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Current Affairs August 2010 - 6

Business Indian economy grows by 8.8% in April-June SEBI allows trading through wireless technology including mobile phone and laptops RBI to examine S&P 500 and Dow trading on NSE Franchise India to tie up with banks(SBI,HDFC,Punjab Naiotnal Bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC) for small ticket loan Small ticket loans: To help provide easy finance to investors keen on setting-up small businesses Google acquires social games website SocialDeck RIL notifies 4th gas strike in D3 block of KG Basin RCom sets up 3G innovation lab in Mumbai Ericsson India acquires stakes in Novatium Solutions Suzuki launches 125cc motorcycle- SlingShot -priced at around Rs.47,000 Honour Coins of denominations Rs.100 and Rs.5 has been released to mark the birth centenary of Mother Teresa Indrani Medhi , a Bangalore-based Microsoft researcher has developed graphics and multimedia-based user interfaces for computers to make them more accessible to people who cannot read or write via, wh

Proposed Direct Tax Code(DTC) from April 1st 2012

Income tax exemption limit proposed at Rs.2 lakh per annum , up from Rs.1.6 lakh 10% tax on annual income between Rs.2 to 5 lakh 20% tax on annual income between Rs.5 to 10 lakh 30% for above Rs. 10 lakh Proposal to raise tax exemption for senior citizens to Rs.2.5 lakh from current 2.4 lakh Corporate tax to remain at 30% but without surcharge and cess Minimum Alternate Tax to be 20% of book profit, up from 18% Proposal to levy dividend distribution tax at 15% Exeption for investment in approved funds and insurance schemes proposed at Rs.1.5 lakh annually, against Rs.1.2 lakh Once enacted, DTC will replace outmoded IT Act

Dhyan Chand Awards and Dronacharya Awards

Dhyan Chand Awards Satish Pillai (Athletics) Kuldeep Singh (Wrestling) Anita Chanu (Weightlifting) Dronacharya Awards A.K.Kutty (Athletics) Subhash B. Aggarwal (Billiards/Snooker) L.Ibomcha Singh (Boxing) Ajay Kumar Bansal (Hockey) Captain Chandrup (Wrestling) Rashtriya Khel Protsahana Puruskar Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) Tata Steel Limited Khel Evam Yuva Vibhag (Government of Madhya Pradesh)

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and Arjuna Awards

Saina Nehwal conferred Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award Arjuna Awards Joseph Abraham Athletics Krishna Poonia Athletics Dinesh Kumar Boxing Parimrajan Negi Chess Julan Goswami Women's Cricket Deepak Kumar Mandal Football Sandeep Singh Men's Hockey Jasjeet Kaur Handa Women's Hockey Dinesh Kumar Kabaddi Sanjeev Rajput Shooting Rehan Jehangir Poncha Swimming Kapil Dev KJ Volleyball Rajeev Tomar Wrestling Rajesh Chaudhary Yachting Jagseer Singh Para-Olympics athletics

Mark the word opposite in meaning

Puzzle i) Bewilder ii) Solve iii) Pensive iv) Condemn Native i) Clever ii) Fragile iii) Alien iv) None of these Neglect i) Renovate ii) Inspire iii) Oversight iv) Care Noted i) Famous ii) Cheerful iii) Obscure iv) Frank Obvious i) Self evident ii) Reckless iii) Hidden iv) Palpable Opponent i) Rival ii) Ally iii) Faithfully iv) None of these Modest i) Bold ii) Curious iii) Retiring iv) Virtuous Pardon i) Absolve ii) Consistent iii) Sentence iv) All of these Lift i) Changing ii) Lower iii) Both i and ii iv) None of these Latent i) Conspicuous ii) Dormant iii) Undeveloped iv) Convincing

Mythology - 2

According to Hindu mythology, who invented the divine instrument - the veena? Narada According to Hindu mythology, who was the first mortal to die? Yama Which flower do you associate with Goddess Kali? Hibiscus What form did Vishnu assume in his seventh Avatar? Rama What profession did Arjuna take in Viraat Raja's court? Uttara's dance teacher Which God is also called Mahisa-Mardihi? Durga Who gave Parashuram his axe? Shiva Who became the King of Lanka after Ravana was killed and defeated? Vibhishan In Puri, of what wood is the image of Jagannath made? Neem Which important objects in the Mahabharata were made from the thigh bone of Dadichi? Shakuni's dice

