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Numerical Ability - 6

If X/4 - X-3/6 =1, then x is equal to
i) 4 ii) 6 iii) 3 iv) 12

If X+2=0, then the value of 3(X+3)(X+1)/x-1 is
i) 1 ii) 3 iii) 2 iv) 4

A rectangular field is 12m*16m. Length of its diagonal is
i) 35m ii) 20m iii) 25m iv) 30m

1/6th of a pole is dipped in mud, half of the rest is in water and 5m is above water. The length of the pole is
i) 8.5m ii) 12m iii) 7.5m iv) 10m

The approximate value of 2/3+7 1/2 of 4/9 + 99 48/49*245 is
i) 24,500 ii) 245 iii) 2,450 iv) 99 1/5

If 30% of A=0.25 of B=1/5 of C, then A:B:C is
i) 15:12:10 ii) 10:15:12 iii) 12:15:10 iv) 10:12:15

What is the radius of a circle of area 616cm square?
i) 14cm ii) 12cm iii) 16cm iv) 15cm

Water boils at 212 degree F or 100 degree C and melts at 32 degree F or 0(zero) degree C. If the temperature of a particular day is 35 degree C, it is equivalent to
i) 90degree F ii) 99degree F iii) 95degree F iv) 85degree F

Average of 6 numbers is 8. What number should be added to it to make the average 9?
i) 18 ii) 15 iii) 17 iv) 16

A number is first increased by 20% and then reduced by 20%. What should be the percentage change in the number?
i) 4 ii) 0 iii) 2 iv) 6