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Computer - 4

Information systems tailored to the needs of the top management are known as ____
i) Top management system ii) Executive information system iii) Management information system iv) Transaction information system

A security mechanism to prevent unauthorised access to a network/resources is called ______
i) Firewall ii) Bluetooth iii) Secure hubs iv) Routers

Operating instructions for information system users are called ______
i) Reports ii) Policies iii) Procedures iv) Programs

A group of interrelated components working together towards the attainment of a common goal is ______
i) Chain ii) Network iii) System iv) Process

______ is the world's first truly cross platform programming language.
i) Ada ii) Java iii) C iv) Pascal

The detailed study of the information needs of the users and an information systems is called ______
i) System design ii) System investigation iii) System approach iv) System analysis

_____ are knowledge-based systems that provide expert advice and act as expert consultants …

Indian Premier League (IPL) Quiz

1. Who is the owner of Chennai Super Kings team?

India Cements

2. Who is the owner of Deccan Chargers team?

Deccan Chronicle

3. Who is the owner of Delhi Daredevils team?


4. Who is the owner of Kings XI Punjab team?

Priety Zinta, Ness Wadia, Karan Paul and Mohit Burman

5. Who is the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders team?

Shahrukh Khan (Red Chillies Entertainment)

6. Who is the owner of Mumbai Indians team?

Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries Limited)

7. Who is the owner of Rajasthan Royals team?

Emerging Media

8. Who is the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore team?

Vijay Mallaya (UB Group)

Numerical Ability - 7

A 140 metres long train crosses a signal post in 7 seconds. What is the speed of the train in kmph?
i) 84 ii) 72 iii) 64 iv) Data inadequate

Express 12.5 percent as a fraction
i) 1/32 ii) 1/16 iii) 1/4 iv) 1/8

If Rs.91 is divided among A,B,C in the ratio 1 1/2: 3 2/3: 2 3/4, B will get
i) 42 ii) 46 iii) 40 iv) 36

A earns 10% more than B, but 15% less than C. If B earns Rs.85/-, then C earns
i) Rs.100/- ii) Rs.110/- iii) Rs.25/- iv) 105/-

What should be added to 18962 to make it exactly divisible by 13?
i) 5 ii) 2 iii) 4 iv) 3

The square root of 0.0081 will be
i) 0.9 ii) 0.009 iii) 0.0009 iv) 0.09

The price of four dozens of pens is Rs.748.80. What will be the approximate price of 29 such pens?
i) Rs.430 ii) Rs.477 iii) Rs.450 iv) Rs.501

If a/b = 1/3, then 5a+b/5a-b equal to
i) 1/4 ii) 16/14 iii) 4 iv) 14/16

19/7*64/18*21/38*54/16 = ?
i) 1/2 ii) 18 iii) 32/21 iv) 9

A vendor bought tomato at the rate of 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?
i) 4 ii) 3 iii) 6 iv) 5

Science - 4

1. Specialist in female ailments
i) obstetrician ii) dermatologist iii) gynecologist iv) none of these

2. Specialist in children diseases
i) orthopedist ii) internist iii) cardiologist iv) pediatrician

3. Specialist in eye diseases
i) dermatologist ii) optician iii) oculist iv) orthopedist

4. Specialist in mental disorders
i) psychiatrist ii) neurologist iii) optician iv) cardiologist

5. Study of eye diseases
i) orthodontia ii) optometry iii) taxidermy iv) ophthalmology

6. Student of plant life
i) zoologist ii) botanist iii) biologist iv) none of these

7. Student of the stars
i) astronomer ii) anthropologist iii) biologist iv) astrologer

8. Student of insect life
i) semanticist ii) sociologist iii) entomologist iv) etymologist

9. Student of word meanings
i) philologist ii) semanticist iii) etymologist iv) none of these

10. Analysis of living tissues
i) autopsy ii) astrology iii) anatomy iv) biopsy

1. ʇsıƃoloɔǝuʎƃ 2. uɐıɔıɹʇɐıpǝd 3. uɐıɔıʇdo 4. ʇsıɹʇɐıɥɔʎsd 5. ʎƃoloɯlɐɥʇɥdo 6. ʇsıuɐʇoq 7. ɹǝɯouoɹʇ…

Computer - 3

A perfect example of a single-tasking operating system is ____
i) MS-DOS ii) Unix iii) Linux iv) Windows 95

