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Computer - 4

Information systems tailored to the needs of the top management are known as ____
i) Top management system ii) Executive information system iii) Management information system iv) Transaction information system

A security mechanism to prevent unauthorised access to a network/resources is called ______
i) Firewall ii) Bluetooth iii) Secure hubs iv) Routers

Operating instructions for information system users are called ______
i) Reports ii) Policies iii) Procedures iv) Programs

A group of interrelated components working together towards the attainment of a common goal is ______
i) Chain ii) Network iii) System iv) Process

______ is the world's first truly cross platform programming language.
i) Ada ii) Java iii) C iv) Pascal

The detailed study of the information needs of the users and an information systems is called ______
i) System design ii) System investigation iii) System approach iv) System analysis

_____ are knowledge-based systems that provide expert advice and act as expert consultants to users
i) Process control systems ii) Expert systems iii) Enterprise collaboration systems iv) Transaction processing systems

_____ determines the organizational, economic, technical and operational suitability of a proposed information system
i) Process study ii) Work study iii) System study iv) Feasibility study

Personal productivity software is suitable for ______
i) A student ii) A Researcher iii) A corporate executive iv) All of the above

_____ is the most successful rapid application development tool for Windows application
i) MS Excel ii) MS Outlook iii) MS Access iv) Visual Basic


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