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General Knowledge for School kids

A 100% literate country and also called a land of thousand lakes ______
i) Iceland ii) Ireland iii) Finland iv) Sweden

The smallest Country in the world is
i) Monaco ii) Maldives iii) San Marino iv) Vatican City

The Country which exports watches is ________
i) Switzerland ii) Germany iii) Britain iv) China

Which Country's National game is Basketball?
i) USA ii) Russia iii) Mexico iv) Brazil

Which Country was the first to make gun powder?
i) Britain ii) China iii) Egypt iv) Rome

Who discovered the sea route to India?
i) Marco Polo ii) Megallan iii) Columbus iv) Vasco-da-gama

Which city is the holy place of Christianity, Islam and Judaism?
i) Constantinople ii) Bethlehem iii) Jerusalem iv) Madina

Which Country is the largest producer of wool in the world?
i) Britain ii) Denmark iii) Australia iv) India

Which continent is called as Dark Continent?
i) Africa ii) South America iii) Asia iv) Europe

The chief crop of Europe is
i) Rice ii) Wheat iii) Corn iv) Jute


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