ii) thought iii) surprised iv) conveyed

Salt ___ in water but wax doesn't.
i) dissolves ii) melts iii) drowns iv) floats

The leaves ___ as the wind blew.
i) hissed ii) cracked iii) rustled iv) none of these

It was difficult to see through the ___ of the headlights.
i) dazzle ii) shine iii) glare iv) zoom

The victorious army ___ through the conquered city.
i) strayed ii) marched iii) loitered iv) walked

We ___ when we are out of breath.
i) blow ii) pant iii) sigh iv) wheeze

The drunken man ___ out of the room.
i) strolled ii) strode iii) staggered iv) stood

The murderers ___ in the dark, waiting for their victim.
i) roamed ii) lurked iii) loitered iv) none of these