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Current Affairs July 2010 - 4

People Mumbaikar Akanksha Sarda becomes first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad Mano Menezes succeeds Carlos Dunga as Brazil coach and the offer has been accepted by Brazil football federation Mr.Noel Tata to succeed Mr.Ratan Tata as chairman of the Tata Group to take over as Managing Director of Tata International Mr.Ravi Kant , Vice-Chairman of Tata Motors has been appointed as an Advisor to Jaguar Land Rover Business Central Bank of India has launched online remittance facility, CentFast2India , for remitting funds online from USA to India UIDAI has selected Accenture, Mahindra Satyam-Morpho and L1 Identity Solutions to implement the core biometric identification system in for the 'Aadhaar' programme Science India successfully tests ballistic missile interceptor from a defence base in Orissa at Chandipur on sea shore of Balasore Award HDFC Bank has won the Celent Model Bank 2010 award for its loan origi


Which country is considered as 'birthplace' of Pizza? Itlay What is the most widely cultivated fruit in the world? Apples Which famous sporting event would you be at if you were eating strawberries and cream? The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Which is the only family of fruit that does not ripen after plucking? Citrus fruits(Oranges,Tangerines etc.) If you are eating 'lentil pufffs', what would you be eating? Dal puris What are popularly referred to by westernized Indian's as 'G-Jams'? Gulab Jamuns What are the two main ingredients in a finger bowl? Water and a slice of lime Which fruit was once known as a 'love apple'? Tomato What is usually put in bread to make it swell? Yeast Which ice-cream sounds as if it is named after a day of the week? Sundae

Temples of India

Where did India's first 'temple transplant' take place? Srisailam Which monolithic temple took 100 years to carve and is a part of the Ellora complex? Kailash Where were the star-shaped temples built during 11th and 14th centuries? Belur, Halebid and Somnathpur Which temple constructed in the 12th century was conceived as a chariot with 12 pairs of wheels and 7 horses? The Sun Temple of Konark Where are the beautiful 13th century Dilwara temple? Mount Abu in Rajasthan Name the temple which runs the largest kitchen in the country. Jagnnath temple at Puri Name the only temple, where Lord Shiva is worshipped as Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer. Chidambaram Temple Name the poet whose verses are the only text used in Jagannath Temple. Jayadeva

Mark the correct meaning - 2

Volatile i) elusive ii) loose iii) happiness iv) deceitful Audacious i) crazy ii) useless iii) foolish iv) bold Badger i) decorate ii) to slap iii) exhaust iv) pester Glib i) loud ii) friendly iii) loud iv) awkward Ocular i) unexpected ii) real iii) insurmountable iv) pertaining to the eye Baffling i) long ii) puzzling iii) simple iv) none of these Paternity i) knowledge ii) motherhood iii) fatherhood iv) none of these Stodgy i) stunted ii) sturdy iii) dull iv) intelligent Loquacious i) homely ii) talkative iii) sweet iv) beautiful Haggle i) wrangle ii) wrestle iii) cheat iv) both i) and ii)

Constitution of India - 2

The Emergency can be proclaimed by i) The President ii) Parliament iii) Prime Minister iv) Law Minister Which Article deals with Amendment to our Constitution? i) 365 ii) 366 iii) 370 iv) 368 Which article deals with the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir? i) 370 ii) 356 iii) 368 iv) 372 Which article deals with Emergency? i) 368 ii) 356 iii) 370 iv) 372 President of India cannot i) address the Parliament ii) dissolve the Lok Sabha iii) be a member of the Parliament iv) summon the Parliament Who enjoys the legislative powers? i) Council of Ministers ii) President iii) Prime Minister iv) Parliament The Chief Justice of a High Court is appointed by i) The Chief Minister ii) The Prime Minister iii) The President iv) The Governor The Governor is appointed by i) Law Minster ii) The President iii) The Prime Minister iv) Chief Minister The Governor has discretionary power i) Yes ii) No The term of office of the Governor is i) 4 years ii) 6 years iii) 3 years iv) 5 yea

Current Affairs Assam

State Assam Capital Dispur Official/Spoken language Assame High Court Guwahati State day 21st Jan Districts 27 State Animal One Horn Rhinoceros State Bird White fan Duck More: Assam

