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General Knowledge for School kids - 2

The two countries which are separated by Palk Strait are ______
i) North and South Korea ii) India and Pakistan iii) Britain and France iv) India and Sri Lanka

By how times the sun is larger than the earth?
i) 5000 times ii) 10,000 times iii) 1000 times iv) None of these

Which continent is known as urban continent?
i) North America ii) Asia iii) Australia iv) Africa

The difference between Greenwich Mean Time and Indian Standard Time is _____
i) 5:30hrs ii) 3hrs iii) 2:30hrs iv) No difference

Which instrument is used to measure humidity?
i) Hydrometer ii) Thermometer iii) Hygrometer iv) Barometer

Which country is called as "Land of Midnight Sun"?
i) Sweden ii) Poland iii) Finland iv) Norway

Which type of rocks are formed from the volcanoes?
i) Aqueous rocks ii) Igneous rocks iii) Sedimentary rocks iv) Metamorphic rocks

Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays?
i) Nitrogen ii) Ozone iii) Oxygen iv) Hydrogen

The Coastal line in India is about
i) 6,100kms ii) 15,000kms iii) 3,000kms iv) 6.600kms

Which countries are separated by Durand line?
i) India and Sri Lanka ii) India and China iii) India and Afghanistan iv) India and Pakistan

Where was Mohen-jo-daro situated?
i) Kashmir ii) Sindh province in Pakistan iii) Punjab iv) Afghanistan

Which civilization resembled Indus Valley Civilization?
i) The Babylonian ii) The Mesopotamian iii) The Egyptians iv) The Greek

Who were the first to develop the art of writing?
i) The Chinese ii) The Romans iii) The Egyptians iv) The Greeks

The language of the Aryans was
i) Arabic ii) Sanskrit iii) Hindi iv) Prakrit

The Great Wall of China was constructed by
i) Wu-Li ii) Ming li iii) Shih Hwang Li iv) Ching Li


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