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General Knowledge for School Kids - 6

What is the breathing rate in human beings?
i) 180 times/min ii) 50 times/min iii) 16 times/min iv) 75 times/min

The white portion of the egg is made of
i) Carbohydrates ii) Protein iii) Fat iv) Vitamins

The outer wall in the seed coat is called
i) Epidermis ii) Tegmen iii) Testa iv) None of these

The slight yellowish color of cow's milk is due to the presence of
i) Carotene ii) Riboflavin iii) Ribulose iv) Xanthophyll

The largest artery in the body is
i) Renal artery ii) Gastric artery iii) Pulmonary artery iv) Aorta

The weight of an adult human heart is
i) 500gms ii) 300gms iii) 50gms iv) 100gms

Clove, The commonly used spice is obtained by
i) Flower bud ii) Fruit iii) Bark iv) Root

The enzyme produced in Liver is
i) Plasma ii) Amino acid iii) Bile iv0 Glycogen

The most common carbohydrate found in a fruit is
i) Fructose ii) Cellulose iii) Maltose iv) Glucose

Which of the following is not an insect?
i) Housefly ii) Honeybee iii) Spider iv) Firefly