Which of the following is not an operating system?
i)Mac OS 8 ii) Microsoft Windows NT iii) Linux iv) Intel Xeon

Which of the following operating systems does not support multiprocessing?
i) Windows NT ii) Windows Server 2003 iii) MS-DOS iv) Mac OS 9

Which of the following operating systems is ideally suited managing a networked corporate environment?
i) Windows 2000 ii) Windows NT server iii) Windows NT workstation iv) None of these

Operating system manages computer by ______
i) Swapping ii) Providing virtual memory iii) Partitioning iv) All of the above

A _____ is an application that operating systems use to interact with an underlying device.
i) Support files ii) Device drivers iii) Virtual memory iv) Interrupt handlers

Many aspects of GUI were first developed by ______
i) Microsoft ii) AT&T iii) IBM iv) Xerox

Expand GUI.
i) Graphical User Interface ii) Graphite User Interface iii) Giga…

Computer - 2

Which of the following is an input device?
i) Mouse ii) Printer iii) RAM chip iv Monitor

Which of the following is not an output device?
i) Speaker ii) OCR iii) Inkjet Printer iv) Plotter

The smallest element of data is called a ____
i) Megabyte ii) Byte iii) Bit iv) Kilobyte

Which of the following is the largest unit of storage?
i) Byte ii) Bit iii) Gigabyte iv) Kilobyte

Which of the following is capable of storing maximum amount of data?
i) Zip disk ii) CD-R iii) Floppy Disk iv) DVD-ROM

Which of the following is not an input device?
i) Digital Camera ii) Smart cards iii) LCD iv) Magnetic stripe

Whenever a computer is switched on, the kernel is copied into the _____ of the computer.
i) RAM ii) Hard disk iii) Primary memory iv) Both i and iii

The kernel is also called
i) System resident ii) ROM resident iii) Memory resident iv) CPU resident

For which one of the following applications is a supercomputer most suitable?
i) Business Computing ii) Computer aided designing iii) Weather forecasting iv) Deskt…

Top ten Billionaires in the world

World's top 10 Billionaires
Rank       Name                                                     Country                         Net worth

1.           Carlos Slim Helu and family                      Mexico                     $53.5 Billion

2.           Bill Gates                                                  USA                         $53 Billion

3.           Warren Buffet                                            USA                        $47 Billion

4.           Mukesh Ambani                                         India                         $29 Billion

5.           Lakshmi Mittal                                           India                         $28.7 Billion

6.           Lawrence Ellison                                       USA                          $28 Billion

7.           Bernard Arnault                                        France                        $27.5 Billion

8.          Eike Batista                                               Brazil           …

Indian Union Budget 2010-11 - a brief

To issue additional banking licenses to private players and Non Banking Financial InstitutionsTo provide more capital to Regional Rural Banks to meet the needs of the rural economyTo extend the interest subvention of 2 percent for another year to export sectors involving Handicrafts, Handloom, Small and Medium enterprises and Carpets.To extend the period for repayment of loan amount by farmers to another 6 monthsTo raise the interest subvention from 1 percent to 2 percent for timely repayment of short term corp loansTo setup Coal Regulatory Authority to resolve issues involving economic pricing of coal and benchmarking of standards of performanceNational Literacy Mission has been relaunched as "Saakshar Bharat" to improve female literacy rateMinimum Alternate Tax to be increased from 15% to 18%
Fund Allocation:

Rs.300 crore has been provided under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana to increase the productivity of dry land.Rs.400 crore has been provided to extend the G…

Numerical Ability - 6

If X/4 - X-3/6 =1, then x is equal to
i) 4 ii) 6 iii) 3 iv) 12

If X+2=0, then the value of 3(X+3)(X+1)/x-1 is
i) 1 ii) 3 iii) 2 iv) 4

A rectangular field is 12m*16m. Length of its diagonal is
i) 35m ii) 20m iii) 25m iv) 30m

1/6th of a pole is dipped in mud, half of the rest is in water and 5m is above water. The length of the pole is
i) 8.5m ii) 12m iii) 7.5m iv) 10m

The approximate value of 2/3+7 1/2 of 4/9 + 99 48/49*245 is
i) 24,500 ii) 245 iii) 2,450 iv) 99 1/5

