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General Knowledge for School Kids - 4

According to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, India is a _________
i) Sovereign, Democratic and Republic ii) Sovereign, Secular and Republic iii) Sovereign, Socialist and Republic iv) Sovereign, Democratic, Republic, Secular and Socialist

The Judges of the High Court are appointed by the _______
i) Chief Justice of India ii) Prime Minister of India iii) Governor of the State iv) President of India

The Election process is supervised by _______
i) The Chief Election Commissioner ii) The President iii) The Chief Justice iv) The Prime Minister

When was the First General Election held in India?
i) 1947-48 ii) 1952-53 iii) 1951-52 iv) 1954-55

The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is ________
i) 540 ii) 542 iii) 550 iv) None of these

Who is the head of Municipal Corporation?
i) Corporator ii) Mayor iii) Commissioner iv) Collector

The Sarpanch is the head of _________
i) Panchayat Samiti ii) Gram Panchayat iii) Zilla Panchayat iv) Panchayat

The minimum age to cast a vote in India is ____
i) 21 ii) 18 iii) 16 iv) 17

The Zilla Parishad Chairman is directly elected by ______
i) Samithi Presidents ii) Members of Zilla Parishad iii) Voters of the Districts iv) The Panchayat

Which one of the following is not a Union territory?
i) Chandigarh ii) Diu Daman iii) Pondicherry iv) Jaipur