Current Affairs August 2010 - 5

Awards Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete has been crowned Miss Universe 2010 Kaavya Jayram a 12-year old becomes youngest person to present a paper on her results in the area of integer partitioning at the International Congress of Women Mathematicians Nila Seafoods of Tuticorin becomes the first Indian manufacturer-exporter to be awarded the MPEDA quality logo MPEDA - Marine Products Export Development Authority Business 6yr old girl is China's youngest shareholder as Wu Qinyi inherites 62,500 shares from her father whose estimate os 1.05 million yuan (over $154,411) Intel to buy McAfee at $7.7 billion Google acquires search engine Rcom partners with Nokia to launch 'Ovi Life Tools' , the new service to help farmers with queries on crop price, fertiliser use, weather condition, soil health and right sowing season as the domian experts will provide the answer Nokia Siemens to deploy 3G network for Tata Teleservices Events Organised by CII

Business Quiz - 4

The bill a supplier sends to his customer is called: i) A debit note ii) An Invoice iii) A statement iv) An advice note Which of the following is a business organisation: i) Planning Commission ii) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation iii) Election Commission iv) Short Service Commission Which of the following is not associated with textile product? i) Vimal ii) Dinesh iii) Blue Star iv) Dig Jam Which one of the following ice-cream brand is owned by HUL? i) Fundoo ii) Vadilal iii) Kwality iv) Baskin and Robbins Sodexho, the leading food and facilities management services company, belongs to: i) Germany ii) Australia iii) France iv) USA The name of which social networking website is said to stand for 'I build, I bond': i) Facebook ii) Bigadda iii) Orkut iv) Ibibo The Wipro group started its operation from a/an: i) Toothpaste Co. ii) Software Firm iii) Soap Co. iv) Oil Mill Who owns Lakme? i) ITC ii) Godrej iii) Hindustan Unilever Ltd. iv) Procter & Gamble Goetze

General Knowledge for School Kids - 8


Current Affairs August 2010

1. Which company has launched world's first 3-D camcorder? 2. Where and when was Youth Olympic Games held? 3. In which country of an African continent was 1 billion tonnes of coal found recently? 4. Stephane Rousson of France designed world's 1st pedal-boat, Name it. 5. Which leading automobile manufacturer launched its CNG cars? 6. Cricket World Cup 2010 venue in Asia would be named after a world-class spinner, Who and which country does he belong to? 7. India's 7th fastest supercomputer was launched at the Institute of Mathematical Science(IMSc). Name it. 8. What is the age of oldest athlete Merlene Ottey who did compete at the European championships? 9. What according to scientists could hit the earth anytime? 10. Which Indian recently surpassed Leader Paes to break into the Top-100 of ATP rankings? ANSWERS 1. Fine Pix 2. Singapore and 14th to 26th August 2010 3. Mozambique 4. Scubster 5. Maruti 6. Muralitharan, Sri Lanka 7. Annapurna 8. 50 years 9. Solar Tsunami 10. Som

Do it Yourself

1. Which company has launched world's first 3-D camcorder? 2. Where and when was Youth Olympic Games held? 3. In which country of an African continent was 1 billion tonnes of coal found recently? 4. Stephane Rousson of France designed world's 1st pedal-boat, Name it. 5. Which leading automobile manufacturer launched its CNG cars? 6. Cricket World Cup 2010 venue in Asia would be named after a world-class spinner, Who and which country does he belong to? 7. India's 7th fastest supercomputer was launched at the Institute of Mathematical Science(IMSc). Name it. 8. What is the age of oldest athlete Merlene Ottey who did compete at the European championships? 9. What according to scientists could hit the earth anytime? 10. Which Indian recently surpassed Leader Peas to break into the Top-100 of ATP rankings? ANSWERS 1. Fine Pix 2. Singapore and 14th to 26th August 2010 3. Mozambique 4. Scubster 5. Maruti 6. Muralitharan, Sri Lanka 7. Annapurna 8. 50 years 9. Sol

Indian History - 6

Who described Indians as "Hot tempered but honest"? i) Fahien ii) Hieun Tsang iii) Megasthanese iv) None of these The mighty gateways found at the temples of South India are called i) Shikaras ii) Gopurams iii) Devalayas iv) Only i Alexander invaded India in the year i) 200 BC ii) 326 BC iii) 32 AD iv) None of these Alexander visited India during the reign of i) Binbisara ii) Chandragupta ii) Kanishka iv) None of these Mahabalipuram was built by i) Cholas ii) Pallavas iii) Pandyas iv) All of these The remains of Vijayanagar empire can be found in i) Golconda ii) Hampi iii) Baroda iv) Both i and iii Tulsidas lived during the reign of i) Tughlak ii) Akbar iii) Both i and ii iv) None of these Grant Trunk road was built by i) Babur ii) Sher Shah Suri iii) Humayun iv) All of these The paintings of the Ajanta depict stories of i) Pancharatna ii) Jatakas iii) Ramayana iv) Mahabharata Ashoka was the son of i) Samudragupta ii) Bimbisara iii) Kanishka iv) None of these Answe

