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Science - 5

A woman's voice is shriller than a man's due to
i) lower frequency ii) higher amplitude iii) higher frequency iv) none of these

A person climbing the hill bends forward in order to
i) increase speed ii) increase stability iii) avoid slipping iv) none of these

Ageing in human beings is caused by disappearance of which of the following glands?
i) parathyroid ii) thymus iii) thyroid iv) none of these

On a clear, calm day, as the temperature decreases, the relative humidity
i) decreases ii) increases iv) remains the same iv) none of these

Glass cracks when heated while a metal does not because
i) glass is a bad-conductor ii) glass is bright iii) glass has pores inside iv) none of these

The sea-water is saline because
i) the rivers bring salts ii) the rain brings salts iii) the see-weeds emit salts iv) none of these

The sky appears blue due
i) the color of the sea water ii) to scattering of light by dust particles iii) the presence of water in clouds iv) none of these

An electric bulb makes a bang when it is broken because
i) a gas comes out of the bulb ii) it has a partial vacuum iii) the tungsten makes the noise iv) all of the above

A stick partially immersed in water looks bent. It is a phenomenon of
i) refraction ii) reflection iii) parallax view iv) none of these

A petrol flame cannot be extinguished by pouring water because
i) water floats on petrol ii) petrol and water react iii) the heat of petrol fire decomposes water iv) none of these