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Science - 8

To keep correct time watches are fitted with a balance wheel made of
i) Platinum ii) Stainless steel iii) Invar iv) Tungsten

Diamonds are sold in carats. One Carat unit is equivalent to
i) 0.1 gram ii) 0.02 grams iii) 0.2 gram iv) 1 gram

What is used as a lubricant to reduce friction in mechanical devices?
i) water ii) acid iii) grease iv) none of these

A green leaf when placed in a room illuminated only by red light, it will appear
i) green ii) black iii) yellow iv) none of these

To an astronaut the outer space appears
i) black ii) blue iii) white iv) crimson

What is the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere?
i) 0.3% ii) 0.03% iii) 0.003% iv) o.0003%

The temperature of sun's surface is
i) 60000 K ii) 6000 K iii) 600 K iv) 60 K

Out of these samples which is least elastic?
i) copper ii) plastic iii) rubber iv) steel


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