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General Knowledge for School Kids - 5

What is the traditional Japanese Wrestling called?
i) Mosu ii) Karate iii) Sumo iv) Judo

Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles are the events contested in which sport?
i) Swimming ii) Fencing iii) Wrestling iv) Tennis

When was the First Modern Olympic Games played?
i) 1900 ii) 1891 iii) 1856 iv) 1896

Which of the following is not associated with cricket?
i) Durand Cup ii) Prudential Trophy iii) Ranji Trophy iv) Duleep Trophy

Which country has won the most soccer world cups?
i) Italy ii) Brazil iii) Uruguay iv) Argentina

Who is the first Indian to score a Test Century?
i) Mohinder Amarnath ii) Vijay Manjrekar iii) Polly Umriger iv) C.K.Naidu

Which is the national game of China?
i) Sumo Wrestling ii) Chess iii) Table Tennis iv) Karate

At what height is the ring of the basket ball is fixed?
i) 15 feet ii) 10 feet iii) 12 feet iv) 8 feet

In Which year did Wimbeldon Championship start?
i) 1900 ii) 1887 iii) 1880 iv) 1910


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