Current Affairs Arunachal Pradesh

State Arunachal Pradesh Capital Itanagar High Court Guwahati State day 20th February Districts 14 State Animal Takin State Bird Pikak-faizent More: Arunachal Pradesh

Current Affairs July 2010 - 3

People P.T.Usha (to head panel for Khel Ratna and Arjuna awards) has been named chairperson of the selection committee for 2010's National Sports award Hockey icon Ashok Kumar to head the panel to pick the Dronacharya Awards Samta Kumari , a 28 year old of Uttar pradesh becomes 5th woman train engine driver in India Rudi Koertzen (108 Tests, 209 ODI's and 14 T20I's) to officiate in final Test match where Pakistan take on Australia in the MCC Spirit of Cricket Test match at Headingley, Leeds Apoorva singh has been appointed as Senior Vice President and Global Head - Infrastructure Management Services for Patni Computer Systems Former captain Pragat Singh of Indian hockey team files nomination for Hockey India President post Event/Business Airbus has selected India's private aerospace engineering firm Quest as its preferred supplier of aircrafts parts 2nd Edition Hyderabad Auto show , four-day event to be held from J uly 22nd to July 25th 2010

Constitution of India

Constitution has been divided into i) 21 parts ii) 11 parts iii) 24 parts iv) 15 parts The Fundamental Rights have been incorporated in part i) IV ii) III iii) II iv) VI Right to freedom guarantees i) 2 rights ii) 4 rights iii) 8 rights iv) 7 rights Can Fundamental Rights be amended? i) Yes ii) No Are Fundamental Rights justiciable? i) Yes ii) No Are Directive Principles of State Policy justiciable? i) Yes ii) No India is i) a Unitary State ii) a Federation iii) a Union of States iv) Quasi-Federal Prohibition is a i) Union subject ii) Concurrent subject iii) State subject iv) None of these If a man is denied freedom of movement, it means denial of i) Natural liberty ii) Political liberty iii) Economic liberty iv) Civil liberty National Flag of India was presented on behalf of i) Indian National Congress ii) The children of India iii) The people of India iv) The women of India

General Knowledge for School Kids - 6

What is the breathing rate in human beings? i) 180 times/min ii) 50 times/min iii) 16 times/min iv) 75 times/min The white portion of the egg is made of i) Carbohydrates ii) Protein iii) Fat iv) Vitamins The outer wall in the seed coat is called i) Epidermis ii) Tegmen iii) Testa iv) None of these The slight yellowish color of cow's milk is due to the presence of i) Carotene ii) Riboflavin iii) Ribulose iv) Xanthophyll The largest artery in the body is i) Renal artery ii) Gastric artery iii) Pulmonary artery iv) Aorta The weight of an adult human heart is i) 500gms ii) 300gms iii) 50gms iv) 100gms Clove, The commonly used spice is obtained by i) Flower bud ii) Fruit iii) Bark iv) Root The enzyme produced in Liver is i) Plasma ii) Amino acid iii) Bile iv0 Glycogen The most common carbohydrate found in a fruit is i) Fructose ii) Cellulose iii) Maltose iv) Glucose Which of the following is not an insect? i) Housefly ii) Honeybee iii) Spider iv) Firefly

General Knowledge for School Kids - 5

What is the traditional Japanese Wrestling called? i) Mosu ii) Karate iii) Sumo iv) Judo Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles are the events contested in which sport? i) Swimming ii) Fencing iii) Wrestling iv) Tennis When was the First Modern Olympic Games played? i) 1900 ii) 1891 iii) 1856 iv) 1896 Which of the following is not associated with cricket? i) Durand Cup ii) Prudential Trophy iii) Ranji Trophy iv) Duleep Trophy Which country has won the most soccer world cups? i) Italy ii) Brazil iii) Uruguay iv) Argentina Who is the first Indian to score a Test Century? i) Mohinder Amarnath ii) Vijay Manjrekar iii) Polly Umriger iv) C.K.Naidu Which is the national game of China? i) Sumo Wrestling ii) Chess iii) Table Tennis iv) Karate At what height is the ring of the basket ball is fixed? i) 15 feet ii) 10 feet iii) 12 feet iv) 8 feet In Which year did Wimbeldon Championship start? i) 1900 ii) 1887 iii) 1880 iv) 1910