Numerical Ability - 11

The sum of first 30 natural numbers is: i) 564 ii) 465 iii) 450 iv) 455 The nearest number to 99455 which is exactly divisible by 453 is: i) 99660 ii) 99500 iii) 99491 iv) 99577 (51)2 - (23)2 = 9a, the value of a is: i) 140 ii) 149 iii) 114 iv) 148 Which one of the following is a prime number? i) 1017 ii) 1027 iii) 1037 iv) 1087 The H.C.F of the numbers 385, 495, 770 is: i) 35 ii) 40 iii) 55 iv) 70 The product of two numbers is 5376 and their H.C.F is 16. The L.C.M of the numbers is i) 226 ii) 336 iii) 312 iv) 324 On dividing 7000 by a certain number, the quotient is 111 and the remainder is 3. The divisor is: i) 70 ii) 53 iii) 63 iv) 61 The least number by which 48 must be multiplied in order to produce a multiple 128 is: i) 8 ii) 16 iii) 2 iv) 12 The least number which when subtracted from the sum of the squares of 9 and 16 , which gives a perfect square is: i) 9 ii) 15 iii) 7 iv) 13 The least perfect square number which is di

Science - 8

To keep correct time watches are fitted with a balance wheel made of i) Platinum ii) Stainless steel iii) Invar iv) Tungsten Diamonds are sold in carats. One Carat unit is equivalent to i) 0.1 gram ii) 0.02 grams iii) 0.2 gram iv) 1 gram What is used as a lubricant to reduce friction in mechanical devices? i) water ii) acid iii) grease iv) none of these A green leaf when placed in a room illuminated only by red light, it will appear i) green ii) black iii) yellow iv) none of these To an astronaut the outer space appears i) black ii) blue iii) white iv) crimson What is the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere? i) 0.3% ii) 0.03% iii) 0.003% iv) o.0003% The temperature of sun's surface is i) 60000 K ii) 6000 K iii) 600 K iv) 60 K Out of these samples which is least elastic? i) copper ii) plastic iii) rubber iv) steel

Current Affairs August 2010 - 4

Business ' FinePix ', world's first 3D camera and printing service (could be printed on special 3D paper and ready to stick in family album) has been launched by Fujifilm United Stock Exchange to launch currency futures operations in all four currency pairs - dollar-rupee, euro-rupee, yen-rupee and pound-rupee on 31st August 2010 Siemens has bagged a 10-million euro order from Steel Authority of India(SAIL) to supply an RH vacuum degassing plant to the Rourkela Steel plant Facebook acquires Chai Labs for about $10 million Ybrant Digital (end-to-end provider of digital marketing solutions) acquires a U.S based subsidiary Lycos (search based internet properties) China tops Japan as 2nd biggest economy in Q2 Coca Cola enters dairy business, launches ' Mazza Milky Delite ' a blend of mangoes and milk priced at Rs.15 Entertainment Lata Mangeshkar and Pandit Jasraj have teamed up for the first time to record a song("Om namoh sukhadayni

Mark the correct meaning - 3

Canopy i) hat ii) bedcover iii) treeless iv) umbrella Rectify i) to change ii) to break iii) to repair iv) careless Summary i) total ii) brief iii) marry iv) written work Bogus i) remote ii) famous iii) fake iv) threatning Query i) interview ii) questions iii) quiet iv) excuse Brittle i) cannot be broken ii) easily broken iii) soft iv) None of these Gaudy i) showy ii) made of gold iii) original iv) duplicate Jocular i) clown ii) fearful iii) fear iv) joking Intonation i) hidden meaning ii) laugh iii) voice pattern iv) tune Luminous i) muffled ii) peaceful iii) carefree iv) glowing

