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Indian History - 6

Who described Indians as "Hot tempered but honest"?
i) Fahien ii) Hieun Tsang iii) Megasthanese iv) None of these

The mighty gateways found at the temples of South India are called
i) Shikaras ii) Gopurams iii) Devalayas iv) Only i

Alexander invaded India in the year
i) 200 BC ii) 326 BC iii) 32 AD iv) None of these

Alexander visited India during the reign of
i) Binbisara ii) Chandragupta ii) Kanishka iv) None of these

Mahabalipuram was built by
i) Cholas ii) Pallavas iii) Pandyas iv) All of these

The remains of Vijayanagar empire can be found in
i) Golconda ii) Hampi iii) Baroda iv) Both i and iii

Tulsidas lived during the reign of
i) Tughlak ii) Akbar iii) Both i and ii iv) None of these

Grant Trunk road was built by
i) Babur ii) Sher Shah Suri iii) Humayun iv) All of these

The paintings of the Ajanta depict stories of
i) Pancharatna ii) Jatakas iii) Ramayana iv) Mahabharata

Ashoka was the son of
i) Samudragupta ii) Bimbisara iii) Kanishka iv) None of these

Answer Hint: Same option number for all the questions