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Constitution of India - 2

The Emergency can be proclaimed by
i) The President ii) Parliament iii) Prime Minister iv) Law Minister

Which Article deals with Amendment to our Constitution?
i) 365 ii) 366 iii) 370 iv) 368

Which article deals with the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir?
i) 370 ii) 356 iii) 368 iv) 372

Which article deals with Emergency?
i) 368 ii) 356 iii) 370 iv) 372

President of India cannot
i) address the Parliament ii) dissolve the Lok Sabha iii) be a member of the Parliament iv) summon the Parliament

Who enjoys the legislative powers?
i) Council of Ministers ii) President iii) Prime Minister iv) Parliament

The Chief Justice of a High Court is appointed by
i) The Chief Minister ii) The Prime Minister iii) The President iv) The Governor

The Governor is appointed by
i) Law Minster ii) The President iii) The Prime Minister iv) Chief Minister

The Governor has discretionary power
i) Yes ii) No

The term of office of the Governor is
i) 4 years ii) 6 years iii) 3 years iv) 5 years