Shram Awards for the year 2008: Shram Vir/Veerangana

Shram Vir/Veerangana: Total awards being 12 which carries a cash award of Rs.60,000 and a 'Sanad' Recipients with respect to Public Sector Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. Visakhapatnam Shri. Sagiraju Bapi Raju Shri. Boyina Lakshmana Raju Shri. Chidipudi. Venkata Reddy Shri. Dadi Madhava Rao SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant, Rourkela {Jointly} Shri. Rati Kanta Mishra, Kalu Charan Moharana, Herman Toppo, Purnanda Kumar Barik, Dusmanta Kumar Mekap, Dinabandhu Das Shri. Haridas Mistry, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Bhopal Recipients with respect to Private Sector Shri. Charles Benjamin Pereira, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. Dahanu Thermal Power, Thane Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur Shri. Tarun Kumar Ghosh Shri. Bijan Kumar Sharma Shri. Raju Sharma Shri. Dharmendra Singh, Hindalco Industries Ltd. Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh Shri. V.Sathia, Ashok Leyland, Ennore, Chennai

Shram Awards for the year 2008: Shram Ratna and Shram Bhushan

Shram Ratna - Highest Award among Shram Awards, carries a cash award of Rs.2,00,000 along with a 'Sanad' Recipient Shri.Nagaraja, Senior Technical Assistant, Bharat Electronics Ltd. Bengaluru Shram Bhushan - Total number being 4 which carries a cash award of Rs.1,00,000 and 'Sanad' Recipients with respect to Public Sector undertakings Shri. Rajendran.S, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Bengaluru Shri. Pilla Siva Desa Patrudu, Rashtiya Ispat Nigam Ltd. Vishakhapatnam Recipients with respect to Private Sector Shri. Samarendra Kumar Singh, Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur Shri. Bhupendra Kumar Rathore, Vikram Cement, Madhya Pradesh

Business Quiz - 3

Which of the following are the characteristics of services? i) Intangibility ii) Inseparability iii) Variability and Perishability iv) All of these Which of the following are the functions of labels? i) The label identifies the product or brand ii) The label grade the product iii) The label describe the product iv) All of these Which of the following factors contribute to packaging's growing use as a marketing tool? i) Consumer affluence ii) Self service iii) Company and brand image iv) All the these Which of the following are types of promotional pricing? i) Loss Leader pricing ii) Cash rebates iii) Special event pricing iv) All of these What are the probable sources of channel conflicts? i) Poorly defined roles and rights ii) Perceptual differences iii) Goal incompatibility iv) All of these Which of the following is a type of wholesaler? i) Brokers ii) Merchant wholesaler iii) Agents iv) All of these Which of the following are distinctive benefits of sales/promotion? i) Pr

Indian History - 5

Which former Indian Prime Minister had, in a way, celebrated less than 25 birthdays? Morarji Desai(Born on Feb 29th) By what name is Arjunmand Bano Begum better known in history? Mumtaz Mahal How is Miss Madeline Slade better known in Indian history? Mira Behn Which Indian city did Vasco da Gama first visit? Calicut Which former Indian Prime Minister was a qualified natural scientist and earned a degree in botany? Jawaharlal Nehru In which part of India was Lord Mayo assassinated in 1872? The Andaman and Nicobar Island Who put a chain across the river Hooghly in order to stop a British ship? Rani Rashmoni How was the insurance agent, Moulvi Zia-ud-din better known? Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose 'Karenge ya Marenge' (do or die) was the slogan of which movement in India Quit India Movement Which part of India was liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961? Goa

Current Affairs August 2010 - 3

People Mr.Ratan Tata conferred as ' Businessman of the Decade Award ' on behalf of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce Priyanka Chopra has been appointed as the National Ambassador of UNICEF and would support in promoting child rights Tejaswini Sawant becomes first Indian woman shooter to win a gold medal at World Championships Business Tata Docomo launches pay per site data plan at Rs.10 per siteand Rs.25 per month Wipro Infotech launches FluidState Data Centre targetting small, medium and enterprise businesses Heading towards Silver jubilee of the Elite School of Optometry(ESO), Sankara Nethralaya has launched a distance mode course for opticians Discovery/Innovation V-invertor , a matchbox-sized device that can power homes during power cuts has been invented by Mr.Subrata Datta, an employee at the R&D center of CMC Ltd. Amnajot Singh and Sahil Wadhwa students of Ryan International School in Delhi have created history by discovering the mai

Interesting Facts - 8

The largest magnet in the world is the earth itself, because the hot nickel and iron at its core pulls everything towards it. A dog can hear high-frequency sounds, which a human ear cannot. Three 25 watt bulbs produce less light than one 75 watt bulb. Human body contains enough phosphorous to make heads of 2000 matches, enough fat for 7 bar soap and enough iron to make 1 nail. A single drop of water contains 1 hundred billion atoms. No solar eclipse can last longer than 7 minutes 58 seconds because of the speed at which the earth moves. Heat is better retained in moist air than dry air, which is why tropical nights are warm and desert nights cold.