Music Academy Awards 2010

"Bombay Sisters" C.Saroja and C.Lalitha to receive the prestigious Sangita Kalanidhi Award Suguna Varadachari , vocalist and Radha , dance guru to receive Sangita Kala Acharya Award Vocalists Manakkal S.Rangarajan and Parassala Ponnammal to receive T.T.K.Award R.Sathyanarayana to be conferred with Musicologist Award Violinist Radha Narayanan to be awarded with Pappa Venkataramiah Award Note: This is the 2nd time the Sangita Kalanidhi award has been given to a duo after Sikkil sisters who received it in the year 2002

General Knowledge for School Kids - 4

According to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, India is a _________ i) Sovereign, Democratic and Republic ii) Sovereign, Secular and Republic iii) Sovereign, Socialist and Republic iv) Sovereign, Democratic, Republic, Secular and Socialist The Judges of the High Court are appointed by the _______ i) Chief Justice of India ii) Prime Minister of India iii) Governor of the State iv) President of India The Election process is supervised by _______ i) The Chief Election Commissioner ii) The President iii) The Chief Justice iv) The Prime Minister When was the First General Election held in India? i) 1947-48 ii) 1952-53 iii) 1951-52 iv) 1954-55 The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is ________ i) 540 ii) 542 iii) 550 iv) None of these Who is the head of Municipal Corporation? i) Corporator ii) Mayor iii) Commissioner iv) Collector The Sarpanch is the head of _________ i) Panchayat Samiti ii) Gram Panchayat iii) Zilla Panchayat iv) Panchayat The minimum age to cast a vote in I

Tendulkar Opus

'Tendulkar Opus' to have Sachin Tendulkar's blood in it which will be released in February 2010 to coincide with the Cricket World Cup 2010 'Tendulkar Opus' at a glance Book to contain 852 pages edged with gold leaf 10 pre-ordered copies of books weighing 37kgs and measuring half a meter square to be sold at $75,000 Sachin's saliva to be used to create his DNA profile and to be printed on a two-metre gatefold in the book Proceeds from the sale of the 10 copies will go to Tendulkar's charitable foundation to help build a school in Mumbai 1,000 more copies to be published at cost of $2,000 to $3,000 Smaller edition of the book at cost of $200 to $300 Publisher Karken Media's chief executive Karl Fowler

Current Affairs Andhra Pradesh

State Andhra Pradesh Capital Hyderabad Official/Spoken language Telugu, Urdu High Court Hyderabad State day 1st November Districts 23 State Animal Chausinga State Bird Ghausar-Havasill More: Andhra Pradesh

Current Affairs July 2010 - 2

Innovation Bangalore-based firm, Hidden Reflex launches first Indian web browser ' Epic ' based on the Mozilla platform Award Radha Charan Gupta to be awarded Kenneth O.May Prize for his work on the History and development of (trignometry)Mathematics in India at International Congress Mathematicians meet to be held in Hyderabad from 19th to 27th Auguast 2010 People IIT post-graduate D.Udaya Kumar's design for Rupee with Devanagari 'Ra' and Roman Capital 'R' without stem has been chosen as Indian rupee symbol R.M.Malla has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of IDBI Bank for a period of 3 years Mr.Sunil Rekhi has been appointed as Deputy Chief Financial Officer by Car-maker Nissan India Mr.Suresh Kandukuri has been appointed as the Sales Director of Cyberstar Infocom whose business is to distribute IT products Noted Saxophonist Manohari Singh passes away at the age of 79 MS Dhoni signs Rs.200 crore deal wi

General Knowledge for School Kids - 3

Natural rubber is made from a white liquid called _____ i) Milk ii) Latex iii) Resin iv) Sap Rusting of iron is a i) Physical change ii) Reversible Change iii) Chemical Change iv) No Change The Chemical name of baking soda is ______ i) Calcium Carbonate ii) Sodium Chloride iii) Sodium Carbonate iv) Sodium-bi-carbonate Which is the best conductor of current among liquids? i) Water ii) Mercury iii) Milk iv) Alcohol Which acid is formed when milk is converted into curd? i) Tartaric acid ii) Sulphuric acid iii) Lactic acid iv) None of these Which is the softest allotropic form of carbon? i) Diamond ii) Graphite iii) Charcoal iv) Coke Which metal is mixed with gold to make ornaments? i) Zinc ii) Silver iii) Aluminium iv) Copper Which element is not used as fertilizer? i) Phosphorous ii) Potassium iii) Lead iv) Nitrogen The solid form of CO2 is called as _____ i) Dry ice ii) Carbonic acid iii) Carbon suboxide iv) None of these Which element is also known as wolfram? i) Uran

