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General Knowledge for School Kids - 7

Birju Maharaj is associated with
i) Odissi ii) Kathak iii) Kuchupudi iv) None of these

Lara Dutta won the Beauty Pageant
i) Miss Earth ii) Miss Chennai iii) Miss Universe iv) None of these

Mohiniattam is a dance form belonging to which state?
i) Maharashtra ii) Goa iii) Tamil Nadu iv) Kerala

Identify which of these is not a music company in India
i) T-Series ii) Sony BMG iii) T-Series iv) H.M.V

M.F.Hussain is a well known
i) Director ii) Painter iii) Dancer iv) Technician

This musical instrument has bowls of water and two sticks to play with
i) Vichitra Veena ii) Mayuri iii) Jaltarang iv) Sarangi

Which of these is not a string instrument?
i) Veena ii) Ghatam iii) Guitar iv) All of these

Who was the first person to win Bharat Ratna in the field of classical music?
i) R.D.Burman ii) A.R.Rehman iii) M.S.Subbalakshmi iv) Satyajit Raj