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Constitution of India

Constitution has been divided into
i) 21 parts ii) 11 parts iii) 24 parts iv) 15 parts

The Fundamental Rights have been incorporated in part
i) IV ii) III iii) II iv) VI

Right to freedom guarantees
i) 2 rights ii) 4 rights iii) 8 rights iv) 7 rights

Can Fundamental Rights be amended?
i) Yes ii) No

Are Fundamental Rights justiciable?
i) Yes ii) No

Are Directive Principles of State Policy justiciable?
i) Yes ii) No

India is
i) a Unitary State ii) a Federation iii) a Union of States iv) Quasi-Federal

Prohibition is a
i) Union subject ii) Concurrent subject iii) State subject iv) None of these

If a man is denied freedom of movement, it means denial of
i) Natural liberty ii) Political liberty iii) Economic liberty iv) Civil liberty

National Flag of India was presented on behalf of
i) Indian National Congress ii) The children of India iii) The people of India iv) The women of India