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Five Year Plans

1st Plan(1951-56)
Development of Agriculture
2nd Plan(1956-61)
3rd Plan(1961-66)
To achieve self-sufficiency in food grains
Annual Plans(1966-69)
Situation created by Indo-Pakistan conflict in 1965 resulted in framing an interim plan
4th Plan(1969-74)
To promote equality and justice
5th Plan(1974-79)
To achieve self-reliance
6th Plan(1980-85)
Eradication of poverty
7th Plan(1985-90)
To reduce unemployment and the incidence of poverty
Annual Plans(1990-91, 1991-92)
New Government assumed power at the Centre by June 1991 and decided 8th Plan would commence from 1st April 1992
8th Plan(1992-97)
Plan aimed at an average annual growth rate of 5.6% and an average industrial growth rate of about 7.5%
9th Plan(1997-2002)
Prioritised agriculture and rural development.
Ensuring food and nutritional security for all.
Providing minimum basic services.
10th Plan(2002-07)
Attainment of State-wise growth
Target for 11th Plan(2007-12)
Aims to attain a growth rate of 9.5% in the final year