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Choose the appropriate word - 6

That rule is applicable ___ everyone. i) about ii) to iii) for iv) with The bank clerk tried to ____ money form his friend's account. i) embellish ii) empower iii) embroil iv) embezzle The music for Asiad was ___ by Pandit Ravi Shankar. i) demonstrated ii) made iii) composed iv) displayed I shall take revenge ___ you. i) with ii) form iii) at iv) on The wood always ____ on water. i) floated ii) floats iii) float iv) was floating The bright color of this shirt has ____ away. i) gone ii) disappeared iii) paled iv) faded The reward is a ___ of her service to mankind. i) memorial ii) recognition iii) memento iv) witness Besides other provisions, that shopkeeper deals ___ cosmetics too. i) for ii) at iii) with iv) in The ___ animal was on the look out for food. i) primitive ii) savage iii) wild iv) uncivilized The ruling party will have to put its own house __ order. i) to ii) in iii) into iv) on

Science - 6

How long hemoglobin in blood may remain alive? i) Whole life ii) 100 days iii) 80 days iv) None of these The blood pressure of a young male human being is i) 140/100 ii) 120/80 iii) 110/70 iv) 130/90 How many blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second? i) 10 million ii) 5 million iii) 7 million iv) 8 million In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is i) 30 trillion ii) 20 trillion iii) 25 trillion iv) 35 trillion In a female human being the average volume of blood is about i) 5.5 litres ii) 4.5 litres iii) 2.5 litres iv) none of these What is the total number of muscles in the normal human body? i) More than 400 ii) 200 iii) 250 iv) none of these Water is densest at i) 0degree C ii) 10degree C iii) 4degree C iv) 1degree C The human heart-beat per minute at an average is i) 60 ii) 80 iii) 75 iv) 72

Science - 5

A woman's voice is shriller than a man's due to i) lower frequency ii) higher amplitude iii) higher frequency iv) none of these A person climbing the hill bends forward in order to i) increase speed ii) increase stability iii) avoid slipping iv) none of these Ageing in human beings is caused by disappearance of which of the following glands? i) parathyroid ii) thymus iii) thyroid iv) none of these On a clear, calm day, as the temperature decreases, the relative humidity i) decreases ii) increases iv) remains the same iv) none of these Glass cracks when heated while a metal does not because i) glass is a bad-conductor ii) glass is bright iii) glass has pores inside iv) none of these The sea-water is saline because i) the rivers bring salts ii) the rain brings salts iii) the see-weeds emit salts iv) none of these The sky appears blue due i) the color of the sea water ii) to scattering of light by dust particles iii) the presence of water in clouds iv) none of th

Current Affairs April 2010 - 1

UB Group becomes world's 2nd largest spirits maker Micheal Susan Dell Foundation in association with Dr.Reddy's foundation to organise 3 months free training program Rana Dasgupta wins Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book Ajay Banga has been appointed as CEO for MasterCard , to take charger from July 1st 2010 Microsoft launches mobile handset Kin , specifically for users who actively access social networking sites 71yr old woman is heading through southern route via Nepal to show the world that age is no bar to conquer the world's largest peak Mt.Everest One school, 39 different languages The countdown begins for the launch of GSDLV-D3 Twitter introduces paid advertising

Association of Tennis Professionals - ATP Top 10

Name Country and Points Roger Federer Switzerland, 10,765 Novak Djokovic Serbia, 7,630 Rafael Nadal Spain, 6,980 Andy Murray Britain, 5,845 Juan Martin del Potro Argentina, 5,735 Nikolay Davvdenko Russia, 5,335 Andy Roddick United States, 4,780 Robin Soderling Sweden 4,595 Marin Cilic Croatia, 2,980 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga France, 2,915

Numerical Ability - 8

In Triangle ABC, Angle C = 90degree. AC = 15cm, BC = 8cm. Find sec A. i) 17/5 ii) 15/17 iii) 5/17 iv) 17/15 Find the H.C.F of 3.9, 6.6, 8.22 i) 0.6 ii) 0.3 iii) 3 iv) 1.2 Which of the following is the smallest ratio? 10:5, 10:25, 1:3, 19:25 i) 1/4 ii) 1/3 iii) 4/1 iv) 3/1 4/5 of 2/7 of X = 5/6 of 20%. Then X = ? i) 35/48 ii) 48 iii) 25 iv) 48/35 Today is sunday. After 32 days it will be i) Thursday ii) Saturday iii) Monday iv) Saturday How many days are there between 5th Jan 1995 to 18th March 1995? i) 63 ii) 78 iii) 6 iv) 73 Which one number can replace both question marks? 8/? = ?/12 1/2 i) 10 ii) 1 1/2 iii) 4 iv) 64 The sum of a number and its reciprocal is one-eighth of 34. What is the product of the number and its square root? i) 27 ii) 32 iii) 8 iv) None of these The base of a solid cylinder of height 10cm is a semi-circle of radius 7cm. Its total surface is (pi=22/7) i) 154 cm square ii) 176 cm square iii) 514 cm square iv) none of thes

Choose the appropriate word - 5

Vinay was ____ best student in the class. i) only ii) the iii) a iv) as Amar did not seem to be ____ to reach home early. i) tired ii) wary iii) wondering iv) anxious Prasanna was an ____ good basketball player. i) agreeably ii) acceptably iii) independent iv) exceptionally She was pulled ____ as her behaviour was wanting in courtesy. i) down ii) up iii) through iv) off Rajesh relieved me ____ the clutches of my enemies. i) through ii) of iii) from iv) under The prices of electronic goods have not ___ to the last month's level. i) made ii) risen iii) fluctuated iv) varied Vijeetha was not ___ of her suitability for the job. i) convincing ii) convincingly iii) convinced iv) convince I ____ with you about your problems. i) pity ii) sympathise iii) share iv) adjust He was accused ____ theft and sentenced to six months imprisonment. i) of ii) for iii) about iv) with The court decided to appoint an ____ person for the enquiry. i) popular ii) independent iii) e