Computer - 5

Desktop Keyboard Commands (Windows XP) Help F1 Rename the selected Item F2 Search for Files and Folders F3 Refresh Active Window F5 Select Another Item Arrow keys Select All Items on Desktop Ctlr+A Copy an Object Ctrl+C Cut an Object Ctrl+X Paste an Object Ctrl+V Undo the Last Command Ctrl+Z Open the currently Selected Object Enter Display the Properties of the Selected Item Alt+Enter Open the Start Menu Ctrl+Esc or Windows key Open a Right-Click Menu Shift+F10 Close an Open Menu Esc Minimize All Open Windows Windows+M Open Windows Explorer Windows+E Shift Focus to a different Open Window Alt+Tab Move the Selected Item to the Recycle Bin Delete Delete the currently selected item Shift+Delete Shut Down the currently Active Window Alt+F4 Open Task Manager Ctrl+Alt+Del

National Emblems - 2

Israel Candelabrum Iran Rose Chile Candor and Huemul The Netherlands Lion Norway Lion Nepal Kukri Poland Eagle Belgium Lion Russia Double headed Eagle Lebanon Cedar Tree Sudan Secretary Bird

Business Quiz - 2

'Khao Lite Jiyo Lite' - the ad line of Nature Fresh edible oil is a product of which company? Cargill Food 'Ideas for Life' is ad line of which electronic gaint? Panasonic 'We deliver Mumbai' is the ad line of which newspaper daily? Midday The Mittal Group of Industries merged with which major business entity and gave the tag line 'Transforming Tomorrow'? Arcelor Which companies ad line was 'Geography is History'? Iridium 'Lets Reach for the Sun' is the ad line of which company/group of companies? Aditya Birla Group 'Your Style. Your Store.' is the base line of which company? Lifestyle International 'Life is One incredible Journey' is the baseline of which magazine? Outlook Traveller 'It's time to move on' is the tagline of which company? Aircel The ad line 'Life's A Journey' is associated with which company? Samsonite

Innovation for India Awards 2010

Category Company Name Reason Business Reliance Industries Ltd. Deep Water Oil and Gas Exploration(KGD6) Business Tutor Vista Global India Pvt. Ltd. Converting face to face personalized tutoring into a virtual personalized service Business for Social Tata Chemicals and TERI Greening of Malara: Solid waste Dump Site Social GOONJ Channelizing all kinds of reusable material as a powerful resource for villages Social PRS Legislative Research All credible information on Parliament and Legislation for MP's, Journalists and Citizens groups are made available on the PRS site Public Services Government of Gujarat Jyotigram Yojana - Power and Irrigation Reform Public Service Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) DIHAR has brought army and local inhabitants together to implement as inclusive model for socio-economic development of Ladkh Special Award Global Game Changer Bharti Enterprises For Telecom revolution in India

General Knowledge for School kids - 2

The two countries which are separated by Palk Strait are ______ i) North and South Korea ii) India and Pakistan iii) Britain and France iv) India and Sri Lanka By how times the sun is larger than the earth? i) 5000 times ii) 10,000 times iii) 1000 times iv) None of these Which continent is known as urban continent? i) North America ii) Asia iii) Australia iv) Africa The difference between Greenwich Mean Time and Indian Standard Time is _____ i) 5:30hrs ii) 3hrs iii) 2:30hrs iv) No difference Which instrument is used to measure humidity? i) Hydrometer ii) Thermometer iii) Hygrometer iv) Barometer Which country is called as "Land of Midnight Sun"? i) Sweden ii) Poland iii) Finland iv) Norway Which type of rocks are formed from the volcanoes? i) Aqueous rocks ii) Igneous rocks iii) Sedimentary rocks iv) Metamorphic rocks Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays? i) Nitrogen ii) Ozone iii) Oxygen iv) Hydrogen The Coastal line in India is about i) 6,100

