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Interesting Facts - 7

A plane approaching at a speed of 960 miles is not heard, because that speed of light is more than that of sound

Bats fly in the dark without hitting the obstruction, because they emit ultra-sonic waves to detect obstruction

The moon has no atmosphere because of its thinness

It takes more time to cook potatoes on mountain tops because the atmospheric pressure is low

White clothes are preferable in summer because they do not absorb sunlight

The blotting paper absorbs quickly because it has got small pores

A small gap is left between the joints of rails to accommodate expansion in summer

The lighting is seen before we hear thunder because the speed of light is more than that of sound

An object weighs a little less at the equator than at the poles because the gravitational pull at the equator is less than that at the poles

Steam produces burns more easily than water at equal temperature because it contains more calories of heat per gram at the same temperature



  2. its blotting paper and not bolting paper

  3. @priyaThank you for notifying, now corrected.


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