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Choose the appropriate word - 4

If I take a state roadways bus, I'll get late ___
i) isn't it
ii) is it?
iii) won't I?
iv) will I?

Tony, where are you? ____ up this tree.
i) Here am I
ii) There am I
iii) Here I am
iv) There I am

It ____ to me that she was incurable.
i) flashed
ii) occurred
iii) happened
iv) suggested

Every Shakesperean hero has an internal ____ in his character.
i) timid
ii) feeble
iii) blemish
iv) defect

Vinitha ___ me of a girl I used to know.
i) recollects
ii) reminds
iii) remembers
iv) recalls

Man does not live by ___ alone.
i) diet
ii) money
iii) food
iv) bread

My mother was too ____ to push open the heavy door.
i) feeble
ii) faint
iii) timid
iv) faltering

Authority ____ when it is not supported by the moral purity of its user.
i) waits
ii) crumbles
iii) empowers
iv) prevails

Speeding and blocking are traffic offences which lead to ____ accidents.
i) ginsome
ii) urban
iii) minor
iv) gruesome

____ learning does not help the mental growth of a student.
i) Fast
ii) Rote
iii) Guided
iv) Assisted



  2. Thank you for notifying, Answer for the first Question is won't I?(It's Highlighted in Bold)


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