Autocar India Awards 2010

Small car of the year Tata Nano Premium Hatchback of the year Maruti Suzuki Ritz Best value for money car Tata Manza Luxury SUV of the year AUDI Q5 Best driver's car of the year BMW Z4 Variant of the year Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI Best desing and styling Fiat Punto Import Bike of the year Honda CB1000R Green Award Mercedes-Benz Blue Efficieny Technology and Innovation award BMW 7-Series Car advertisement of the year Fiat Linea Viewer's choice award, car Toyota Fortuner Viewer's choice award, bike Pulsar 135LS

FIFA World Cup 2010 Awards

Golden Ball Diego Forlan of Uruguay Silver Ball Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands Bronze Ball David Villa of Spain Golden Boot Thomas Muller of Germany Silver Boot David Villa of Spain Bronze Boot Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands Golden Glove Iker Casillas of Spain Best Young Player Thomas Muller of Germany (age:20)

Business Quiz

Name India's oldest engineering company. Name the first cement plant in India. Name the first corporate group of hospital in India. Name the first Indian company to export tyres to USA. Name the first Indian chairman of the London Metal Exchange. Name the business house which manufactured India's first vertical diesel engine. Name the bank which provided the first Internet banking service in India. Name the first Indian Bank to open office in Qatar. Name the Indian company which was first to introduce employee stock option plan. Name the Indian company which was first to introduce the super premium Supima trade mark.

Current Affairs July 2010

People Sharad Pawar becomes 2nd Indian and 7th International Cricket Council President to succeed David Morgan Muralitharan to retire from Test Cricket (after Galle Test against India) Mr.Neil Mills will be the new Chief Executive Officer of SpiceJet Airways Business M&M to setup aircraft financing arm in Australia Everonn Education to venture into K-12(Kindergarten to 12th Standard) schools through its wholly owned subsidiary Everonn School Ltd.(ESL) Harley-Davidson opens first showroom in India - Hyderabad and 4 more to be added by the end of the year including Chandigarh,New Delhi,Mumbai and Bangalore 480-year old British Hardware store which survived two world wars, two depressions and three recessions is finally closing down, becomes the latest victim of the global recession Innovation An ATM to dispense pasteurised milk packets and curd by inserting a smart card in Kochi, Kerala Solar-powered plane completes its first 24-hour test run(fly

State Governors and Chief Ministers

State Governors and Chief Ministers State Governor Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh Shri. E.S.Lakshmi Narasimhnan Nalari Kiran Kumar Reddy Arunachal Pradesh General (Rtd.) J.J.Singh Nabam Tuki Assam Shri. Janaki Ballav Pattanaik Tarun Gogoi Bihar Shri. Devanand Konwar Nitish Kumar Chhattisgarh Shri. Shekhar Dutt Raman Singh Goa K.Shankaranarayanan Digambar Kamat Gujarat Dr. Kamla Beniwal Narendra Modi Haryana Shri. Jagannath Pahadia Bhupinder Singh Hooda Himachal Pradesh Smt. Urmila Singh Prem Kumar Dhumal Jammu&Kashmir Shri. N.N.Vohra Omar Abdullah Jharkhand Syed Ahmed Arjun Munda Karnataka Shri. H.R.Bhardwaj D.V.Sadananda Gowda Kerala Hasan Frook Maricar Oommen Chandy Madhya Pradesh Ram Naresh Yadav Shivraj Singh Chouhan Maharastra K.Sankaranarayanan Prithviraj Chavan Manipur Shri. Gurbachan Jagat Okram Ibobi Singh Meghalaya Shri. Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary Mukul Sangma Mizoram Vakkom Purushothaman Lal Thanhawla Nagaland Nikhil Kumar Neiphiu Rio Orissa Murl

General Knowledge for School kids

A 100% literate country and also called a land of thousand lakes ______ i) Iceland ii) Ireland iii) Finland iv) Sweden The smallest Country in the world is i) Monaco ii) Maldives iii) San Marino iv) Vatican City The Country which exports watches is ________ i) Switzerland ii) Germany iii) Britain iv) China Which Country's National game is Basketball? i) USA ii) Russia iii) Mexico iv) Brazil Which Country was the first to make gun powder? i) Britain ii) China iii) Egypt iv) Rome Who discovered the sea route to India? i) Marco Polo ii) Megallan iii) Columbus iv) Vasco-da-gama Which city is the holy place of Christianity, Islam and Judaism? i) Constantinople ii) Bethlehem iii) Jerusalem iv) Madina Which Country is the largest producer of wool in the world? i) Britain ii) Denmark iii) Australia iv) India Which continent is called as Dark Continent? i) Africa ii) South America iii) Asia iv) Europe The chief crop of Europe is i) Rice ii) Wheat iii) Corn iv) Jut