Numerical Ability - 10

If X% of a is same as Y% of b, then Z% of b is i) yz/x% of a ii) xz/y% of a iii) xy/z% of a iv) y/x% of a Ajay got married 6yrs ago. Today his age is 1 1/4 times his age at the time of marriage. His son's age is 1/10 times his age. His son's age in (years) is i) 3 ii) 4 iii) 2 iv) 5 The product of 2 consecutive odd numbers is 6,399. What is the smaller number? i) 85 ii) 77 iii) 83 iv) 79 In an examination Shambavi scores a total of 436 marks out of 625. What is her approximate percentage in the examination? i) 78 ii) 82 iii) 69 iv) 83 What is 394 times 113? i) 44802 ii) 44522 iii) 44302 iv) 44652 What is the least number to be added to 7700 to make it a perfect square? i) 77 ii) 225 iii) 98 iv) 133 How many 3 digits number are divisible by 3 and 7? i) 84 ii) 64 iii) 101 iv) 43 X is twice as fast as Y and Y is thrice as fast as Z is. The journey covered by Z in 54mins will be covered by Y in i) 37 min ii) 9 min iii) 18 min iv) 29 min A ca

General Knowledge for School Kids - 7

Birju Maharaj is associated with i) Odissi ii) Kathak iii) Kuchupudi iv) None of these Lara Dutta won the Beauty Pageant i) Miss Earth ii) Miss Chennai iii) Miss Universe iv) None of these Mohiniattam is a dance form belonging to which state? i) Maharashtra ii) Goa iii) Tamil Nadu iv) Kerala Identify which of these is not a music company in India i) T-Series ii) Sony BMG iii) T-Series iv) H.M.V M.F.Hussain is a well known i) Director ii) Painter iii) Dancer iv) Technician This musical instrument has bowls of water and two sticks to play with i) Vichitra Veena ii) Mayuri iii) Jaltarang iv) Sarangi Which of these is not a string instrument? i) Veena ii) Ghatam iii) Guitar iv) All of these Who was the first person to win Bharat Ratna in the field of classical music? i) R.D.Burman ii) A.R.Rehman iii) M.S.Subbalakshmi iv) Satyajit Raj

Reasoning - 7

Which 2 words are opposite in meaning? imaginary, realistic , illegible, impracticable , radical, embellished Pick the odd one out? famous, illustrious, acclaimed, fabulous , noteworthy Which 2 words are closest in meaning? educated, clear, literal , enervated, wordy, verbatim What number should replace the question mark? 100, 95, 88, 79, 68, ?, 40, 23 55 What number should replace the question mark? 0, 19, 38, 57, ?, 95 76 What number should replace the Question mark? 10, 21, 33, 46, 60, 75, ? 91 Find the Synonym's for the following from the given options: Espousal (avoidance, outburst, care, adoption , crux) Web (erode, create, clothe, lattice , skill) Satiate (follow, censure, undermine, veto, overfill ) Sojourn (relief, holiday, breach, retirement, rest )

Current Affairs August 2010 - 2

Record Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow , a Canadian yoga teacher at the age of 28 have claimed to have completed 32-hour yoga marathon at her Om West yoga studio in Pointe Claire Village on the Island of Montreal People Sharath Kamal became 1st Indian to breach the top-50 of the World ranking to be placed at 45th, after winning US Open and Egypt Open Table Tennis Tournament Vidya Stokes has been elected Hockey India President defeating former national captian Pargat Singh Mr.Charles Hunting has been appointed as CEO of Genpact Ltd. for Asia operations AK Mattoo has been named the treasurer of the Common Wealth Games organising committee Dhiman Mukherji has been appointed as Director Advertising Sales and Sunny Saurabh as Head Advertising Soutions by Professional networking website LinkedIn Business Nokia adpots 5 villages(Pure Rajaram, Pure Tilak Ram, Bhalbhara Khera, Baletha and Poore Chamaar) in the Raebareli area of Uttar Pradesh to distribute free mobile hands

Reasoning - 6

Stammering : Speech :: Deafness : Hearing Guilt : Past :: Hope : Future Medicine : Patient :: Education : Student Pencil: Write :: Knife: Prick Air: Bird :: Water : Fish Soldier : Army :: Pupil : Class Kilogram : Quintal :: Paisa : Rupee Paint : Artist :: Wood : Carpenter

