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Science - 6

How long hemoglobin in blood may remain alive?
i) Whole life ii) 100 days iii) 80 days iv) None of these

The blood pressure of a young male human being is
i) 140/100 ii) 120/80 iii) 110/70 iv) 130/90

How many blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second?
i) 10 million ii) 5 million iii) 7 million iv) 8 million

In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is
i) 30 trillion ii) 20 trillion iii) 25 trillion iv) 35 trillion

In a female human being the average volume of blood is about
i) 5.5 litres ii) 4.5 litres iii) 2.5 litres iv) none of these

What is the total number of muscles in the normal human body?
i) More than 400 ii) 200 iii) 250 iv) none of these

Water is densest at
i) 0degree C ii) 10degree C iii) 4degree C iv) 1degree C

The human heart-beat per minute at an average is
i) 60 ii) 80 iii) 75 iv) 72


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