If 30% of A=0.25 of B=1/5 of C, then A:B:C is
i) 15:12:10 ii) 10:15:12 iii) 12:15:10 iv) 10:12:15

What is the radius of a circle of area 616cm square?
i) 14cm ii) 12cm iii) 16cm iv) 15cm

Water boils at 212 degree F or 100 degree C and melts at 32 degree F or 0(zero) degree C. If the temperature of a particular day is 35 degree C, it is equivalent to
i) 90degree F ii) 99degree F iii) 95degree F iv) 85degree F

Average of 6 numbers is 8. What number should be added to it to make the average 9?
i) 18 ii) 15 iii) 17 iv) 16

A number is first incre…

Reasoning - 5

Rahul can do a work in 6 days and Rupa can do the same work in 12 days. In how many days they will complete the work, working together?
i) 4 days ii) 6 days iii) 8 days iv) 2 days

P is the brother of Q, R is the sister of P, S is the brother of T, T is the daughter of Q, then who is the uncle of S?
i) Q ii) R iii) P iv) cannot be determined

Savitha borrowed Rs.100 from Gagan. Kavitha borrowed Rs.330 from Savitha and Rs. 50 from Gagan. Rs.400 was stolen from Gagan and he was left with no money. How much did Gagan have initially?
i) 350 ii) 500 iii) 400 iv) 550

Richard does not wear white dress and Ajay does not wear blue dress. Richard and Sanjay wear different colored dresses. Only Sundar wears red dress. If everyone wears different colored dresses, then what is the color of Sanjay's dress?
i) red ii) white iii) blue iv) none of these

Pointing at Jeevan, Jagan said, "His father is my father's son". Then what is the relation of Jagan to Jeevan?
i) Grandson ii) Son iii) Father …

Oscar Awards 2010

Best Picture
Hurt LockerBest Director
Kathryn Bigelow for 'The Hurt Locker'Best Actor(Leading role)
Jeff Bridges in 'Crazy Heart'Best Actress(Leading role)
Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side'Best Actor(Supporting role)
Christoph WaltzBest Actress(Supporting role)
Mo'Nique in 'Precious'

Writing(Original Screenplay)
The Hurt Locker by Mark BoalAnimated Feature Film
Art Direction
Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg for 'Avatar'Cinematography
Mauro Fiore for 'Avatar'Foreign Language Film
The secret in their eyes(Argentina)Music(Original Score)
Michael Giacchino for UpMusic(Original Song)
The Weary Kind from Crazy HeartVisual Effects
Joe Letteri, Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham and Andrew R.Jones for AvatarCostume Design
'The Young Victoria' by Sandy PowellFilm Editing
Bob Murawski and Chris Innis for The Hurt LockerMakeup
Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow for Star Trek

Science - 3

'Pneumonia' is caused by the inflammation of
i) liver ii) lungs iii) brain iv) none of these

'Thrombosis' is a disease of the
i) skin ii) brain iii) brain iv) none of these

'Rickets' is caused due to lack of
i) Vitamin-D ii) Vitamin-B iii) Vitamin-A iv) none of these

'Meningitis' affects
i) eyes ii) brain iii) skin iv) all of these

'Dyphtheria' affects
i) ears ii) lungs iii) legs iv) throat

'Arthritis' is a disease of the inflammation of
i) tooth ii) brain iii) joints iv) ears

'Astigmatism' is a disease which affects
i) nose ii) eyes iii) ears iv) legs

Choose the appropriate word - 4

If I take a state roadways bus, I'll get late ___
i) isn't it
ii) is it?
iii) won't I?
iv) will I?

Tony, where are you? ____ up this tree.
i) Here am I
ii) There am I
iii) Here I am
iv) There I am

It ____ to me that she was incurable.
i) flashed
ii) occurred
iii) happened
iv) suggested

Every Shakesperean hero has an internal ____ in his character.
i) timid
ii) feeble
iii) blemish
iv) defect

Vinitha ___ me of a girl I used to know.
i) recollects
ii) reminds
iii) remembers
iv) recalls

Man does not live by ___ alone.
i) diet
ii) money
iii) food
iv) bread

My mother was too ____ to push open the heavy door.
i) feeble
ii) faint
iii) timid
iv) faltering

Authority ____ when it is not supported by the moral purity of its user.
i) waits
ii) crumbles
iii) empowers
iv) prevails

