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Choose the appropriate word - 6

That rule is applicable ___ everyone.
i) about ii) to iii) for iv) with

The bank clerk tried to ____ money form his friend's account.
i) embellish ii) empower iii) embroil iv) embezzle

The music for Asiad was ___ by Pandit Ravi Shankar.
i) demonstrated ii) made iii) composed iv) displayed

I shall take revenge ___ you.
i) with ii) form iii) at iv) on

The wood always ____ on water.
i) floated ii) floats iii) float iv) was floating

The bright color of this shirt has ____ away.
i) gone ii) disappeared iii) paled iv) faded

The reward is a ___ of her service to mankind.
i) memorial ii) recognition iii) memento iv) witness

Besides other provisions, that shopkeeper deals ___ cosmetics too.
i) for ii) at iii) with iv) in

The ___ animal was on the look out for food.
i) primitive ii) savage iii) wild iv) uncivilized

The ruling party will have to put its own house __ order.
i) to ii) in iii) into iv) on