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Business Quiz - 4

The bill a supplier sends to his customer is called:
i) A debit note ii) An Invoice iii) A statement iv) An advice note

Which of the following is a business organisation:
i) Planning Commission ii) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation iii) Election Commission iv) Short Service Commission

Which of the following is not associated with textile product?
i) Vimal ii) Dinesh iii) Blue Star iv) Dig Jam

Which one of the following ice-cream brand is owned by HUL?
i) Fundoo ii) Vadilal iii) Kwality iv) Baskin and Robbins

Sodexho, the leading food and facilities management services company, belongs to:
i) Germany ii) Australia iii) France iv) USA

The name of which social networking website is said to stand for 'I build, I bond':
i) Facebook ii) Bigadda iii) Orkut iv) Ibibo

The Wipro group started its operation from a/an:
i) Toothpaste Co. ii) Software Firm iii) Soap Co. iv) Oil Mill

Who owns Lakme?
i) ITC ii) Godrej iii) Hindustan Unilever Ltd. iv) Procter & Gamble

Goetze (India) Limited is a group company of:
i) Escorts ii) HMT iii) Swaraj iv) Eicher

Brands like Parachute, Saffola, Sweekar, Medikar, Top Ramen etc., are owned by:
i) Nestle ii) HUL iii) Marico Industries Ltd. iv) Proctor & Gamble