Vice-Presidents of India

Vice-Presidents of India 1952-1962 S.Radhakrishnan 1962 - 1967 Zakir Hussain 1967 - 1969 V.V.Giri 1969 - 1974 G.S.Pathak 1974 - 1979 B.D.Jatti 1979 - 1984 Md. Hidayatullah 1984 - 1987 R.Venkataraman 1987 - 1992 Dr.S.D. Sharma 1992 - 1997 K.R.Narayanan 1997 - 2002 Krishan Kanth 2002 - 2007 Bhairon Singh Shekawat 2007 - 2017 Mohammad Hamid Anzari 2017 - (Incumbent) Venkaiah Naidu

Prime Ministers of India

Prime Ministers of India August 15th 1947 - May 27th 1964 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru May 27th 1964 - 9th June 1964 Gulzari Lal Nanda(Acting) June 9th 1964 - Jan 11th 1966 Lal Bahadur Shastri Jan 11th 1966 - Jan 24th 1966 Gulzari Lal Nanda (Acting) Jan 24th 1966 - Mar 24th 1977 Indira Gandhi March 24th 1977 - July 28th 1979 Moraji Desai July 28t 1979 - Jan 14th 1980 Charan Singh Jan 14th 1980 - Oct 31st 1984 Indira Gandhi Oct 31st 1984 - Dec 1st 1989 Rajiv Gandhi Dec 2nd 1989 - Nov 10th 1990 V.P.Singh Nov 11th 1990 - June 21st 1991 Chandra Shekar June 21st 1991 - May 16th 1996 P.V.Narasimha Rao May 16th 1996 - June 1st 1996 Atal Behari Vajpayee June 1st 1996 - Apr 21st 1997 H.D.Devegowda Apr 21st 1997 - Mar 18th 1998 I.K.Gujral March 19th 1998 - Oct 12th 1999 Atal Behari Vajpayee Oct 13th 1999 - May 21st 2004 Atal Behari Vajpayee May 22nd 2004 - May 26th 2014 Dr.Manmohan Singh May, 26th 2014 (Incumbent) Narendra Modi

Presidents of India

Presidents of India 1950-1962 Rajendra Prasad 1962 - 1967 Dr.S.Radhakrishnan 1967 - 1969 Zakir Hussain 1969 - 1974 V.V.Giri 1974 - 1977 Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 1977 - 1982 N.Sanjiva Reddy 1982 - 1987 Gyani Zail Singh 1987 - 1992 R.Venkataraman 1992 - 1997 Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma 1997 - 2002 K.R.Narayanan 2002 - 2007 Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam 2007 - 2012 Pratibha Patil 2012 -2017 Pranab Mukherjee 2017 -incumbent Ram Nath Kovind

Identify the Personalities Quiz - Banking Industry

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Limca People of the Year 2010

Anand Mahindra of Mahindra and Mahindra Rahul Dravid former captian of Indian Cricket Team Kiran Karnik former president of NASSCOM Anjolie Ela Menon renowned Artist Justice J S Verma former Chief Justice of India Lalitha Regi human rights activist Shankar Nethralaya non-profit eye care institution

Current Affairs June 2010 - 5

People Resul Pookutty becomes member of the Academy of Motion Pictures P.Obul Reddy , founder and former Managing Director of Nippo Batteries company and Founder and Chairman of Panasonic Carbon India and Panasonic Home appliances India passes away Business Vijaya Bank launches online trading services HM-Mitsubishi launches its dealership in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and National Capital Regaion(NCR) IndusInd bank to provide finance facilities to Tata Motors dealers Innovation First electric locomotive with head-on-generation, manufactured by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works launched for Indian Railways Punjab National Bank opens its first bio-metric ATM at Thrikkakara in Ernakulam ( Bio-metric ATM: Recognises fingerprints of the card holder and eliminating the need of entering PIN number. Denominations of Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 could be withdrawn from the same) Sports Saina Nehwal clinches Indonesian Open Title , third in a row Techno