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Choose the appropriate word - 5

Vinay was ____ best student in the class.
i) only ii) the iii) a iv) as

Amar did not seem to be ____ to reach home early.
i) tired ii) wary iii) wondering iv) anxious

Prasanna was an ____ good basketball player.
i) agreeably ii) acceptably iii) independent iv) exceptionally

She was pulled ____ as her behaviour was wanting in courtesy.
i) down ii) up iii) through iv) off

Rajesh relieved me ____ the clutches of my enemies.
i) through ii) of iii) from iv) under

The prices of electronic goods have not ___ to the last month's level.
i) made ii) risen iii) fluctuated iv) varied

Vijeetha was not ___ of her suitability for the job.
i) convincing ii) convincingly iii) convinced iv) convince

I ____ with you about your problems.
i) pity ii) sympathise iii) share iv) adjust

He was accused ____ theft and sentenced to six months imprisonment.
i) of ii) for iii) about iv) with

The court decided to appoint an ____ person for the enquiry.
i) popular ii) independent iii) exceptional iv) accepted