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General Knowledge for School Kids - 3

Natural rubber is made from a white liquid called _____
i) Milk ii) Latex iii) Resin iv) Sap

Rusting of iron is a
i) Physical change ii) Reversible Change iii) Chemical Change iv) No Change

The Chemical name of baking soda is ______
i) Calcium Carbonate ii) Sodium Chloride iii) Sodium Carbonate iv) Sodium-bi-carbonate

Which is the best conductor of current among liquids?
i) Water ii) Mercury iii) Milk iv) Alcohol

Which acid is formed when milk is converted into curd?
i) Tartaric acid ii) Sulphuric acid iii) Lactic acid iv) None of these

Which is the softest allotropic form of carbon?
i) Diamond ii) Graphite iii) Charcoal iv) Coke

Which metal is mixed with gold to make ornaments?
i) Zinc ii) Silver iii) Aluminium iv) Copper

Which element is not used as fertilizer?
i) Phosphorous ii) Potassium iii) Lead iv) Nitrogen

The solid form of CO2 is called as _____
i) Dry ice ii) Carbonic acid iii) Carbon suboxide iv) None of these

Which element is also known as wolfram?
i) Uranium ii) Tungsten iii) Iron iv) Oxygen