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Reasoning - 3

Pointing to a man in a Photograph, a woman said, "His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather". How is the woman related to the man in the Photograph?
i) Daughter ii) Aunt iii) Sister iv) Mother

Which of the following is the same as Liver, Heart, Kidney?
i) Urine ii) Blood iii) Nose iv) Lung

Find the odd one out:
i) Tomato ii) Carrot iii) Potato iv) Onion

Sam was traveling in a railway compartment. There he met a man and 5 women. Each woman had a child in her arms. How many were there in the compartment?
i) 10 ii) 12 iii) 9 iv) 11

If the 25th of August in a year is Thursday, then the number of Mondays in that month is
i) 3 ii) 4 iii) 5 iv) 6

E is elder to F and is younger to G. H is elder to both E and G. Who is the Eldest?
i) E ii) F iii) G iv) H

If 1/4th of a number is 72, then what will be its 2/3rd?
i) 54 ii) 64 ii) 96 iv) 192

January, June, July
i) Summer ii) March iii) Month iv) Rainy Season

Insert the missing letter A, E, I, _, U
i) B ii) O iii) Z iv) W

Find the odd man out
i) Darjeeling ii) Delhi iii) Simla iv) Nainital