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Computer - 3

A perfect example of a single-tasking operating system is ____
i) MS-DOS ii) Unix iii) Linux iv) Windows 95

Which of the following is not an operating system?
i)Mac OS 8 ii) Microsoft Windows NT iii) Linux iv) Intel Xeon

Which of the following operating systems does not support multiprocessing?
i) Windows NT ii) Windows Server 2003 iii) MS-DOS iv) Mac OS 9

Which of the following operating systems is ideally suited managing a networked corporate environment?
i) Windows 2000 ii) Windows NT server iii) Windows NT workstation iv) None of these

Operating system manages computer by ______
i) Swapping ii) Providing virtual memory iii) Partitioning iv) All of the above

A _____ is an application that operating systems use to interact with an underlying device.
i) Support files ii) Device drivers iii) Virtual memory iv) Interrupt handlers

Many aspects of GUI were first developed by ______
i) Microsoft ii) AT&T iii) IBM iv) Xerox

Expand GUI.
i) Graphical User Interface ii) Graphite User Interface iii) Gigabyte User Identifier iv) None of these