Women's Asian All Star Athletics Results 2010

EVENT NAME COUNTRY 100m Chisato Fukushima Japan Momoko Takahashi Japan Tao Yujia China 400m Jose Sini India Jauna Murmu India Zhao Yanmin China 800m Maryam Jamal Bahrain Tintu Luka India Margarita Matsko Kazakhsthan 1500m Mimi Belete Bahrain Maryam Jamal Bahrain Yuriko Kobayashi Japan 5000m Kayoko Fukushi Japan Hikari Yoshimoto Japan Mika Yoshikawa Japan 100m Hurdles Lee Yeon-Kyoung Korea Asuka Terada Japan Chung Hye-Rim Korea 400m Hurdles Satomi Kubokura Japan Miyabi Tago Japan Sayaka Aoki Japan High Jump Nadezhda Dusanova Uzbekistan Svetlana Radzivil Uzbekistan Anna Ustinova Kazakhsthan Long Jump Yuliya Tarasova Uzbekistan Sachiko Masumi Japan Wang Wupin China Triple Jump Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan Xie Limei China Aleksandra Kotlyarova Uzbekistan Shot Put Gong Lijiao China Li Ling China Lui Xiangrong China Discus Throw Li Yanfeng China Krishna Poonia India Song Aimin China Javelin Throw Yukifumi Murakami Japan Jung Sang-Jin Korea Park Jae-Myong Korea

Men's Asian All Star Athletics Results 2010

EVENT NAME COUNTRY 100m Masashi Eriguchi Japan Lao Yi China Kim Gook-Young Korea 400m Yuzo Kanemaru Japan Park Bong-Ko Korea Yusuke Ishizuka Japan 800m Bilal Mansour Ali Bahrain Masato Yokota Japan Mohamed Al-Gami Qatar 1500m Mohamed Othman Shahween Saudi Arabia Bilal Mansour Ali Bahrain Mohamed Al-Gami Qatar 5000m Saif Saeed Shaheen Qatar Essa Ismail Rashed Qatar Abdullah Ahmad Hassain Qatar 100m Hurdles Shi Dongpeng China Liu Xiang China Xie Wenjun China 400m Hurdles Kenji Narisako Japan Takayuki Koike Japan Takatoshi Abe Japan High Jump Mutaz Essa Barshim Qatar Lee Hup Wei Malaysia Rashid Ahmed Al-Mannai Qatar Long Jump Yu Zhenwei China Li Jinzhe China Su Xionfeng China Triple Jump Renjith Mahewary India Roman Valiyev Kazakhsthan Wu Bo China Shot Put Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-Hebshi Kazakhsthan Zhang Jun China Om Prakash Singh India Discus Throw Ehsan Hadadi Iran Mohammad Samimi Iran Ahmed Mohamed Dheeb Qatar Javelin Throw Yukifumi Murakami Japan Jung Sang-Jin K

Current Affairs August 2010

Award Sastra University of Thanjavur has bagged the 1st prize or the 'Degree C Award' of Rs.1 lakh at the TechTop-2010 competition held at Thiruvananthapuram Technopark People The Central Provincial Council in Kandy , Colombo has decided to name the 2010 World Cup venue as the Muttaih Muralitharan International Cricket Stadium Bharti Infratel , a unit of Bharti Aritel has appointed Devender Singh Rawat as its Cheif Executive Officer Sanjay Dhawan has been appointed as CEO of Symphony Service Corporation V.Vaidyanathan quits as MD and CEO of ICICI Prudetial Life Insurance, to join Kishore Biyani's Future Group. Sandeep Bakshi , the Deputy Managing Director of ICICI Bank is likely to head ICICI Prudential Life Insurance K.M.Mathew , Chief Editor of Malayala Manorama daily, passed away at his residence in Kottayam Prashanth Venkataraman (a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering), is currently a Design Engineer

Science - 7

Heart failure is more common in people consuming Saturated fats The best preventive medicine is Immunization Triple antigen does not immunise against Typhoid The best method of preserving food against decay is Refrigerating What happens when air is sucked out of an empty can and sealed? It gets crushed The sucking of blood by a mosquito from our body involves Syphon action A pressure cooker reduces cooking time because The boiling point of the water inside is raised Which substance is a good conductor of heat and electricity? Graphite Which metal is found in the form of liquid? Mercury The element mainly present in proteins is Nitrogen