Speeding and blocking are traffic offences which lead to ____ accidents.
i) ginsome
ii) urban
iii) minor
iv) gruesome

____ learning does not help the mental growth of a student.
i) Fast
ii) Rote
iii) Guided
iv) Assisted

Highest Honours of some Countries

Presidential Medal of Freedom
The Order of Sona Martin
Member of British Empire, Victoria Cross
Order of Diana Brog
Legend of Honour
Pore Lee Merit Iron Cross
The Order of Banner
Bharat Ratna
Order of Moulovenice Sun
Mubarak-Al-kabir Medal
Augusto-Caeser Sandino Order
Netherlands Lion
Saudi Arabia
Shah Abdul Aziz Medal
The order of the Golden Star

Changed Names of some Indian cities/states

Old Names
New Names

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Nagar

Reasoning - 4

HAND : Glove :: HEAD : ____
i) Hat ii) Hair iii) Neck iv) Earring

Which one of these four is least like the other three?
i) kangaroo ii) cow iii) deer iv) horse

Which one of the four choices makes the best comparison? LIVED : DEVIL :: 6323: ___
i) 3236 ii) 3326 iii) 6232 iv) 2336

Select the set which is most like the given set:
i) [11,44,77] ii) [8,40,48] iii) [10,40,50] iv) [12,48,72]

Select the set which is most like the given set:
i) [4,22,60] ii) [3,12,24] iii) [7,56,325] iv) [6,40,212]

When the letters "VANDRUMTRI" is rearranged, it would have the name of a(n):
i) Country ii) City iii) State iv) Ocean

A boy is 4yrs old and his sister is three times as old as he is. When the boy is 12yrs old, how old will his sister be?
i) 20 ii) 28 iii) 16 iv) 24

Tom is taller than Mike, and Kelly is shorter than Sandra. Which of the following statements would be more accurate?
i) Kelly is as tall as Mike
ii) Kelly is taller than Mike
iii) Kelly is shorter than Mike
iv) It's imposs…

Interesting Facts - 7

A plane approaching at a speed of 960 miles is not heard, because that speed of light is more than that of sound

Bats fly in the dark without hitting the obstruction, because they emit ultra-sonic waves to detect obstruction

The moon has no atmosphere because of its thinness

It takes more time to cook potatoes on mountain tops because the atmospheric pressure is low

White clothes are preferable in summer because they do not absorb sunlight

The blotting paper absorbs quickly because it has got small pores

A small gap is left between the joints of rails to accommodate expansion in summer

The lighting is seen before we hear thunder because the speed of light is more than that of sound

An object weighs a little less at the equator than at the poles because the gravitational pull at the equator is less than that at the poles

Steam produces burns more easily than water at equal temperature because it contains more calories of heat per gram at the same temperature

Numerical Ability - 5

40 grams could be written in kilograms as
i) 0.41 ii) 40 iii) 0.004 iv) 0.04

When 75% of a number is added to 75, then the result is the number again. The number is given by
i) 250 ii) 300 iii) 250 iv) 175

Supply the missing figure:
i) 16 ii) 4 iii) 2 iv) 8

i) 7.388 ii) 6.666 iii) 7.392 iv) 7.932

0.001/? = 0.01
i) 0.1 ii) 10 iii) 0.01 iv) 0.001

i) 289 ii) 2809 iii) 2103 iv) 2804

48-12*3+9 = ?+3+9/3
i) 1/3 ii) 1 iii) 3 1/2 iv) 3

Compute 35*0.0015/0.25*0.07
i) 3 ii) 30 iii) 0.3 iv) 4

i) 2525 ii) 2512 iii) 2425 iv) 2121

What decimal of an hour is a second?
i) 0.0256 ii) 0.000126 iii) 0.0025 iv) 0.00027

Indian History - 4(Gandhian Era)

End of Second World War
Wavell Plan
Parliamentary Delegation
Cabinet Mission
Elections to Constituent Assembly
Direct Action Day
Interim Government
Meeting of the Constituent Assembly
Declaration of 20th February

Indian Independent Act 1947

Indian History - 3(Gandhian Era)

Communal Award
Poona Pact
Third Round Table Conference
The Government of India Act
Congress and Government of India-Act
The Day of Deliverance or Thanks-giving Day
Demand for Pakistan
Cripps Mission
Quit India Resolution
Indian National Army